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Free PC Pinball, a lot of game mods, etc.
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  "Maniac Mansion," "Day of the Tentacle," "Day of the Tentacle Remastered,"
"Thimbleweed Park"
  "Sam and Max Hit the Road"
  "X-COM: UFO Defense" (aka "UFO: Enemy Unknown"), "XCOM: Enemy Unknown," "XCOM
  "Duke Nukem 3D," "Balls of Steel," "Duke Nukem Forever"
  "Microsoft Train Simulator 2," "Rail Simulator," "RailWorks 2," "Railworks 3:
Train Simulator 2012 Deluxe," "RailWorks 4: Train Simulator 2013," "Train Simu-
lator 2014," "Train Simulator 2015," "Train Simulator 2016," "Train Simulator
2017," "Train Simulator 2018," "Train Simulator 2019," "Train Simulator 2020"
  "Microsoft Flight Simulator"
  "Carmageddon," "Carmageddon: Reincarnation"
  "Monster Truck Madness 2"
  "Half-Life," "Half-Life 2" and Episodes 1 and 2, the "Black Mesa" mod, "Portal"
1 and 2
  "Grim Fandango"
  "The Longest Journey," "Dreamfall: The Longest Journey," "Dreamfall Chapters:
The Longest Journey"
  "System Shock," "System Shock 2," "Thief: The Dark Project," "Thief II: The
Metal Age," "BioShock," "BioShock 2," "BioShock: Infinite"
  "Future Pinball," "Pro Pinball" series, "3D Ultra Pinball" series, "Pinball FX
2," "Pinball FX 2 - Marvel Pinball Original Pack," "The Pinball Arcade"
  "BloodRayne," "BloodRayne 2," "BloodRayne Betrayal," "BloodRayne: The Shroud"
"BloodRayne: Terminal Cut" and "BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut"
     (special segment about Laura Bailey)
  "Resident Evil 4," "Resident Evil 5," "Resident Evil: Revelations," "Resident
Evil 6," "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard," "Resident Evil HD Remaster," "Resident
Evil 2" (2019 video game)
  "Planescape Torment"
  "American McGee's Alice," "Alice: Madness Returns"
  "Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2"
  "Midtown Madness," "Midtown Madness 2," "Midnight Club II," "Burnout Paradise
Ultimate Box," "Ridge Racer Unbounded"
  "Motocross Madness," "Motocross Madness 2"
  "Deus Ex," "Deus Ex: Invisible War," "Deus Ex: Human Revolution"
  "Black & White," "Black & White 2"
  "Giants: Citizen Kabuto"
  "Max Payne," "Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne," "Max Payne 3," "Alan Wake"
  "Hitman 2: Silent Assassin," "Hitman: Contracts," "Hitman: Blood Money," "Hit-
man: Absolution," "Hitman"
  "Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven," "Mafia: Definitive Edition," "Mafia II,"
Mafia III"
  "The Operative: No One Lives Forever," "No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in
H.A.R.M.'s Way"
  "Crazy Taxi"
  "Soldier of Fortune," "Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix," "Soldier of For-
tune: Payback"
  "The Sims Deluxe Edition"
  "Dungeon Siege," "Dungeon Siege II," "Dungeon Siege III"
  "Neverwinter Nights," "Neverwinter Nights 2"
  "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind," "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion," "The El-
der Scrolls V: Skyrim," "The Elder Scrolls Online"
  "Beyond Good & Evil," "Beyond Good & Evil 2"
  "TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme," "Trackmania United Forever," "TrackMania Nations
Forever," "TrackMania 2: Canyon," "TrackMania Turbo"
  "Manhunt," "Manhunt 2"
  "Bully: Scholarship Edition"
  "Saints Row 2," "Saints Row: The Third," "Saints Row IV"
  "L.A. Noire"
  "Mass Effect," "Mass Effect 2," "Mass Effect 3," "Mass Effect: Andromeda"
  "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt"
  "Liberty City Stories PC Edition," "Vice City Stories: PC Edition"
  "Final Fantasy VII," "Final Fantasy IX," "Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster,"
"Final Fantasy XIII," "Final Fantasy XIII2," "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy
  "Forza Horizon 3"
  "Red Dead Redemption 2"

  To better navigate this page right click the top margin of your screen, make
sure "Menu bar" is checked, then use the "Edit" > "Find on this page..."
feature.  The Windows shortcut for it is Ctrl + F.

  It can be played on a computer within the sequel:

  "Thimbleweed Park," 2017
  It's a spiritual successor to Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick's previous games
"Maniac Mansion," 1987, and "The Secret of Monkey Island," 1990.

  The new 114.4 MB version updated by for the latest operating systems

  The .exe file to play the older version on any version of Windows more recent
than Windows 98
  DiRF, on the Gamefaqs message board for the game, recommended ScummVM, which
was created by fans to play many of the Lucasarts 2D adventure games on newer
computers.  It let me play the game in full screen mode with all the audio on
Windows Home XP.  It also lets Mac OS X and Linux users play the game.

  Sam & Max began as Steve Purcell's variations on his brother Dave's cartoons
about a detective team comprised of a dog and rabbit.
  According to Wikipedia:
  "After LucasArts' license with Steve Purcell expired in 2005, the Sam & Max
franchise moved to Telltale Games, a company of former LucasArts employees who
had worked on a number of LucasArts adventure games, including on the development
of" (unreleased) "Freelance Police." Telltale Games released an episodic series
of Sam & Max video games: "Sam & Max Save the World," 2006-2007, "Sam & Max Be-
yond Time and Space," 2007-2008, and "Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse," 2010.
  "In 2005, LucasArt's license with Purcell that gave them the right to produce
games based on the Sam & Max franchise expired; this allowed Purcell to take the
franchise to Telltale Games, a new company formed by members of Stemmle's devel-
opment team.  A new episodic series of Sam & Max games, Sam & Max Save the World,
was announced.  Purcell's work on the new game series encompassed design and
writing, as well as the design of the game's cover artwork; despite his work,
Purcell described it as 'minimal' due to the effectiveness of the team.  At the
same time, Purcell began a Sam & Max webcomic hosted on the Telltale Games web-
site. The webcomic ran for twelve issues, and it earned Purcell an Eisner Award
for 'Best Digital Comic' when the comic finished its run in 2007."  "He remains
employed at Pixar's story development department."


  "Enemy Unknown Extended" includes "the best mods for fixing bugs, improving
audio and video quality, and enhancing the game without losing the original feel.
The core mod in this set is seb76's excellent UFO Extender mod."


  Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition is v1.4--patch it to be v1.5
  The original 16-bit MS-DOS disk (regular or Atomic Edition) doesn't run on
Vista unless you use DOSBox.
  The site has a pretty inexpensive version of "Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic
Edition" that works with Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit).


  The EDuke32 mod by Richard "TerminX" Gobeille and Pierre-Loup "Plagman" Grif-
fais, based on JFDuke3D by Jonathon "JonoF" Fowler, is not a standalone mod.  Go
to the site at the next link to download it then extract it into a folder.  Copy
DUKE3D.GRP and DUKE.RTS from your game disk or the version of the game
then Paste DUKE3D.GRP and DUKE.RTS into the same folder.  You can add mods of
the game expansions ("Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach Plus," etc.).  It's also
utilized for the "High Resolution Pack."
  The "High Resolution Pack" takes the eDuke32 port and adds the work of dozens
of modders: 32-bit high resolution textures with at least four times the detail
of the original textures, a polymer renderer with advanced effects like normal/
specular mapping, a complex lighting system, etc., and models that replace the
sprites.  As an option, you can use the OGG soundtrack by MusicallyInspired.

  "Balls of Steel," 1997
  This pinball game features five tables: Darkside, Barbarian, Firestorm, Mutat-
ion, and Duke Nukem.$28video_game$29
  Update patch
  It features the option (enabled in the options menu) to use four weapons in
the single player campaign, an auto aim fix, multiplayer improvements, an FOV
(field of view) option, blood effects on surfaces behind enemies when shot,
Steam.exe no longer uses an unusually high amount of CPU, texture quality im-
provements, fixes to prevent single player and multiplayer save data corruption,
a fix for the Leaderboard exploit, AMD Dual-Core Optimizer no longer automatic-
ally installed (fixes rare bugs with Intel processors), crash/compatibility
fixes, and fixes for other minor bugs.
  Hail to the Icons Parody Pack

  "Duke Nukem Forever"/Jon St. John/3D Realms 2001 "when it's done" reference in
"Serious Sam: The Second Encounter," 2002 (after that, an ad for "Serious Sam
HD: The First Encounter," 2009).
  Gearbox indicated in 2015 it's working on a new Duke Nukem game.
  Microsoft Train Simulator 2
  "Microsoft Train Simulator 2," developed by ACES Game Studio, originally due
in 2009, has been halted with the closure of Microsoft's Aces Studio on Jan.23,
2009.  My Dad was a brakeman on the railroad in PA in the 1930's, before he
became an artist/cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Press, and "MSTS 2" was in-
tended to feature Horseshoe Curve in PA, use the "Microsoft Flight Simulator
X" graphics engine, and, likewise, cover the whole planet.  (Horseshoe Curve
is featured in an expansion pack for "Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 De-
luxe," 2012.  See the end of this section.)
  Thanks to Devyvfr at Gamefaqs for telling me about the Rail Serve web site.
It and the Train-Sim site have free mods (like 1930's steam engines) for the
first "MSTS," 2001.
  "MSTS" walk-through
  Using Vista, to make sure the save games for "MSTS" would appear in the proper
place (see the section on that problem with "Giants: Citizen Kabuto") and possi-
bly prevent problems with modding, I used the advice of the article at the next
link, which instructs you to change the security settings on the folder for the
   1. Log on as a user who has administrative credentials, then use Windows Ex-
plorer to go to the main game folder.
   2. Right-click the folder then click Properties.
   3. On the Security tab, click Edit.
  If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type
your password, or click Continue.
   4. Under Group or user names, click your user account.
   5. Under Permissions for Users, click Allow for the following permissions:
          * Modify
          * Read & Execute
          * List Folder Contents
          * Read
          * Write
   6. Click OK
  Rich Garber's "Ohio Rail (build 10),", 2002, can be added to a
clean installation of the game and is free.  Under "The Route," click "Part 1,"
which is 48.6 MB, at: (inactive link)
  Register at the next link to have access to the Ohio Rail (build 10) file.
  The page at the next link has a link for a tutorial which includes installa-
tion instructions for it and all the mods listed below down to and including
"Ohio Rail Steam Pack 2."  Follow the instructions of any Read Me files in-
cluded with them, too.
  There are four pages of downloads for "Ohio Rail (build 10)," including all
the mods for it listed below down to and including "Ohio Rail Steam lighting up-
date," at
  Register, log in, click "File Library," and use the Search engine to find the
results for "Ohio Rail."  If you use "Ohio Rail (build 10)" and add those mods,
add them in the order I've listed them.
  "Ohio Rail (Build 10) - Part 2 of 2"
  The two mods listed so far install automatically--just aim them at the main
game folder.  Then add the patch:
  "Ohio Rail Build 10 Patch 1"
  I then added:
  "Ohio Rail OR&W Rollingstock"
  "Ohio Rail OR&W Activity Pack (Activities 1-15)"
  "Ohio Rail WV&O Rollingstock"
  "Ohio Rail WV&O Activity Pack #16-#25"
  "Ohio Rail 'The Steam Era' Rollingstock"
  The download for "Ohio Rail 'The Steam Era' Rollingstock" at avsim was cor-
rupt, but I also found it as "Steam Pack 1 - 70.8 MB" at hawkdawg (thanks to
Hawk!) at the next link:  (inactive link)
  "Ohio Rail Steam Pack 2"
  "Ohio Rail Steam lighting update"
  After installation, you can go to "Start" > "Ohio Rail" and have the option
of running any the several BAT files referred to in the "install" file of
"Ohio Rail (Build 10) - Part 2 of 2."
  Rich Garber's 2007 "Ohio Rail Upgrade," which lets you combine his Canton and
Cumberland mods with "Ohio Rail (Build 10)," is $27 and can be paid for with
Paypal.  To install the upgrade, point the installer at your main "MSTS" folder
that has "Ohio Rail (build 10)" already installed.


  Many of the developers of "Train Simulator 2" went on as Kuju Entertainment to
develop the "Rail Simulator" and "RailWorks" games, and others formed the simu-
lations-based development studio named Cascade Game Foundry.

  "Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 Deluxe," 2012

  The "Horseshoe Curve Expansion Pack" provides the setting I hoped would appear
in "Microsoft Train Simulator 2."

  The Pennsylvania "PRR K4 Steam Locomotive Add On" is a good compliment to

  "Train Simulator 2015," 2014

  "Train Simulator 2016,"
  "Train Simulator 2017,"
  "Train Simulator 2018,"
  "Train Simulator 2019,"
  "Train Simulator 2020"


  "Microsoft Flight Simulator," 2020
  It simulates the whole Earth using textures and topographical data
from Bing Maps.  Three-dimensional features such as terrain, trees, grass,
buildings, and water are depicted using Microsoft Azure technology.
The game accepts various methods of input (keyboard, mouse, controllers)
and you can choose to play on an Easy mode, which is like flying planes in
other games (GTA?), or Hard, or even just watch your plane fly around.

  The "Carmageddon Max Pack," originally released in 1997 and which combines
"Carmageddon" and the "Carmageddon Splat Pack," is at as of Sept., 2012,
and compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.
   "Carmageddon: Reincarnation" comes with Carmageddon 1 and 2.  If you have it
go to Steam > View Inventory and click "Add to my library."

  Keep the timer from running out and get a higher rating as a driver, which
makes more race tracks available, and get points to use to upgrade your vehicle.
  The best way to win the competition, in that it's easy and the best way to get
a lot of points, is to drive your vehicle into the other vehicles till they're
destroyed.  The map shows the locations of all the vehicles in the race.  If you
destroy all the other vehicles, you win regardless of how far you went in the
race.  You don't need to destroy police vehicles to win the race, but they're
worth more points.  You can add to your points by driving through pickups (peds,
cows, and some of the barrels).
  Some vehicles you destroy in a race become available for your driver for sub-
sequent races (in the menu before each race).  If you pick a different vehicle,
it will have the upgrades of your previous vehicle.
  You can also win by having your driver drive through all the available peds--
the race starter with a flag is worth 1,000 points on the first lap and 2,000 on
the second lap--and cows, but it would take a long time (unless you're using the
Electric Blue).  You can also win by being the first to complete all the laps,
but you don't get as many points for that.  You might use that method only if
you don't think you can destroy all the other vehicles (one got trapped in a
place that's hard for you to reach or such).
  I used the default keyboard keys except used W for Forward, A for Left, D for
Right, and Left Shift for Reverse (S toggles the audio and can't be mapped).
For some reason, my key for Action Replay Forward was Number Pad Forward Slash
instead of NP3.  You can use the directional arrow keys to move the "camera"--
press the directional keys for right and left at the same time to have the "cam-
era" resume the default position.
  A good gimmick is to press Z to skip the countdown, have your driver hit the
guy who has the starter flag, then have your driver try back up and destroy any
vehicles behind his.
  The Lumberer has relatively good handling and heft for damaging the other ve-
hicles.  The Electric Blue handles nearly as well and zaps any nearby peds, but
it may take two tries to get it over a curb.  The Suppressor and Squad Car han-
dle well for heavy duty vehicles.
  Your car won't blow up and cause your driver to get wasted as in a GTA--at
worst, it catches on fire and won't accelerate.  I think pressing acceleration
or reverse might help maneuver your vehicle out of spills to prevent it from
getting stuck upside down.   Use the keys to repair--Backspace--or upright your
vehicle--Insert--as needed.
  The worst thing that can happen is you run out of time, which causes you to
fail the mission.  If you want to stop the timer, you can type the "sexwithfish"
code--type it slowly when your vehicle is stopped, and don't press any keys just
before or after that.  But the game is pretty easy and I rarely used that.  With
D-Fend Reloaded and DOSBox, I had to use a 640 x 480 resolution, but more annoy-
ing was trying to drive with a choppy frame rate at times, and I didn't want to
lose the time and work I'd put in.
  Before completing the last course, only a small batch of courses are available
at any one time, so use the save slots to have a lot of the courses available.
After completing the last course, all of the courses, vehicles, and part up-
grades became available.  At any time, you can go to the start menu (the one
that lets you pick Race, Info, Parts, Cars, or Start Race) and type KEVWOZEAR--
a sound is played, and all those courses, etc., and edit mode (see the sites at
the next two links), become available.
  In the "Maim Street" course, there are a lot of ped pickups in the football
stadium and just beyond the entrance, which is on the E side of the stadium.
After getting those pickups, you can respawn them to get another set of them--
looking into the stadium from the entrance, the red Respawn barrel is in the far
right corner.
  "Avenue of the Atrocities" has rooftop jump ramps as in "Vice City."  On the
in-game map of the race circuit, one ramp that leads to jumps is in the dark
block that's the third block W of the SE block within the circuit, and another
ramp that leads to jumps is in the light gray shape S of the SW corner of the
  The "Mist Me!" course provides an easy way to get a lot of points.  After your
driver hits the guy with the starter flag and destroys one or more vehicles, you
can have your driver go out to the ends of the nearby piers for a lot of barrels
and peds, have a lot of time to destroy all but one of the other vehicles, then
comb the course for barrels and a lot of the peds before destroying the last ve-
  "Erasing Arizona" has rooftop barrels which can be reached by a ramp a couple
of blocks W of the W-most side of the pyramid.
  When you use the course for "I Scream in the Sun," a vehicle may become diffi-
cult to destroy because it drives off the pier into the ocean.  Try to destroy
the other vehicles and drive through the laps, and the underwater vehicle may
get back up onto the course.
  The Splat Pack adds courses to the game.  "Roswell That Ends Well," with the
same map as "Erasing Arizona," has a UFO in the pyramid that's a bit northwest of
the middle of town.  The entrance is guarded, but you can have your driver go
down the shafts at the corners of the roof.

  I recommend downloading the "Carmageddon Max Pack" from to run the game
on current systems without a problem.  If you want to try to run an old version
of the game anyway:
  DOSBox let you run "Carmageddon" (and many older games) on current computers.
  How I installed "Carmageddon" from CD onto Vista 32 bit
  First, I installed D-Fend Reloaded (which is an interface for DOSBox, which
is included with it) and MagicISO.
  I made an ISO image file of "Carmageddon" and put it in Documents.
  I used MiniMax' "60 seconds guide to getting your game to run in DOSBox" for
the seven steps given below.  He also recommends the DOSBox ReadMe file.  I
learned of these things on the vogons (very old games on new systems) web site.
  1. I made a folder for the game.
  (XP example)    C:\Documents and Settings\glenster\My Documents\DOSBox
  (Vista example) C:\Users\glenster\DOSBox
  I'll use the Vista example for the rest of this guide.
  2. I put the game CD in the CD/DVD drive.
  3. I started D-Fend Reloaded and, from it, started DOSBox.
  In DOSBox, I told DOSBox which real folders and real drives to use as the emu-
lated DOS drives C and D.  (This assumes you're using drive C and CD/DVD drive
D.  See the notes below for what to do if you use other drive letters.)
  Z:\>mount C "C:\Users\glenster\DOSBox"
  Drive C is mounted as local directory C:\Users\glenster\DOSBox
  Z:\>mount D "D:\" -t cdrom
  MSCDEX installed
  Drive D is mounted as CDRom D:\

  Note 1: It's recommended that you always use C and D for the emulated drives
regardless of what your real drives are.
  If your version of my "C:\Users\glenster\DOSBox" folder isn't on your real C
drive but is located on your real F drive, for example, then use
  Z:\>mount C "F:\Users\glenster\DOSBox."
  If your real CD-ROM drive isn't D but is E, for example, then use
  Z:\>mount D "E:\" -t cdrom.
  Note 2: DO NOT CHANGE the way you mount the C and D drives for this game or
you may need to re-install and re-configure the game.
  Note 3: The first time you mount (assign) a CD/DVD or a diskette, DOSBox will
scan it and record which files are on it.  So if you want to use a different CD
or DVD for another game, press CTRL-F4 so DOSBox will scan it and create a new

  5. Switch to the D: drive
  D:\>dir /w
  to see the game files.
  (If you don't know which file is used to install a game, check the game manual
or guide.  Otherwise, you can use
  D:\>dir /w
  to see the game files and look for something called "install" or "setup" or
  The file that installs "Carmageddon" is START.EXE.
  Make sure the installation is directed to your version of
  It takes a lonnng time to install "Carmageddon" for a game that's so small.
After it's installed, it will ask you to
  6. Configure sound, configure graphics, ...
  A safe selection for sound is General MIDI or SoundBlaster.  Don't try Gravis
Ultrasound (GUS) or Adlib.  If you are asked about details like IO/IRQ/DMA/High
DMA addresses when configuring the game to use SoundBlaster for sound, use IO =
220, DMA = 1 (and sometimes High DMA = 5), and IRQ = 7.
  7. Start the game.
  The file that's used to start "Carmageddon" is CARMA.BAT.
  (For other games, check the installation manual for the file that starts the
game--the file is often an .Exe or .Bat file.
  (You could also try to find the file with the dir command:
  C:\>dir /w
  to make the game folders and files appear.  If you need to look in a folder,
you could Use
  C:\>name of folder
  to see the contents of the folder--also known as a <DIR>ectory--and use
  to exit the folder.)

  So far, I still couldn't get past the menu and "Please insert the Carmageddon
CD" screen.
  I used D-Fend Reloaded, opened the profile of the game, and used the C:\Users\
Fend Reloaded made the name longer) from the game installation as the program
file.  I right-clicked the game and chose Edit, and clicked Drives in the left
side bar.  C:\Users\glenster\D-Fend Reloaded\VirtualHD\INTRPLAY\CARMA, contain-
ing the game files, was the C drive.  I deleted the PC D drive as the mounted D
drive.  I made the Carmageddon.ISO the D drive, and clicked Auto-create, which
made the installation of the game at C:\Users\glenster\DOSBox, etc., appear as
the E drive.
  Note that I now had the game files installed in virtual drives C and E and an
ISO file of the game as drive D.  I know that's curious, but until I did it that
way, the game wouldn't run past the opening menu and the "Please insert the Car-
mageddon CD" screen.  I've also read that some people have problems running the
game unless they put the game CD in the CD/DVD drive even though it isn't sup-
posed to be needed with this setup.
  High resolution is 640 x 480.  Pick a multiple of that, such as 1280 x 960,
for your Desktop resolution.  If you figure out a way to get a higher resolu-
tion, such as by adding the Splat Pack, you can open D-Fend Reloaded, highlight
Carmageddon, right click it, click Edit, select Graphics, then use the Windows
resolution and Fullscreen resolution drop-down boxes and set the resolution.
  I clicked Memory (in MB) and chose 60MB.
  My save game files were created in C: Users > (computer name) > D-Fend
Reloaded > VirtualHD > INTRPLAY > CARMA > DATA > SAVEGAME.

  "Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now," 1998, was released on in 2013.

  I got the Steam version to run on Windows 10 by deleting wsock32.dll and
winmm.dll which were in steam > steamapps > common > carmageddon 2.

  I couldn't make the method at the next link work for the Steam version to
change the controls to WSAD.

  "Carmageddon: Reincarnation," released on Steam on May 2015, is by Stainless
Games--the original developers of the series.

  (It comes with Carmageddon 1 and 2.  Go to Steam > View Inventory and click
"Add to my library.")

  Drive through peds/animals to add to your time.

  Make money in Career mode to progress through 16 levels and get new cars and
car upgrades to pick from.  Make money by accomplishing missions (driving
through checkpoints of race circuits or being the first to drive through check-
points--designated areas or people/animals), driving through people/animals/pow-
erups, and wrecking competitors vehicles.  Wrecking their vehicle takes their
number of laps/checkpoints from them and gives it to you.  It costs money to re-
set or repair your car.

  Your current amount of money and remaining time are shown in the HUD as is a
small map of your nearby area and the competing vehicles.

  Collect upgrade tokens and smelly bushes and try for Steam achievements.
There's also Freeplay mode and multiplayer.  In fact, the game basically seems
to me like several kinds of automated multiplayer events with AI for the other

  A couple of nods to GTA I noticed:

  The arena Perimeter Patrol has a VC-like surf billboard jump.

  Among the peds in the arena Storm Drains are some with traffic cones on their
heads like the statue by the airport in "III" ("For those who fought for freedom
1936").  That in turn refers to the "equestrian Wellington Statue, most often
featured with a traffic cone on its head, on Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow,

  The official Carmageddon site featuring Neil "Nobby" Barnden

  Patch 2.00.42 MMX 909K Nov.20, 1999, fixes some game bugs and lets you use up
to 99 addons.
  A couple of solutions for the Windows Vista/7 installation error:
  Insert the CD in the optical drive, right click it and open it, right click
SETUP.EXE, and click Troubleshoot Compatibility > Try Recommended Settings.
Click on Start the Program.
  I didn't see "Troubleshoot Compatibility" on Vista 32 bit.  After I right
clicked SETUP.EXE I clicked Properties > Compatibility, checked the box for "Run
this program in compatibility mode for:" and selected "Windows XP (Serice Pack
2)" from the drop down box.  I clicked Apply and OK.
  I tried the method explained in the section on "Giants: Citizen Kabuto" but
couldn't get save game files to appear in the Saved Games folder on Vista 32 bit
for some reason.  I could only save files in the Saved Replays folder.
  How to run MTM2 at high resolutions
  The highest resolution offered by the game is 640 x 480.  The game isn't
filled with notably higher resolutions so don't expect too much, but some of
the graphics can have better definition.  With nGlide the game is clear and
crisp and not blotchy unless the texture file itself has low definition (the
leaves of a batch of leaves, etc.).  Go to the site at the next link and down-
load the latest version of nGlide--a 3DFX emulator.  It supports high resolu-
tions without some of the problems of dgVoodoo or GlideWrappers.
  Before installing nGlide uninstall any previously installed glide emulator.
If it doesn't have an uninstaller delete glide2x.dll file from your mtm2 folder
and system32 folder. (Thanks to Kmaster)
  Go to nGlide configurator by clicking Start > All Programs > nGlide > config-
urator and set the game screen resolution.  You can also turn off the 3Dfx logo
splash screen or it will appear before every race.  In the game, set Image Qual-
ity to High in Options > Graphics.
  I changed several controls to be more like those I use for GTA "Vice City."
(Doing so won't change the letters used for codes.)
  Horn changed from Spacebar to Shift
  Dashboard (toggle) changed from D to G
  Turn left changed from NP4 to A
  Turn right changed from NP6 to D
  Up shift changed from A to Z
  Downshift changed from Z to Spacebar
  Accelerate changed from NP8 to W
  Brake/reverse changed from NP2 to S
  Look left changed from NP0 to Q
  Look right changed from Del to E
  You can choose the chase "camera" with V.  I prefer to use Chase Far and ad-
just it with Mirrors (NP-), Look back (NP+), Look left (changed to Q), and Look
right (changed to E).
  F4 toggles full screen mode which looks good for Instant Replays.
  I prefer giving the trucks more grip, which they have if you play as a rookie.
You can give them less grip by playing as an intermediate and even less playing
as a professional.  You can also reduce grip by going to the Garage and choosing
the Shallow Cut tire option or by going to Races and selecting Snow for the
weather.  I also prefer a hard suspension and more steering sensitivity for bet-
ter control.
  Press Tab to toggle the overlay map.
  If your truck gets stuck or you leave the race track to explore and want help
getting back, press H for a helicopter or a pterodactyl to carry your truck back
to the track.
  Press Tab to use the overlay map and experiment to see where the checkpoints
are and which shortcuts you can use effectively.  Some examples:
  Farm Road 29: after the third checkpoint, turn left to go through the wooden
fence and drive on or by the railroad track, avoiding the train, to the fourth
checkpoint, drive through it, and turn left into the brown farm field and cut
across it to checkpoint five.
  The Heights: at the first right curve after checkpoint four, go ahead off the
left side of the track to the right of the trees, over the hilltop, and go down
to the far end of the lake on the right to continue on the road and go through
checkpoint five.  Finish the left curve, make a right curve, drive left off the
track to the top of the hill, and carefully drive over the top of the hill in-
stead of through the long lake.  (I didn't use that last one one much.)
  Scrapyard Run: after checkpoint three, turn right off the track to go past the
fence on your right and veer right to checkpoint four.
  Crazy '98: in the Garage adjust TRANSFER GEAR to have enough speed--a bit more
toward MORE ACCELERATION than MORE SPEED should be enough.  Drive quickly past
the roadblocks and off the end of a ramp to another ramp (used by the other rac-
ers in Professional mode).
  Sidewinder Canyon: after the fourth checkpoint, go around the end of the loop
of track, cross the bridge, pass the first set of orange and white roadblocks on
the right side of the road but go right off the track through the second set,
down a steep hillside, and down the road to the fifth checkpoint.
  Voodoo Island: after the second checkpoint, go past a small hill on the right,
turn right off the track, go through the lake ahead to the right and leave it at
the far right end, veer right to get atop the tall hill, then continue ahead and
turn right as needed to go through the third checkpoint.
  Tinhorn Junction--press Tab and use the overlay map to learn this route: after
the fourth checkpoint and going partway through the curve to the right, go left
off the track and onto the hill, go right to go across the railroad track, and,
using the overlay map, go over hills and across tracks toward the section of
track that's past the second left-most curve ahead, then cut across at the next
curve to checkpoint five.
  Farm Road 29: drive into one of the cows to hear the announcer say, "Cowa-
bunga!" and the cow say, "Moo."  Drive into the barn to hear a farmer call out,
"Hey, you kids--get off my lawn!"
  Scrapyard Run: to see the drive-in theater continue ahead off track after the
fourth checkpoint, break through the wooden gates of the race track fence, go
counter-clockwise around the outside of the fence, go left at the railroad
track, continue on or near it, and you can drive into the drive-in theater on
the right.  The screen says: "...AND GET OURSELVES A TREAT!  DON'T DRINK AND
DRIVE.  TRY ***** ***" (I can't read the last part I represented with aster-
  Crazy '98: a mechanical blue T-Rex dinosaur near the start of the track re-
peatedly raises a car to its mouth and has what looks like a wind-up key revolv-
ing in its neck.  (Okay, this is more of a distinctive feature than a secret.)
  Sidewinder Canyon: to add the Torture Pit race press Tab to see the overlay
map, go past the fourth checkpoint, go around the end of the second long loop of
track that cuts across the stretch that many loops cut across, go across a
bridge to about 1/3rd back to that stretch, turn right off the track past some
orange and white road blocks, continue on a road with a cliff to the right and a
hillside on the left, turn right to cross a bridge, and drive through the arch
to an area of buses and gray tents.  Restart the game.  The Torture Pit circuit
race will be listed after Sidewinder Canyon.
  Alternatively, you can add the Torture Pit race by going to Program Files >
Microsoft Games > Monster Truck Madness 2 > system and using a text editor like
Notepad to open the monster.ini file and change the value for showHiddenTrack to
  Sidewinder Canyon: if you drive into one of the gray tents found near the
first big loop of track or past the arch in the area mentioned above, you hear a
man call out, "Hey!  I'm still in here!"
  Voodoo Island: if you drive a little past checkpoint two you'll see a black,
white, tan, and bright orange ceremonial mask propped up by a wooden post from
which a human skull hangs suspended over the mask.  If you drive into the mask
you hear a man's voice say something like, "Go back obock oongayla."  If you
knock the mask into the long lake behind it then drive into the lake, the voices
of the mask (if you drive into it) and announcer "Army" Armstrong play at a slow
  After passing that long lake and continuing partway around the curve to the
right, you can look left and ahead to see a sunken barge in the big lake.  You
can drive into the lake for a closer look.
  The Excavation: to enter the temple go through the second stone arch, continue
on the curve to the left, continue ahead off track to the gray temple, go to the
side facing the sunlight, and drive past either side of the plate that's in the
middle of the doorway.  The interior is made of brown stones and dimly lit.  You
can drive out the way you went in or press H for the helicopter or pterodactyl
to carry your truck to the race track.
  Breakneck Ridge: to see the hockey rink set the weather to snow or the big
tire you can use as a puck will be at the bottom of the lake, start the race,
and at the second checkpoint you'll see the frozen lake with two goal posts on
the left.  The words printed on the top of the big tire/puck are "MTHA  Monster
Truck Hockey Association."
  As described above, you can go to Microsoft Games > Monster Truck Madness 2 >
system and use a text editor like Notepad to open monster.ini and edit it to
open the Torture Pit race.  Here are a couple other lines you can edit to make
changes in the game.
  You can change this to
  Your default horn sound is the first phrase of the controversial song "Dixie."
This adds sounds such as a Klaxon horn (ah-oo-ga).
  You can change this to
  to change the screen messages to various humorous things.  In the Winner's
Circle "Rookie" appears as "Wimp," instant replays feature the message "Your
watching this live on CNN" and "If you want out of here, you have to ask me
nicely," etc.
  You can change it to 
  to change some of the screen messages to Pig Latin.  In the Winner's Circle
"Rookie" appears as "Ookieray," "Clear" weather is changed to "Earclay," etc.
showhiddentruck=0  This can't be changed to show a hidden truck.  According to
  "Just like its predecessor, it contains an inaccessible truck, 'Chuck's Car'
(a Chevrolet Camaro). It was intended to be unlocked by typing in 'CHUCK' in a
race. The game still displays this message when typed: 'Restart the game to
drive Chuck's Car.' However, if one restarts the game, it isn't there."
  Glitches: how to have the train drive through your truck and use the train for
a super jump
  In a race you might get an opponant's truck to fly pretty high by pushing your
truck into it, too.
  To enter a code type it during gameplay.
  TREX   toggle the ability of your truck to be damaged
  FRAME  toggle a display of the frame rate in the lower right corner of the
  DEMO   toggle autopilot which causes your truck to drive itself
  GOLD   Enable GOLD mode with the features listed at the site at the next
  Trainer for patched MTM2 ver.2.00.42
  "Monster Truck Madness 2 +1 Trainer" by BaaGi allows unlimited speed.  Put a
copy of the trainer in your main game folder and run the game from the trainer.
In the Garage set TRANSFER GEAR fully toward MORE ACCELERATION since you'll have
unlimited speed.
  How to create tracks for MTM 1 and 2 with the Traxx editor
  "Cart Precision Racing," 1997, also by Terminal Reality, is given in a trial
version on the "Monster Truck Madness 2" CD.  You can use the method described
above for installing MTM2--use compatibility mode and choose Windows XP (Serice
Pack 2)--to install it.  Set Image Quality to Best (Slower) to get the most out
of nGlide if you play it with that.  The options, etc., of the game are much the

  "Half-Life - Female Assassin Overview" by MarphitimusBlackimus


  "Half-Life 2: Update"
  Free with a copy of HL2 bought from Steam
  Complete lighting overhaul including enhanced lighting, more detailed world
shadows, and full High Dynamic Range Lighting (HDR)
  New particle effects and improved fog
  Bug fixes correcting visual and game-based issues
  An extensive Community Commentary Mode featuring the voices of well-known You-
tubers including Caddicarus, Brutalmoose, Ricepirate, Balrog the Master, Pro-
Jared, and Ross Scott from Freeman's Mind

  To turn on the console go to options > keyboard > advanced > and check the box
for enable developer's console.  In the game press the tilde key (~) to bring up
the console.

  A few examples:
  sv_cheats1 - make cheats possible (use this before using other codes)
  impulse 101 - all ammo and weapons
  buddha health - health never goes below 1
  god - Gordon has infinite health so can't die
  noclip - Gordon can go through what are otherwise solids
  notarget - Gordon can't be targeted by enemies
  sv_gravity # - set gravity (as in sv_gravity 10)
  give weapon_crossbow - Crossbow
  give weapon_smg1 - MP7
  give weapon_rpg - RPG

  You can enter "sv_cheats 1" and "noclip" into the console to send Gordon beyond
the intended game settings to see settings used for external shots with G-Man,
Breen, and Dr. Kleiner, get a close view of what otherwise would be a distant
view of G-Man, etc.

  How to meet G-Man at the barn without using "noclip" (thanks to AndromedaDude):

  In the mission "Black Mesa East," just after Dr. Judith Mossman unlocks the
door for Gordon (just before the elevator), look down the tunnel through the
chain link fence to see a man walking away.  Use the console to activate noclip
(sv_cheats 1) (noclip), have Gordon go through the fence, and deactivate noclip
(noclip).  Have Gordon follow him.  When he gets down to the T intersection of
tunnels he paces back and forth.  You can see that he looks like magician David
Blaine.  At both ends of his path he stops and hovers about half a foot off the
ground, the Balducci lebitation, which is one of Blaine's illusions.
  (See 1:25 to 2:33 in the video at the next link)
  "Half-Life 2 - All Easter Eggs & Secrets" by o Knightz o

  "Half Life 2 & Source Engine Tweak Guide" by Koroush Ghazi

  The "Black Mesa" mod
  This is a third-party total conversion mod that puts a re-created "Half-Life"
on Valve Corporation's Source engine with new graphics, music, and voice acting.

  "Many Source games purchasable through Steam come with the Shared Resources,
including the SDK, that you will need in order to run Black Mesa.  To see if you
can run Black Mesa, open Steam and look in the tools tab.  If you see an entry
titled Source SDK Base 2007, you can run Black Mesa.

  "If you meet the Software requirements, you technically do not need anything
installed.  If you do not have the Source SDK Base installed however, upon run-
ning Black Mesa you will be prompted by Steam and asked to download it."


  "BLACK MESA - Full Game Walkthrough【1440p | 60fps | Max Detail】" by Bolloxed
  Black Mesa Inbound - 0:01
  Anomalous Materials - 8:37
  Unforseen Consequences - 21:48
  Office Complex - 42:51
  We've Got Hostiles - 57:35
  Blast Pit - 1:12:11
  Power Up - 1:35:47
  On a Rail - 1:47:25
  Apprehension - 2:03:44
  Residue Processing - 2:18:41
  Questionable Ethics - 2:26:22
  Surface Tension - 2:45:48
  Forget About Freeman - 3:42:24
  Lambda Core - 3:51:36
  Xen - 4:25:21
  Gonarch's Lair - 5:13:28
  Interloper - 5:35:04
  Nihilanth - 6:40:10
  End Game - 6:44:10
  Captions - 6:46:54


  To have Gordon do a long jump quickly press the jump key (space bar) twice.
As always use mouse aim or W, A, S, or D to control Gordon's direction.

  "How to save those people in the elevator in Black Mesa" by Jimblim
  Have Gordon shove a chair through the glass to block the elevator from

  "Surface Tension": if the helicopter doesn't appear outside the cave Gordon
probably already has a Rocket Launcher.  Have him use up the missiles from it
then go in the room in the cave for the Rocket Launcher on the desk.  It will
disappear as Gordon equips it which will trigger the appearance of the heli-
copter outside.

  At the end of "Surface Tension" you have Gordon bounce onto a silo and use a
screen to guide mortar strikes to kill the Gargantua by the silo and topple a
radio tower.
  Move the crosshairs to the left side of the silo and either click the LMB or
press Enter to place the red circle--the target of the mortar strike--at the
left side of the silo.  Move the crosshairs to the square that says "Fire" at
the middle of the bottom of the screen and click the LMB or press Enter to have
a mortar strike destroy the Gargantua.  Use the screen likewise to cause a
strike at the radio tower (beside the upper left part of the octagonal area in
the upper right part of the screen) to destroy the base of the radio tower.  It
falls to the left to provide a way to have Gordon climb over the moat.
  Then have Gordon climb over the toppled tower, go to the garage door, and
turn the red valve at the left side of it to open the door.

  Lambda Core
  The Gloun gun is good for killing the attacking Black Ops female Assassins.

  To get through the section about filling and swimming through the two tanks:
  Bolloxed version 3:56:45

  - Send Gordon past the first scientist, up the stairs, left, through grey door,
to scientist who gives Gordon the Gluon gun.
  - Send Gordon out to the hall, right, down elevator, into hall, left, shoot
Houndeyes, left, shoot Vortigaunts, go right (maintenance station), go left to
where guard says "You are a sight for sore eyes....," go down stairs, through grey
door, to scientist who says, "Ah--Freeman, isn't it?  Look here--you'll need to
activate both pumps...."

  - Send Gordon back out, up stairs, go right, left then clockwise toward coolant
system 01, down short hall, right then right toward coolant system 01, down short
hall, ahead, over three grey boxes, ahead and through grey door.
  - In coolant system 01:
  Have Gordon shoot Houndeyes, ceiling Barnacles, and Bullsquid as needed during
this.  Have Gordon go to the far end of room to red-lit little room, up ladder,
out right side of room into hall, ahead to Pump station 01 room on left side with
boxes in doorway, kill head crab and head crab zombie inside, go upstairs, into
red-lit little room, down ladder, throw switch ON, go back up ladder, and exit
  - Have Gordon go right into room on right, go to far end of room, down stairs,
to Lambda main reactor coolant system sign, go down two ladders to water, click
green light to raise door, go up elevator, go down stairs to Lambda main reactor
coolant system sign, throw switch ON, go up stairs, out grey door.
  - Have Gordon go right, down stairs, out through doorway blocked with boxes,
right to room, down elevator, jump down a floor then another, go through grey door,
ahead through hallway with three grey boxes in path to end of hall.

  - Have Gordon go right, go right into coolant system 02 hallway, go ahead
through hallway featuring water from sprinkler system and a pile of rubble, and go
through grey door into room.
  - Have Gordon go up steps, down ladder into water, click green button, swim up
(apostrophe or Pg Up) onto ledge atop door that raises, go across another ledge
and through grey door, go ahead through hall, go right and down steps killing head-
crab zombie, go left to end of hall, go left, go right through short hall and into
room.  4:06:34
  - Have Gordon drop into water, click green button causing door to raise, ride up
elevator, go down steps to Lambda main reactor coolant system sign, throw switch
ON, go up stairs and click button to go through red fire door, go through room and
down to the lower room, go over the light grey desks in the doorway, go left, go
through grey door into room.
  - Have Gordon take the elevator down, drop down to the first floor, go left and
through the grey door.

  - Have Gordon go ahead through hallway featuring water from sprinkler system and
a pile of rubble to end of hall, go left to end of hall, go left into room, go
counter-clockwise around railing then right into hall, go right at orange/black
sign toward maintenance station, go left and down into room with guard, go through
grey door, go to scientist "...You turned on the pumps!" etc.
  - Have Gordon go back out into the room with the guard, up the stairs, go right,
go right, through the grey door, kill Vortigaunts and Grunts, jump into the water,
and go through the pipes.

  To get through the section involving switching yellow plugs, etc.
  Bulloxed version 4:59:45

  - Send him through the tunnel up the slanted orange beam, do a long jump onto a
horizontal orange beam, then a long jump into the tunnel level with that beyond
that.  Send him through the tunnel, down a hole to a translucent plate and a short
wire with two yellow plugs, press E while pointing the cursor at a plug so Gordon
pulls out one plug, the plate disappears, and Gordon falls.
  - Send him through the tunnel on the left and into a control room with a big
window.  Have him press the green button on the control panel causing the light to
turn red and three laser beams to appear, stay visible a bit, and converge ahead,
then disappear.
  - With him facing the panel send him through the doorway on his right and pull a
yellow plug so the translucent plate disappears.  Have him go down the hole.
  - Send him through the tunnel to a room with big orange crystals and, when no
laser beam is in the way, have him do a long jump through it to the entrance of the
tunnel across the room.  Have him go through the tunnel into an elevator, press the
green button, and go up.  Have him go through the tunnel, through the big room, and
go right into a small room with three round slots for three plugs and a short wire
with two yellow plugs--one plugged in on the left.  Have him unplug that plug,
plug it in the middle slot, and plug the other plug in the ceiling slot.  (A
machine starting noise is heard for a bit.)
  - Send him back through the tunnel except go right through a hall with a green
lit segment into a room with orange crystals rising from the floor and an orange
shard on a shelf.  Have him take the orange shard to the big room and put it in the
slot behind the other two shards in the ceiling.  (A machine starting noise is
heard for a bit.)  A light goes through the three shards.  Have Gordon press the
green button by the big window and a laser beam extends to the midst of the room
outside and remains there.  (5:02:20)
  - Send him right to the elevator lit by a green light, down, and outside.  Have
him jump left onto an airborne island, shoot up at an orange/black barrel cactus-
looking thing to make it blow up, and jump back.
  - Have him go left, jump onto a lower ledge, walk ahead to shoot an orange/black
cactus so it blows up, walk back, walk into a cave onto a translucent disk and
press a green button so the disk disappears and he drops down, go outside, go
right, shoot up at a cactus so a big chunk of rock falls down, go back into the
main structure to get on a dirt-looking disk that propels Gordon up a floor, walk
through the tunnel to go back outside, go left on a ledge, jump to another tree
ledge, and go inside.
  - Send Gordon through a tunnel to a room with big orange crystals and, when no
laser beam is in the way, have him do a long jump through it to the entrance of the
tunnel across the room.
  - Send Gordon left into an elevator and have him press the green button to send him
up.  Send him through the tunnel, through a room with cactus on the round and two
ceiling crystals divided by an empty slot, through a tunnel requiring Gordon to
climb over a cactus, and into a room with cactus on the ground, a wire with two right
wall plugs with an empty slot to their left, and a wire with one plug in the ceiling
and the other dangling.
  - Have Gordon unplug the ceiling plug, take it into a nearby room with two wall
slots, and plug the two plugs into the two wall slots.  (A machine starting noise is
heard for a bit.)

  - Save the game so you can reload it if you screw up the next part.  The next
orange crystal shard won't appear unless you do it right. -

  - Send Gordon into the nearby room that has a prominent upright orange crystal
surrounded by smaller ones and several cactus on the ground and a translucent
window on the wall.  Have him throw a satchel charge on the ground by the tall
crystal, go outside through the door that's by a green button inside and out,
press the outside green button to close the door, and press RMB to detonate the
satchel charge. (5:04:18)
  - Have Gordon press the green button to open the door, throw a satchel charge at
the cactus in the nearby room that has cactus on the ground, a wire with two right
wall plugs with an empty slot to their left, and a wire with one plug in the
ceiling and the other dangling.
  - Send Gordon into the room with the blown up cactus, press the green button to
close the door, and press RMB to detonate the satchel charge.
  - Have Gordon pick up the orange crystal shard and set it down by the door.
Press the green button to open the door, unplug the two plugs plugged into the
wall, take the wire into the room where you just set off a satchel charge, put one
plug in the ceiling slot and the other in the left wall slot.  (A machine starting
noise is heard for a bit.)
  - Have Gordon pick up the orange crystal shard, take it into the big room, and
put it into the ceiling slot between the other two orange ceiling crystals.  Have
Gordon press the green button by the big window.  Two lasers converge in the big
room outside.
  - Have Gordon go out of the room and through the hall into the elevator, press
the green button, go up, go through a tunnel and outside.  Have him kill the Hound-
eyes on the ledge, go left, shoot the ceiling yellow laser thing, use the health/
energy maximizer if needed, continue on the ledge and shoot another ceiling yellow
laser thing, continue on the ledge and shoot two ceiling yellow laser things, and
shoot Houndeyes.
  - Send Gordon inside, have him go right in the hall, pass orange crystals, shoot
the Bullsquid that's up on a ledge, go up a slanted orange crystal onto the ledge,
jump to a horizontal orange beam, jump to another horizontal orange beam, and jump
to a tunnel entrance.  Have him go ahead, drop into a little hole with two yellow
plugs and a translucent disk, pull a plug (E) so the disk disappears and Gordon
falls, go through the tunnel, drop, and continue through a tunnel to the control
  - Have Gordon go into the adjoining little room with two yellow wall plugs
joined by a wire, pull the plugs, go back into the control room, go left and take
the wire into the nearby room that has three empty wall slots, and put the two
plugs into the right and middle slots.
  - Send Gordon back to the control room and down the round hole.  Send him
through the tunnel, up the slanted orange crystal, pick the short wire with two
plugs up from the ground, take it over to the two empty slots in the wall and put
the two plugs into them (a machine starting noise is heard for a bit), a nearby
door opens, pull the plugs out, take the wire into the room with an empty ceiling
slot and an empty wall slot with two filled slots to the right of it, and use the
two plugs to fill the two slots.
  - Have Gordon go back into the control room and press the green button.  Three
lasers converge in the room outside the window.
  - Have Gordon continue through the control room, through the hall, enter the
elevator, press the green button to go up, go to an entrance of a large room with
orange crystals and, when there isn't a laser beam through it, do a long jump to
the entrance on the other side.
  - Send Gordon through the tunnel, down a hole to a translucent disk by two
yellow wall plugs, pull (E) a wall plug so the disk disappears and Gordon falls
with an orange crystal shard, have him pick up the orange crystal shard, take it
through the control room into an adjoining room, and put it in the ceiling slot
beside two filled ceiling slots.  A laser goes through the three crystals.

  - Send Gordon back into the control room to press the green button on the
control panel.  A laser hits a light in the room beyond the window and it changes
to a light that's suspended there.  Have Gordon exit the control room, go into
the room with the light, get on the dark plank, and jump into that light.

  Near end of Xen:

  First battle with Gonarch: have Gordon fire at the Gonarch's egg sac occasionally
going to the two metal pods of ammo till the Gonarch goes to its tunnel.
  To switch yellow plugs, hop on and off rising/falling cylinders, etc.
  Bulloxed version 5:47:00 of 6:47:04

  - Have Gordon proceed from the broken bars he blew up, go right of the centrical-
ly located, big dark machine with five vertical orange tubes, through the big short
tunnel created by a rock arch, go ahead to the rising/falling cylinder, hop onto
left side of the cylinder, rise, and hop off over the black fence.  Have him use
the blue energy increaser disk if needed.
  - Have him go right to the first yellow plug, unplug it, plug it into the right
slot of the nearby three, go left of the three slots to get onto the rising/falling
cylinder when it's fallen, go to the right of the back of the three slots, rise,
go right, and hop off onto the higher rock land.  5:48:48
  - Have Gordon go ahead, go left a third over a rock arc, and jump to another
three slots setup that's closer to the entrance.  Have Gordon unplug the yellow
plug to the right and plug it into the right slot of the nearby three.  Have him
go left of the three slots to get onto the now rising/falling cylinder.  When it's
fallen, have Gordon hop on it, rise, and hop off to the higher area to the left.
  - Have Gordon go to the yellow plug beneath something like a speaker box with a
spinning fan in it, unplug it, and drop down to the three slot setup where he just
was and plug it into the slot on the left.  Have him go left of the three slots to
get onto the rising/falling cylinder when it's fallen, rise, and go left to jump
off over the black fence that's behind the cylinder to another three slot, etc.,
setup.  5:49:26
  - Have Gordon go to the right of the three slot setup where two yellow plugs are
separately plugged in, unplug the left one, und plug it into the right slot of the
three slot setup.  Have him go left to get onto the cylinder behind the three slot
setup, rise, and drop down to the left to unplug the yellow plug.  Have him get
back on the cylinder, rise, and plug it into the left slot of the three. 5:49:58
  - Have Gordon go left of the three slot setup, get onto the rising/falling cylin-
der, rise, and jump left to the tunnel entrance.  Have him go through the tunnel,
emerge where a Vortigaunt is at a control panel by two yellow plugs, jump onto the
control panel, and unplug the left yellow plug.  Have him drop down to plug it into
the nearby two slot setup causing a green plug and wire to emerge from the middle
of it.  Have him take the green plug to the three slot setup to his left and plug
it into the middle/green slot.  An off-white bag begins pulsating to the right of
the three slot setup.  Have him shoot the bag so it blows up.  5:50:39
  - Have Gordon go left of the three slot setup, get onto the rising/falling cylin-
der nearby, rise, go forward, jump ahead to the right of the tunnel entrance toward
the black boxes with two blue circles by the black fence, jump over the black fence
for a triangular area to the right of that, go ahead to the right to a yellow plug
plugged in by black boxes faced with black fencing, unplug it, go left and plug it
into the left slot of three.  5:50:59
  - Have Gordon go right, past a Vortigaunt, to a black box with a square hole in
the facing side.  Have him go into the box (W, L Alt), climb over the box that has
a blue circle on the facing side, go ahead to the yellow plug, unplug it, climb
with it out the square hole to his left, go to the nearby trio of slots, and plug
it into the right slot.  5:51:14
  - Have Gordon go left to where a tall black box rises and falls.  When it's down,
have him get on top of it, rise, jump over the black fence, go up the tunnel, about
face, jump onto the higher tunnel, and go up to a yellow plug.  Have Gordon unplug
it, jump ahead out of the tunnel with the yellow plug, and plug it into the right
slot.  5:51:42
  - Have him go right to a lone yellow plug under a box with a spinning fan and by
a Vortigaunt, unplug the plug, take it left to a two plug setup with a green wire
in the middle, and plug the yellow plug in the left slot.  5:51:48
  - Have Gordon take the green plug right and plug it into the green slot in the
middle of a three slot setup.  5:51:53

  Have Gordon shoot the Alien Controllers that appear overhead.

   5:52:30  Have Gordon go clockwise above and around the lower area till you can
have him shoot a pulsating bag, drop onto a rising/falling cylinder when it's down,
rise, jump left into a tunnel, go on the tube of green liquid in the direction of
the bubbles, shoot a pulsating bag, and drop left into a nearby tunnel.  5:53:06
  - Have Gordon go ahead, exit it into the area of yellow plugs and cylinders
again, get onto a fallen cylinder, rise, go left through a short tunnel into the
area of yellow plugs and cylinders again, go left before the Vortiguant at a
control panel to drop into the water, and shoot up at a pulsating bag.  5:53:37,
  - Have Gordon shoot the base off a rectangular tube, get sucked up by it, and
expelled into the area of yellow plugs and cylinders again, drop onto the nearby
rising/falling cylinder when it's down, rise, jump left, use a blue energy maxi-
mizer, go left through a tunnel, drop down onto a platform around an angular red
tower, go left into a tunnel, and drop down through a square hole.  5:54:09,
  - Have Gordon go through a tunnel past glowing orange mounds, drop into a hole,
go through a tall tunnel while shooting up at a few Alien Controllers, shoot a
barrel so it blows up and creates an opening in green vertical things, go right at
an intersection of tunnels through a tunnel, at another intersection of tunnels
go left, and drop into a river with barrels that have green lights.  (If need be,
have him shoot a barrel so it blows up and creates an opening in green vertical
things.)  5:55:41
  - Have Gordon go ahead to a barrier in the water, put a barrel over and beyond
it, go over the barrier and ahead, shoot the barrel so it explodes to break an
opening in vertical bars, go through the opening, and go right.
  - Have him go ahead to a tall rising/falling tower, when it's fallen jump up
onto a ridge that goes around it, when it rises jump right into an orange yellow-
lit rock cave, when the tower is fallen jump up onto a ridge that goes around it,
rise, and jump over onto an arch that's part of the sort of area with yellow plugs
he was in before.  5:56:30
  - Have Gordon go counter-clockwise around the black fence, go through a doorway
then an arch into a vast tall room containing two tall rising/falling towers.
When the nearest is fallen have him jump onto a ridge that goes around the nearest
tower, rise, jump over onto a ridge that goes around the other tower which has
fallen, and jump into a rectangular hole in the wall which has white vapor
entering it which sucks him into it and through a tunnel into a small room with a
yellow plug plugged into a slot behind a spinning barrier to the right and a two
slot setup before him.  5:57:09
  - Have Gordon drop down from the two slot setup into a room with a three plug
setup with nothing plugged into it and worker Vortigaunts.  Have him go left onto
a rising/falling rectangular black cage when it's fallen, rise, go through a
square hole in the wall, fall onto a translucent plate with a plugged-in yellow
plug before him, unplug it causing the plate to disappear and him to fall, take
the yellow plug through a tunnel, and plug it into a slot through a rectangular
hole in the ceiling.  5:57:40
  - Have Gordon continue through the tunnel to where a yellow plug is plugged in
to the right of a spinning barrier that's behind a stationary one.  Have him take
the yellow plug back through the tunnel to a slot above a rectangular hole in the
ceiling and plug it in.  Have him return to the stationary barrier which now lets
him go to where the spinning barrier has stopped.  Have him go past it, through a
rectangular hole to a rising/falling hexagonal (?) thing, get on it when it's
fallen, rise, jump onto five small ledges, jump up onto a tower when the barrier
slowly spinning around it permits, unplug the yellow plug plugged into its axis,
and take it into the small room with a two slot setup and plug it into the nearest
slot.  5:58:12
  - Have Gordon continue to the other end of the small room where a black gate
rises and falls.  When it falls have him jump over it, unplug a yellow plug, and
bring it back to plug into the other end of the two plug setup which causes a
green plug to drop into the larger room.  Have Gordon drop into the larger room,
get the green plug, and plug it into the center slot of the three slot setup.
  - Have Gordon go to the glass to the right of the three slot setup.  The glass
breaks and Alien Controllers appear overhead in a room with three towers that rise
and fall.  Have Gordon shoot the Alien Controllers and the pulsating bag beyond the
nearest tower.  When the nearest tower has risen, have him jump onto a ledge that
goes around it, fall, jump onto the green tube with bubbles that winds down along
the outer wall, get onto a ledge to shoot a pulsating bag, get back onto the tube
and go up it, when the rising/falling tower has fallen have Gordon jump onto the
top ledge that goes around it, rise, jump over onto the top of the next rising/
falling tower, rise, and jump over to a cave entrance.  5:59:37
  - Have Gordon go head then right into a square hall, drop into a square hole, go
through a roundish cave tunnel, drop into a hole, go through a hall to where barrels with
green lights fall from a tube, catch a barrel, drop it into a nearby round pond,
take the barrel to the center of the pond below the opening of a vertical tube so
it rises to the ceiling, shoot it so it explodes and destroys the ceiling, rise to
the top of the pole, stand on the opening at the center of it, and get sucked down
through a tube into a tubular room which has a vertical pole of humanoids (like the
one in a case in "Questionable Ethics") at the center.  6:00:22
  - Send Gordon to the top of the pole and stand on the center of it, and he gets
sucked up through a tunnel to a room with yellow plugs.  6:00:35
  - Have him go past the yellow plugs, go through the hall to the right of them,
and into a tall room with tall towers including two with rising/falling cylinders.
Have him go ahead on a tube with green bubbles, go right at an intersection of
green tubes, continue on the tube past a hole in the wall to enter a second hole in
the wall, go through a rectangular hallway, drop through a square hole into a room
with red laser beams, go past green bubbles that rise from grates in the floor to a
room with a slanted plank, go up the plank, and jump up on a couple of ledges.
Have Gordon turn right and throw a Grenade into a black cage to blow up an undu-
lating bag.  6:01:22
  - When the floor breaks apart below him, Gordon falls into a room overlooking the
tall room with towers, etc.  Have him shoot up at the Alien Controllers in the tall
room and shoot at the undulating bag behind him to make it blow up.  When the cyl-
inder lowers of the left tower ahead, have Gordon get on a ledge of it, rise, and
jump onto the lowered top edge of the other tower, then double jump over a red-lit
black cage onto the mouth of a blue-lit cave.  (Use the health/energy maximizer
there if needed.)  Have him follow the water and drop down a hole.  6:02:02
  - Have him go over a black floor structure, continue through a tunnel entrance
and through the tunnel, bounce from a round bouncy thing then another up into a big
cave near an area of yellow plugs, etc.  Have him have a shootout with Alien Grunts
as he proceeds, go right into and through a round tunnel, and go right under
bridges still fighting Alien Grunts.  6:03:57

  - 6:04:25  Have Gordon go up a ramp to his left back the other way past a bridge
to a cannister that springs open for ammo if needed, get back continuing under
tunnels, use a blue-lit energy maximizer on his right if needed, go across the
path, back the other way up a ramp, and across a bridge.  6:05:04
  - Have Gordon go beneath a vent to be sucked up through it and dropped into an
area= of green-lit bags with sparks and worker Vortigaunts.  Have him shoot up at
the Alien Controllers that appear ahead near the red-lit building.  6:05:30
  - Send Gordon into the building to be sucked up a rectangular vent and dropped
into a waste bin, (use L Alt to) get under a rectangular vent and drop through a
rectangular hole onto a vent, go right on the vent, drop onto a vent, get sucked
into a rectangular vent to his right and dropped into a room.  6:06:40
  - Have him go up a ramp to a room that has a big square opening in the floor hu-
9manoids are dropping into, have him avoid the opening and go across the room to a
rectangular vent, get sucked into and through it and dropped into a roundish cave
tunnel, go through the tunnel to a tall room, go to the ramp on the far left side
of the room, up the ramp,  6:07:11
  - over the semi-circle that's over the round door, jump onto the other ramp, up
a couple ledges, long jump to the ledge above the first ramp, and up more ledges to
a conveyer belt.  (Have him use the health/energy maximizer If needed.)  6:07:33
  - Have Gordon jump in the direction the conveyer belt is moving to the right of
the encasement for it to the other end of the encasement then get on the belt.
Have him taken by it through a rectangular tunnel until stopped by a red-lit
barrier.  Have him go right off the belt, continue down and over the top of an arch
and on the right side of a path, up a ramp, over a stone bridge, into a river, onto
land, past a bridge abutment, kill a Bullsquid, and go into a teleportation globe
of yellow/green/orange light.  6:08:37
  - Have Gordon (cross a conveyer belt to use a blue-lit health/energy maximizer if
needed,) get on the conveyer belt to go in the direction it's moving, at a red-lit
barrier get off the belt and go left to get onto another one, before a red-lit
barrier go right onto a clockwise winding upward stone ramp, go up it, jump left
onto the top of the other side, jump left again onto a ledge (near a teleport
globe), and get on the conveyer belt to move in the direction it's moving.
  - Before a blue-lit barrier have him get off the conveyer belt to go right onto a
Vortigaunt station, go around it counter-clockwise and back onto the conveyer belt,
get off the belt to the left at a Vortigaunt at a control panel with two pairs of
round lights, get onto the panel, and go down a square hole.  6:09:53
  - Have him go through a short vent and a square hole to a small room where cubes
come up through a blue-lit barrier and are taken away on a "conveyer belt" made of
red lasers.  Have him anticipate where one will rise and position him to be on top
of it when it rises.  Have him ride the cube to the left of four vertical red
lasers, to the right of four vertical red lasers, below (L Alt) a rectangle of
lasers, and hop over (Spacebar) a rectangle of lasers. 
  - At a barrier of red lasers, have him get up into the square hole in the wall
above it.  6:10:39
  - Have Gordon go through the vent, drop to a lower vent, get out near two con-
veyer belts and a teleportation globe, and get on the left one.  Before a blue-lit
barrier have him get off the conveyer belt to go right onto a Vortigaunt station,
go around it counter-clockwise, jump over to the next station, and get back onto
the conveyer belt.  6:11:12
  - Before the next red-lit barrier, have Gordon get off the belt to go right, go
counter-clockwise around a structure, get on a conveyer belt, get off the conveyer
belt to go right, get onto a machine that has four round red lights on the front,
and go down the square hole on the top of it.  6:11:38
  - Have Gordon go through the vent (L Alt) to another blue-lit translucent plate
through which cubes arise and are taken away on a conveyer belt, and get on a cube
that's on the belt.  A rising/falling black cube comes down and stops his move-
ment.  6:11:51
  - Have Gordon go from the cube onto the fallen black cube, get on the far side
of it, when risen get up on a short pipe with a hexagonal blue light sticking out
of the wall, get on a higher part of the black cube mechanism and rise, get on a
  (Note: this part of Bolloxed video is too dark for me)
  get onto the mechanism and rise, get onto a ledge and into a square hole (L Alt),
through a vent, down a hole, through a vent, enter (L Alt) a red-lit area by a
black fence, go right, go right down a vent to a blue-lit conveyer belt with cubes
on it, and get on the belt.  6:12:23
  - Have Gordon go past a blue square light on his lower left, drop left onto a
beam and continue, drop farther down to a Vortigaunt on a control ledge by a pole,
go past him and up a winding clockwise stone beam,  6:12:44
  - go left up onto a beam, go along it then up onto a ledge, and go left and onto
a conveyer belt carrying cubes.  6:12:51
  - Before the next red-lit barrier, have him get off the belt to the left (use
the health/energy maximizer if needed), get next to the left conveyer belt, get on
the thin rising/falling thing beside the rising/falling door, get on the roof behind
the door, get on the fallen door, rise, and jump toward the hole.
  - Go down the square hole, enter (L Alt) an area of a translucent blue square which
cubes rise through to be capped by translucent blue boxes and taken by a red laser
"conveyer belt."  6:13:27
  Have him anticipate where a cube will rise and get on top of it, be covered by a
blue box, and taken by the red lasers "belt."  When it stops, two doors open to
his left with red lasers at the bottom of it and the cube sides into it without the
cubed cover on Gordon.  6:13:45  Two doors open to his left to reveal a big room
of concentric circular red lasers with a black round apparatus in the center.
Gordon's cube slides onto the center and rises.
  When it stops, four pieces come from the wall and slide together on top of
Gordon's cube--have him jump onto one before they stop.  6:14:11  As they go back,
have him get back on his cube.
  Four black beams come from the wall and attach to each side of his cube--as they
do, have him get on a beam.  Eight red lasers appear, each evenly spaced from the
wall to the center of the cube, and lower.  Have Gordon stand between lasers.
6:14:30  After they rise past him, have him get back onto the top of his cube.  The
four beams retract into the wall.
  A pole comes from the ceiling toward the center of the top of Gordon's cube,
stops overhead, and several beams come down from the pole that each hold a vertical
beam several feet from the side of Gordon's cube, and each causes four red lasers
to extend to a side of the cube.  A flat surface appears around the cube--have
Gordon stand on it.  When the pole with lasers rotates, have Gordon stand between
two sets of lasers and walk around his cube to avoid them.  6:15:00  As the pole,
etc., retracts, have Gordon get on top of his cube.
  The cube lowers then slides to a wall where a pair of doors open to reveal a
vertical slot the cube slides into then lowers and stops at a square hole in the
wall.  Have Gordon go into the square hole.  6:15:34
  - Have Gordon go through a vent (L Alt), climb up through a square hole, get onto a
conveyer belt of cubes and go forward, before a blue light barrier jump left onto a
higher belt, go right up a stone ramp, and jump right over a blue light barrier
onto a conveyer belt,  6:16:11  Before a red light barrier, send him left (use the
health/energy maximizer to his left if needed) through a short tunnel to a mainly
red-lit control room.  Exit the control room, drop to a conveyer belt,
  shoot the red-lit thing seen through a hole in the left wall to make the blue-lit
barrier just ahead disappear,
  go ahead on the belt shooting up at Alien Controllers,
  shoot the red-lit thing seen through a hole in the right wall to make the blue-
lit barrier just ahead disappear,
  same but left wall,
  same but left wall,
  same but right wall,
  (I'm not sure if shooting green globes to make them explode in this section is
  same but right wall,
  same but left wall,
and jump down to the conveyer belt to the right.  6:17:32
  - Send him up a ramp, right into another mainly red-lit control room, left through a
short tunnel (loading) and a smaller control room, right through a cave hole, drop
onto a conveyer belt and go left in the direction of the belt.  6:18:15
  - Just before a red-lit barrier go right on a stone path, jump right down to a
round bouncy thing surrounded by three black skyscrapers, bounce up to get sucked
up into a hole in the far skyscraper and dropped into a room,  6:18:35
(go right to use the health/energy maximizer if needed),
  - A couple nearby sections of black skyscraper have rising/falling pieces.  When
a piece has fallen, have Gordon get on it, rise, get on the piece beside it, rise,
get on the top of the wide piece behind it, rise, and get off on the roof.  6:19:19
  - Have him go beyond the barrier below to drop down to a conveyer belt, get off it
to the left to go up a nearby winding ramp, get on a conveyer belt, before a red-lit
barrier get off to the right to get on a different conveyer belt, get off it to the
left to go into an area of stationary green cubes,  6:19:43
  - go through a doorway and a short hall, drop down a basically triangular chute,
go ahead right of a conveyer belt, shoot up at the side of a building at the origin of
a laser to destroy it then at the Alien Controller that now has no protective bubble,
use a round bouncy thing by a red-lit barrier, 6:20:17
  - bounce up to a rooftop where you have him use another round bouncy thing that's
at the end of a conveyer belt, bounce up onto a conveyer belt of green barrels, go
up a ramp, go left, shoot up at a red-lit thing in a skyscraper alcove to make the
red thing explode,  6:20:35
  - use a nearby round bouncy thing, bounce up to a conveyer belt by a red-lit
barrier, go clockwise around a black structure to a nearby blue-lit health/energy
maximizer, go clockwise from the maximizer on the black path, continue by jumping
up on a black stone tube strip, up onto another, and drop to a lower area.  6:20:57
  - Have Gordon go to where an Alien Controller is in a ball suspended by two
  - use the Gluon gun to shoot at a red thing, so it explodes, to stop one laser
through the open side of an otherwise box-like structure attached to a building
  - shoot another red thing in a building across the way to stop the other laser,
  - and shoot an Alien Controller above and an Alien Grunt on foot.
  - Have Gordon go up a ramp that goes counter-clockwise in three parts, go past a
round bouncy thing to go down a black pipe that goes counter-clockwise around the
building in two parts then back to the building for a third,
  - get on the building and shoot up at a red-lit thing to blow it up and make a
blue-lit barrier disappear, go to a round bouncy thing to bounce up onto a conveyer
belt, go up a ramp that goes counter-clockwise around a structure, double-jump to the
more distant blue-lit hexagonal alcove of another skyscraper,  6:22:10
  - send him through a short tunnel, go right on a black pipe to another skyscrap-
er, hop up onto a pipe to go clockwise around that structure, go through a cave, drop
down a couple holes, shoot a red-lit thing so it explodes, get sucked up a tunnel
to another red-lit thing, shoot it so it explodes, 6:22:28
  - drop down to a round bouncy thing by the end of a conveyer belt, bounce up onto
a conveyer belt, (get off to the left to use the blue-lit health/energy maximizer
if needed), go up a ramp on which there are three red tubes, follow the left tube on
the ground through a black doorway, bounce up on a round bouncy thing to go through
the double doors on the floor of an area where three lasers suspend an Alien Con-
troller in a protective bubble and three big balls roll around.  6:22:59
  - Have Gordon, avoiding the three balls, shoot the open side of the box (the side
of two and bottom of one) projecting each of the three lasers from the side of a
building to the Alien Controller to make its bubble disappear then shoot the Alien
Controller.  The big balls stops rolling.
  - 6:23:18  Have him bounce on a round bouncy thing up to the cave entrance at the
side of a building, enter, and drop down a hole.   He lands in a vertical tunnel on
a blue translucent barrier with two others beneath it and a spinning pole down the
middle with three red lasers from it to the side of the vertical tunnel at each
blue barrier.  Have him move to the position that lets him see where a red-lit
thing can be seen in an alcove just below his barrier, shoot (preferably with the
Gluon gun) the red thing so the blue barrier disappears and lets him drop down, and
do this two more times to drop to the bottom of the tunnel.  6:23:40
  - Have him drop down another hole to go further down, through a short tunnel and
further down, shoot a red-lit thing so it explodes, and get sucked up a tunnel.
Have him drop down to an area where you have him crouch (L Alt) through a recess in
the floor to get past a red-lit barrier, shoot a red-lit thing so it explodes, drop
down a hole, drop down (to use a blue-lit health/energy maximizer if needed), go up
a ramp, and follow the middle red tube of three on the ground this time.  6:24:30
  - Have him bounce up on a round bouncy thing to go through the double doors on
the floor of an area where three lasers suspend an Alien Controller in a protective
   - Have Gordon shoot the open side of the box (the side of two and bottom of one)
projecting each of the three lasers from the side of a building to the Alien Con-
troller to make its bubble disappear then shoot the Alien Controller.  6:24:56
  - Have him bounce up on a round bouncy thing to go to a cave entrance at the side
of a skyscraper, go inside, down a hole trying to avoid the red lasers that go
across it, at the bottom shoot up at a red-lit thing so it explodes and the blue-
lit barrier protecting a red-lit thing disappears, shoot the red-lit thing so it
explodes, and he gets sucked up the hole--try to avoid the red lasers that go
across it--to a cave entrance.  6:25:30
  - Have him drop down to a room, follow the red pipe on the floor past a recess in
the floor (L Alt) to pass a red-lit barrier, shoot a red-lit thing so it explodes,
drop down a black rectangular vent, drop down to a conveyer belt area (use a blue-lit
health/energy maximizer if needed), and go up a ramp with three red tubes on it (the
middle and left tubes are darkened).  6:25:57
  - Have him follow the right red pipe on the floor this time.  Have him bounce up
on a round bouncy thing to go through the double doors on the floor of an area
where you have him proceed shooting up at (ten?) Alien Controllers, bounce up from
a round bouncy thing to a cave entrance at the side of a building, and drop down a
cave hole into a puddle.  6:26:45
  - Have Gordon proceed to where a vertical tunnel is above him, across it are
translucent blue barriers, and above each are red lasers that go across the verti-
cal tunnel.  Have Gordon shoot a red-lit thing in the wall so the red-lit thing ex-
plodes and the translucent blue barrier above him disappears and the red lasers
just above it slide down past him--try to have him avoid those.  6:26:57
  - Have Gordon shoot up at a red-lit thing so it explodes and a set of red-lit
lasers fall, at another red-lit thing so it explodes and two sets of red-lit lasers
fall, then at the red-lit thing at the top of the tunnel so it explodes.
  - Have him go through a cave tunnel to a red-lit thing and shoot it so it ex-
plodes, get sucked up through a cave tunnel, drop down to a room, follow the red
pipe on the floor past a recess in the floor (L Alt) to pass a red-lit barrier,
shoot a red-lit thing so it explodes, go down a rectangular black vent, drop down
to a room (use a blue-lit health/energy maximizer if needed), go from the blue-lit
health/energy maximizer to the end of the black plank, and go left to use a round
bouncy thing at the end of a conveyer belt to bounce up onto a conveyer belt.
  - Have Gordon get off the belt to the right to bounce up a long ways onto another
conveyer belt, at a red-lit barrier go right, and use a round bouncy thing to
bounce up to an area of conveyer belts meeting at about nine (?) round bouncy
things.  Have him bounce up through a big vertical tunnel which has some red lasers
ringed around it and about eight up the sides of it.  6:28:10

  - Gordon goes through one of the eight (?) metal holes at the top of the tunnel
and lands in a small area surrounded by a blue-lit barrier atop a green cube and
green cubes that float up through the holes.  Gordon's cube slides over a rectan-
gular hole and Gordon falls through it.  (loading)

  - Gordon lands on the waste of a waste bin (?).  Have him shoot ahead at the
double doors and he speeds through vents to a cave overlooking a big red room.

  - In the middle of the big red room is something like a big vertical crankshaft
with a circle of eight credit cards floating around a couple parts of it.  Have
Gordon jump down onto a black ledge that goes around it and plates fold up around the
outside of it.  A center section behind windows rises.  Have Gordon jump down into a
square vent.  6:28:57
  - He lands in a red room where round batches of pieces rise up the center pole.
An Alien Controller is suspended in a ball held up by a laser beam coming from a
machine with something that looks like a carousel of credit cards.  Have him shoot
and break the glass in front of him, shoot the credit card things, the beam and ball
disappear, then shoot the Alien Controller.  6:29:25
  - Have get on the blue-lit disk at the base of the pole.  When he rises on it to
where a circle of credit card things floats around the pole, have him shoot them.
6:29:40  Have him shoot up at Alien Controllers.  6:31:11  He rises to an area where
a couple of laser beams extend from a couple carousels of credit card-like things
to suspend an Alien Controller in a ball.  Have him go across a black beam to a
larger circular stationary floor area, shoot the credit card-like things and the
center piece of their machine, destroy the lasers and ball, and shoot the Alien Con-
troller and four (?) Alien Grunts.  6:31:50  (Have him use the blue-lit HealTh/Energy
maximizer if needed.)
  - Have him get on a black piece rising on the center pole, and shoot at two rows of
circles of credit card-like things and Alien Controllers that float around the pole.
  6:33:10  Have him get onto a wider stationary circle, jump over to several smaller
stationary circles that each hold a carousel of credit card-like things, have him
shoot them and their center pieces that project lasers, the laser for each disap-
pears, the protective balls they suspend disappear, then shoot the Alien Controllers,
and get back on a more central piece to resume rising.  6:35:30
  - The rising piece Gordon stands on stops then descends about ten seconds.  Have
him shoot to break glass to shoot more Alien Controllers.  The piece he stands on
rises again, then it stops.  6:36:36 
  - Have him go through the door, right toward yellow-orange glowing bulb-like plants
on the ground, through a round doorway, through a room of blue-green-lit tubular con-
tainers which each suspend something different (a person, a pizza box, etc.), get
sucked up through a vent, through a big cavern with a couple ponds in it, up a curved
stone ramp, into a big cavern, counter-clockwise on the ledge, into what looks simi-
lar to a tubular Health/Energy maximizer, press the green button inside it, get
sucked up onto the big central stone thing, go counter-clockwise to a rising/falling
piston-like thing, get on it, rise, get into the nearby teleporter globe,  6:38:45
  - go to a big area of flying manta ray-like things, double-jump to suspended rocks
to the big red and white globe in the middle of the area, and jump into it.  6:40:00

  Go to Options > Keyboard > Advanced and check "Enable developer console (`)."
Press the "OK" button.
  During the game press the tilde (`) key.
  Type sv_cheats 1 then press Enter.
  Code             Effect
  god                invincibility
  impulse 101  all weapons
  noclip            noclip

  Example of noclip:

  "Lambda Core": the fastest way to get Gordon up the tower of spinning levels
and teleportation lights is to skip ports 2, 4, and 7 and instead use noclip to
bypass the tower.  Send him right up to the third floor door with a green light
in the middle.

  I had the problem of scenes so dark the game was barely playable.  For exam-
ple, in the section to adjust brightness levels none of the three lines of text
mat_monitorgamma_tv_enabled 1
  only brightened my screen enough to make the second of three lines barely vis-
ible.  However, the game became bright enough to keep me from having any more
problems with sections being too dark for gameplay.
  A good console command to know if you still need to make the screen brighter
mat_fullbright 1
  It causes everything to be seen at full brightness which isn't so realistic
but sure makes the game a lot easier to play than in practically total darkness.
To revert to the previous lighting enter
mat_fullbright 0
  I didn't have this problem using the June 2019 update with the Xen beta.  But
as of the end of 2020, the Definitive version has the return of the problem of
darkness causing me to use the mat_fullbright 1 code then turn it off with
mat_fullbright 0 before saving the game.  Granted, I'm due to get a new monitor,
but nothing else on my computer is causing this problem--only the Black Mesa

  July 3, 2020
  The game stuttered then crashed during "Interloper."  It was after a section
where you have Gordon leave an area, have him fight three enemies who are each
mostly enclosed in a box on the side of a building, and each sends a light beam
to suspend an alien (like a little Nihilanth--like a monster baby) between them.
Destroying each enemy destroys their light beam, the alien falls to the ground,
then you have Gordon kill the alien.  Then you have Gordon return to the first
area.  The second event, which crashed the game, is similar but with the addi-
tion of a batch of Vortigaunts who use light beams to help suspend the alien.
  After the crash a small menu appeared:
     Engine Error
     ED_Alloc no free edicts
  The only workaround I found suggested on the Internet was to load an earlier
save game.  (Black Mesa save games are found in Campaign > Load game.)  Don't
save till it's quiet--no enemies are around.
  This didn't work for me.  The game still crashed.  I skipped to the next
chapter: "Nihilanth."

  Alternately, you can start the chapter you were on from the "new game" menu then use
the console to go to the map you want:

  For example, a couple of maps of "Interloper":

  Second waste disposal area, shortly before starting the elevator section:
map bm_c4a3d

  The above map is about 6:28:36 in Bolloxed video, which I give a walkthrough for

  At the end of the elevator sequence shortly before teleporter to Nihilanth:
map bm_c4a3d1

  For some maps, you need to get the HEV suit and probably even the longjump module
plus weapons (see the link above for which sections).  To do so, you have to type these
things after you load the map:
sv_cheats 1
give item_suit
give item_longjump
impulse 101


  PS: it's designed for VR (virtual reality), not PC, but you might also like:

  "Insane Cube Tricks" by schrobotindisguise
  Tony Plana is the voice actor for Manuel "Manny" Calavera, a travel agent who's
recently only been finding clients that must make the worst journey, a four year
trip, through the Land of the Dead to the Ninth Underworld.  Alan Blumenfeld pro-
vides the voice of Manny's buddy Glottis.

  "A calavera [plural:calaveras] (Spanish -pronounced: [kalaˈβeɾa] for "skull")
is a representation of a human skull. The term is most often applied to decora-
tive or edible skulls made from either sugar or clay which are used in the Mexi-
can celebration of the Day of the Dead (El Dia de Los Muertos) and the Roman
Catholic holiday All Souls' Day. Calavera can also refer to any artistic repre-
sentations of skulls, such as the lithographs of José Guadalupe Posada. The most
widely known calaveras are created with cane sugar and are decorated with items
such as colored foil, icing, beads, and feathers."
  If you have Manny, in the Blue Casket bar, ask Olivia Ofrenda--voice actress
Paula Killen--for another poem, she recites one that refers to two lovers who
must endure a four year "grim fandango" before thay can rest.  Over the course of
four years, Manny helps Mercedes "Meche" Colomar--voice actress María Canals Bar-
rera--till they can go together on the Number Nine train to the Ninth Underworld.
Jim Ward is the voice actor for Hector LeMans, the crime boss who's been having
the train tickets (including Meche's) smuggled so he can sell them at a higher

  "Grim Fandango" en Español

  If you send Manny to the phone in Toto's Parlour, a tattoo parlor, in Rubacava
in year 2, 3, or 4, you can see representations of Sam and Max on a poster of
tattoo choices.  (I cover the game "Sam and Max Hit the Road" near the top of
this web page.)

  "The Longest Journey" has a crossing in Newport named Calavera Crossing.  This
refers to Manny Calavera, the lead character of "Grim Fandango."  The real name
of Cortez, a character in "The Longest Journey," is Manny, and Cortez has an ac-
cent similar to Manny Calavera's.
  Install it somewhere other than Progam Files so you don't have to run it as Ad-
ministrator.  See the section on "Giants: Citizen Kabuto" for the way to make
sure your save games are saved.
  According to the GF fan site "The Department of Death":
  "Some people seem to still have problems with the game even with the patch in-
stalled because their CPU is too fast.  This is especially at the conveyer belt
in year 3 and the wine lift in year 2.  This can be fixed with a program called
CPU Killer.  It will slow down your CPU so you will be able to do the puzzles.
Setting it down to something around 300MHz should fix the problem (but you will
have to be patient through the loading sequences)."
  Right click the .exe file, click the Compatibility tab, and set the Compatabil-
ity mode to Windows 98/Windows ME.
   According to the same web site, you can also download and use bgbennyboy's
2007 "Grim Fandango Setup" with his launcher or just his 2007 "Grim Fandango
  The launcher can
 "- Run the game without the CD (by copying the files to the hard drive),
  - Run the game in windowed mode,
  - Enable the developer mode with a list of special debug keys,
  - Patch the game if it isn't already,
  - Support all versions of Windows including Vista and Vista64!
  "Warning - running this will add the developer patch to Grim Fandango, which
could stop the game from working.  We recommend using it with a fresh install.
Use at your own risk."

  The remastered version

  "Double Fine demonstrated an in-progress version of the remastered game at
the 2014 IndieCade event in October 2014; new features included higher-resolu-
tion background textures, improved resolution for the character models as well
as having real-time lighting models, and the ability to switch back and forth
between this presentation and the original graphics at the touch of a control;
though at the time of the IndieCade event, the game remained in the 4:3 aspect
ratio, Double Fine plans to support widescreen aspect ratios by release. The
game includes an updated easier control scheme based that was developed with
the help of a player that provided these controls through a mod for the origin-
al game. The game's soundtrack will be fully orchestrated through performances
of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (who has also done the soundtrack for
Double Fine's Broken Age), and will also feature developer commentary."

  "Tim Schafer Plays "Grim Fandango": Part 1"

  "Grim Fandango [Remastered, PC version] Review" by PushingUpRoses
  The game can be downloaded for free.  The R3-256 auto-installer from the RRR
Racing Forum is a highly compressed auto-installer (12.6 MB) made by RST.  It
has the full version of the game without the CD-Rom music tracks.
  RV 1.2 Beta 11.0208
  Support for all Windows OS including XP, Vista and 7, wide screen and multi-
monitor support, anisotropic texture filtering, improved display and font, etc.
  To play it on Vista and 7: install the patch, click to overwrite files, and
create a Desktop shortcut to revolt.exe.  After the target add -sli
  "C:\Program Files\Acclaim Entertainment\Re-Volt\revolt.exe" -sli
  Run the game as Administrator.
  Better, use a launcher:
  WolfR4 by Jigebren
  Phoenix R3 helps you make custom tracks, lets the game run on Vista and 7,
enables replay mode, adjustable rsolution, etc.
  Go to the "Cars" folder and open the folder of the car you want to mod.  Make
a backup copy of the file parameters.txt.  You can use a text editor like Note-
pad to open parameters.txt and edit the top speed, acceleration, steering rate,
wheel size, etc.
  To use the UFO as a vehicle, go to Cars > ufo > parameters.txt and change the
value of the "selectable" line to "0."  You could use the URCO code instead.
  To run the four CD Funcom version of "The Longest Journey" on Vista, use the
biggest installation then copy MFC42.DLL, msvcirt.DLL, and msvcp60.DLL from disc
one into your main game folder.  Those .dll files are also available at the next
  Patch to update the two CD and DVD Aspyr Media versions to v1.61.
  "Dreamfall: The Longest Journey--Game of the Year Edition," 2007, includes
"The Longest Journey."  This is the latest version of a disk for the game.
  A relatively inexpensive DRM-free Vista-compatible version of the game is
available as a download from Funcom, GOG, and Steam.

  A few highlights about controls from the manual:
  The cursor is generally blue.  You can click a spot on the screen to have
April Ryan (voice actress Sarah Hamilton) move as close to that spot as possi-
ble--double click to have her move faster.  Left click the icon of a map to have
April go to that location.  To exit the map, move the cursor to the edge of the
screen and left click when the cursor turns red.
  The cursor is red at an exit.  You can also press X to toggle the appearance
of all the exits.  Left click to have April go to an exit and load the next
  The cursor appears to be broken if it can't be used to affect action.
  The cursor is lit up over a hot spot, an item that can be manipulated, or a
character April can interact with.  A menu appears with a choice of three images
that represent ways it may be possible to interact with the hot spot: eye (April
looks at it), mouth (April talks to it), and hand (if April can touch or pick up
the item, left click and April puts it in her Inventory or interacts with it
some other way).  A tool tip appears with a short description of the hot spot.
You can have April interact with it by clicking one of the three images with the

  April may talk with a character automatically.  Otherwise, you may start the
conversation by clicking on the character and choosing the Mouth icon or by us-
ing an item on a character.
  During the conversation, the cursor appears broken.  Once you can choose
April's response, the cursor can be used in the Dialogue Window to highlight
response choices.  Click on a choice, or choose it with a number key, or use
the arrow keys to scroll among the choices then press Enter, to have April speak
it.  If there are more choices than can fit in the Dialogue Window, you can left
click on the up and down arrows at the left side of the Dialogue Window to
scroll the choices up or down.
  You can press Escape, Esc, or right click the Dialogue Window to skip through
  Press F9 or check the box for "Subtitles" in the Game Settings screen to acti-
vate subtitles.

  During the game, you can activate the Toolbar by putting the cursor at the top
of the screen.  The Toolbar shows three images: Inventory (left click to bring
up the inventory), Diary (left click to bring up the Diary Menu), and Exit (left
click to bring up the Game Menu and forfeit your current game).
  Without opening the Inventory, you can press A to go forward through Inventory
items and press S to go backward through them.  The cursor will change to the
currently selected item.
  To open the Inventory during the game, right click, press I, or left click the
icon for Inventory in the Toolbar.
  Click on an item in the Inventory then the Eye icon to have a closer look at
an item or have April describe it.  You can move the cursor around the close-up
scene of an item to determine ways you can have April interact with the item
such as examine it, pull at bits of it, wind it up, etc.  You can access the In-
ventory to use another item with the item that's in close-up view.
  To exit the close-up view of an Inventory item, move the cursor to the edge of
the screen and left click when the cursor turns red.
  To combine items in the Inventory, click on an item, click the Hand icon, and
the cursor will appear as that item.  If you put it over another item, the cur-
sor flashes if the combination is possible--you can left click to combine the
items.  Right click to return to the default cursor.  Use the up and down arrows
on the right side of the Inventory, or the Up and Down arrows on your keyboard,
to go to another Inventory page.
  To have April use a selected Inventory item with the game scene, move the item
beyond the Inventory screen or press I to exit the Inventory screen.  Position
the item over an object or character.  The cursor will flash if an interaction
is possible--you can left click to perform the action.  If you need to have
April move across the scene, such as a scene that spans two screens, left click
a spot on the scene where the cursor doesn't flash to have April move as close
to that spot as possible.
  Right click to return an item to the Inventory.

  Left click the Exit icon at the far right of the Toolbar, or press F10, or ac-
cess the Diary (by pressing F1 or left clicking the Toolbar Diary icon) and
choose "Quit Game," to return to the Game Menu.  Press Alt + X, or Alt + Q, to
quit the game to the Desktop.

  F1  Diary Menu--you can Save Game, Load Game, adjust Game Settings, read the
        Conversation Log, read April's Diary, activate a Video Replay, or Quit
  F2  Save game--enter the Save Game screen  There are 99 save game slots.
  F3  Load game--enter the Load Game screen
        You can also open the Diary by clicking the Toolbar Diary icon, or by
        pressing F1, then Save or Load a game from that menu.
  F4  Conversation Log--a transcript of all of April's conversations sorted by
        chapter and character.  Use the Next and Back icons at the bottom of the
        screen to page back and forth.  Consult the Log for ideas on how to pro-
        gress in the game.
  F5  April's Diary (initially disabled)  It contains accounts of events of
        April's life that happened before the events of the game.  When an event
        important to April happens during the game, a sound is heard, the Diary
        icon in the Toolbar flashes, and a bookmark appears on the Diary icon
        till you've read the new information that's been added to the Diary.
        Consult the Diary for ideas on how to progress in the game.
  F6  Video Replay--replay the film sequences you've seen so far
  F7  Game Settings
  F8  Screenshot saved to game dirsectory
  F9  Toggle subtitles
  F10 Quit game and go to main menu
  A    Cycle back through Inventory items
  S    Cycle forward through Inventory items
  I      Inventory
  X     Display all exits on current location
  Alt + X or Alt + Q
         Exit to the Desktop
  P     Pause the game
  Page Up or the Up arrow
         Scroll up in dialogues and in your inventory
  Page Down or the Down arrow
         Scroll down in dialogues and in your inventory
         Select currently highlighted dialogue
  1 through 9
         Select a dialogue choice
  Esc Skip video sequence or current line of dialogue

  How to see the Book of Secrets (outtakes, additional music, and images) before
the end of the game
  In chapter one ("Penumbra"), have April take a leaf from the plant at the
right foreground of in the hall by her bedroom in the Border House.  (The leaf
is called "organic plastic" in the Inventory).  In chapter four ("Monsters"),
have her plant it in the flowerbed with two red flowers by the tree house of Ab-
naxus, the Venar ambassador to the High Council of Ayrede, in middle of the City
Green in Marcuria.
  A purple flower will then grow from the flower bed (it's at the left in the
video at the first link below) and the Book of Secrets (normally opened by
completing the game) is available as an option on the title page of the game.
  If you have April talk about the large yellow plant in the right foreground of
Abnaxus' yard, she says, "It's Audrey's long-lost cousin", a reference to Audrey
Junior, the carnivorous talking plant ("Feed me") of the 1960 Roger Corman movie
"The Little Shop of Horrors."
  Chapter 5  There and Back Again
  In the labyrinth of Roper Klack's castle, have April use the coins on the gar-
goyle in the bottom-right area of the screen and blow out the flame rising from
each of the two hands to turn a door.  Have her use the coins on the gargoyle
again and get the salt shaker and pepper shakers.  Have her use the hourglass
held by the statue at the bottom-left corner of the screen to make the steps
rise to the path above, then immdiately double-click the path at the base of the
steps to have her run there.  As she gets there, immediately double-click the
path at the top of the steps to have her run there.
  Have April try to get the parchment from the front of the mirror to be stopped
by April's mirror image.  Have her try the stairs in the middle of the screen to
realize the top of the stairs are a painting.  Have April use the door twice in
the top-right area of the screen and the door turns to reveal an hourglass.
Have her use the hourglass then immediately double-click to have her run to the
door at the left side of the screen while a small piece of the walk is raised to
allow her to do it, then have her go through the door.
  Have April use the pepper shaker on the gargoyle below to make it sneeze and
lower a walk.  Have her go down the walk and through the door.
  Have her go up the steps to meet Roper Klacks.  Hae her try the various chal-
lenges then use the calculator to defeat him.
  Have April do everything there is to be done in the labyrinth, go to the stud-
y, read from the spell book, and collect and analyze all the but the red
colored vials, before trying to mix the contents of the vials in the cauldron or
they won't mix correctly.
  Green vial---spider web
  White vial---clouds
  Blue vial----catalyst
  Yellow vial--butterflies
  Red vial-----brimstone
  Green + white + blue = invisibility potion
  Have April use it on herself to get the missing piece of the spell book page
from in front of the labyrinth mirror and put the piece in the spell book.
  Yellow + white + blue = light as a leaf potion
  Have April use it on herself to get the red vial from near the ceiling.
  White + red + blue = wind potion
  Red + red + blue = big bang potion
  Green + yellow + blue = bind magic potion
  Have April use the wind potion on Crow to give it to him and have him fly out
the window.
  Have April try the big bang potion on the crystal--the potion doesn't break
the crystal.  Have her use the bind magic potion then the big bang potion on the
crystal to break it.
  Chapter 8  Reunification
  Statue by big tree: O open at top where it's adjoined by two lines (statue by
cliff) above S (statue by big tree): statue by big tree can talk to statue by
the cliff.
  Statue at beach cliff: arrow (statue at ruins) above S (statue by big tree):
statue at cliff can talk to statue at ruins.
  Statue at ruins: A in parenthesis (volcano) above O open at top where it's
adjoined by two lines (statue by cliff): statue at cliff can talk to volcano,
which has a statue if a face which is a loudspeaker to the rest of the island.
  Have April talk into the statue by the big tree (the only statue that can be
arranged to talk to itself) to have all the statues talk through the volcano.
  "Dreamfall: The Longest Journey--Game of the Year Edition," 2007, includes
"The Longest Journey."

  "System Shock 2" at
  Walk-throughs, etc.

  Map of the Body of the Many
  Basketball Easter Egg
  In training, before having Soldier G65434-2 go into the UNN building at street
level, have him go right from the GravShaft toward the wall with the Tri-Optimum
sign opposite the Registration Building, hold the Jump key and Forward to have
him go up onto the big air vent, and have him get the basketball (RMB--press S
to have him crouch if needed).
  You can also have him get the basketball by holding Shift and pressing ; in
shoot mode to open the console (don't open the console when the MFD is shown or
the game will freeze) and typing:
  summon_obj basketball
  When he's on the Vaun Braun, have him go to the Rec Deck--Deck 5--in the Ath-
letic Sector.  Press the RMB to have him throw the basketball down through the
basketball hoop and he gets an E-mail of screaming monkeys.  If you open it, a
monkey speaks the message that appears in the log in the upper left corner of
the screen:
  "Things are going according to plan.  We've managed to turn the Many against
SHODAN, and you've been stupid enough to stick your neck out for that overbear-
ing uber-computer.  Why not join us?  While you've been stockpiling ammo, med
hypos and hi tech gadgets, we've collected every last piece of nuts, bananas and
coconuts onboard.  Just say the word, and you'll get plenty to eat, an attrac-
tive hirsute companion, and a tire swing of your own.  In the end, isn't that
what really matters?"
  Use "basketball" with Edit > Find on the page at the next link for more de-
  Dancing robot
  After you have Soldier G65434-2 choose a career and two abilities, there'a a
cutscene.  Once you see the message "Year 3," you can have him go left to a win-
dow to look into an adjoining room and see the thinner of two robots dance.
  Don't open the Console when the MFD is shown or the game will freeze.
  Press Shift and ; in shoot mode to cause the Console bar to appear at the top
of the screen.  Type a code then press Enter.  Press Shift and ; then press Tab
to cause the previously entered code to appear in the Console bar.
  God mode, weapons that don't degrade, and enemies that don't respawn
  Make a backup copy of the "user.cfg" file in the main game folder. If it isn't
there, copy the "ip.cfg" file from the game disk "EAHELP" folder to the main game
folder and rename "ip.cfg" to "user.cfg."  Use Notepad to open the main game
folder, select "All Files" from the drop down box, and open "user.cfg."  Add:
gun_degrade_rate 0
  The lead character of the game will have God mode and weapons that don't de-
grade, and enemies won't respawn.
  God mode bug
  If you save with god mode on, it can't be removed...
  ...except by either the method explained in the page at the next link...
  ...or starting a new game.
  Installation and modding basics,106.0.html
  System Shock 2 help (SS2 Technical FAQ, broken use/shoot mode problem, Videos/
Cutscenes Guide, sound problems, ZylonBane's Newbie Guide, mod compatibility,
and Multiplayer Guide)
  The "Dark Engine Fix" (DEF) for Dual-Core/Hyperthreading: install it in your
game folder, point it at your game folder, and click "Install."
  You might right-click the launch icon, "Properties," "Compatibility," check
the box for "Compatibility mode," and choose "Windows 2000" in the drop-down
box.  To launch the game, right-click the launch icon and click "Run as admin-
  The patch at the next link adds multiplayer mode and improves single player
mode by allowing control over weapon degradation and monster re-spawning.;5088497;/fileinfo.html

  Looking Glass Studios also developed the first two games in the Thief series.
  Like "System Shock 2," "Thief: The Dark Project" features a basketball Easter
egg.  It's possible on the "Expert" setting--see "Part 2" of FrozenFoxy's "Let's
Play...." YouTube videos and the Cheats section for the game at Gamefaqs.

  You can buy both games as a Platinum Collection.

  "Thief: Deadly Shadows," 2004


  Ken Levine and the developers of the "System Shock" games went on to create
the "BioShock" series.
  BioShock v1.1 PC Patch
  If you purchased a digital distribution copy of BioShock (i.e. from Direct2-
Drive, Steam, or other), don't install this patch.  Go to the site you downloaded
BioShock from to receive a version of this patch modified to work with your ver-

  The voice of Jack is Nate Wells.

  The voice of Andrew Ryan is Armin Shimerman.

  The voice of Frank Fontaine is Greg Baldwin and the voice of Atlas is Karl
Hanover.  (Karl Hanover provides the voices of both in "BioShock 2.")

  The voice of Sander Cohen is T. Ryder Smith.

  The voice of Brigid Tenenbaum is Anne Bobby.

  The voice of Dr. Yi Suchong/additional voices is James Yaegashi who previously
provided the voice of Charlie/The Crowd of Liberty City for "Grand Theft Auto
IV," 2008 and of Woozie for "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," 2004.

  UPGRADE YOUR WEAPONS. There are 12 Power To The People Machines in the game.
Use them to make your weapons so much better than their original, cruddy selves.
  Always hack health stations. If an enemy tries to use one, they will die or
greatly damage them.
  Use incinerate on enemies and then hide from them. The fire will slowly kill
them. Note that incinerate burns fuel on the ground.
  If you are playing the hardest difficulty evenly divide your money between
health and ammo.
  Use telekinesis against the grenade throwers (nitro-splicers) to catch gren-
ades and throw them back.
  Use Plasmids as much as you can.
  Always rescue the little sisters. Tenenbaum gives you more ADAM which buys
you plasmids and in the long run you get more by rescuing. Plus, you get an
achievement at the end of the game!
  Use incinerate to melt ice to find objects and open paths.
  Use telekinesis to get objects out of reach such as those up high.
  Use the electrobolt plasmid to stun enemies then shoot them in the head (more
damage). Alternatively, use the electro bolt to stun them then hit them with the
wrench which will kill many types of enemies (obviously not Big Daddies) in-
stantly, especially if you get the gene tonic that powers up the wrench.
  Do not kill Sander Cohen in Fort Frolic. You'll regret it later on in the
Olympus Heights level as you won't gain access to the Power to the People ma-
chine in his home. (However, if you are playing the Xbox 360 version, save the
game when Sander Cohen appears at the top of the stairs in Fort Frolic after
killing his four sideshow people then kill him when he's reached the bottom. You
get an achievement called 'Irony' if you photograph his corpse. Then load up the
save file you made a minute ago and spare his life to gain access to the Power
to the People machine anyway.)
  Avoid using the incinerate plasmid on enemies when there's water near by. They
jump in the water to put themselves out. (If you set them on fire and they douse
themselves in water use the electrobolt plasmid on the water. This electrocutes
the water and enemy and most likely kills them. DON'T STEP INTO THE WATER WHILE
IT'S ELECTRIFIED. This will harm you as well unless you have the Electric Flesh
2 gene tonic equipped.)
  To give a quick kill to the Big Daddies (or at least greatly damage their
health) use Trap Bolts once you get the crossbow. Fire the Trap Bolts in the Big
Daddies path but not too close or it will shock the BD too soon and it will at-
tack you before you can properly set up the trap. (A great place to use this
maneuver is in Poseidon Plaza in Fort Frolic.)
  Hide directly under cameras then hack them.

  Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb components
  - Four R-34 Wire Clusters  They're only found on the bodies of Big Daddies--
two are on pre-existing corpses found in Hephaestus (one in a room near the cir-
cuit breaker and one near the Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb) and two are on the
corpses of Big Daddies killed while playing through the level.
  - Two Quarter-Cans of Ionic Gel  Get two of the cans scattered throughout
  - A charge of Nitroglycerin  It's in Kyburz' office of Hephaestus which has
Trap Bolts rigged all around it.  Have Jack disable the bolts with Telekinesis
or Hypnotize Big Daddy and he presses a button on the desk that opens the hidden
compartment containing the charge of Nitroglycerin.

  Door access codes

  Many locks in "BioShock" can be hacked or bought out but it's almost never re-
quired.  In "BioShock 2" hacking combination locks isn't an option.

  Area                    Code  Location                                      Hackable  Buyout
  Medical Pavilion  0451  Twilight Fields, next to a coffin     No           Can't
     EVE Hypo, Automatic Hack Tool, 00 Buck and Standard Auto Rounds. 
  Neptune's Bounty  5380  AD: Picked Up Timmy H.            Yes        $58
     First Aid Kit and ammunition. 
  Neptune's Bounty  7533  AD: Masha Come Home              Yes        $58
     Money, access to the Shorten Alarms Gene Tonic after listening to the audio
    diary Saw Masha Today. 
  Arcadia                 9457  Death scribbling on window          No        Can't
     A quest item, access to Farmer's Market and money
  Farmer's Market    0512  AD: Market Maintenance            Yes       $251
     Money, First Aid Kit, invention components and ammunition. 
  Fort Frolic            7774  Note on floor                                Yes       $251
     Money and Electric Buck or antipersonnel Pistol Rounds
  Hephaestus         0126  AD: Kyburz Door Code; various calendars and posters
                              with Australia Day marked                     Yes       $251
     A quest item, access to a Power to the People station, invention components
    and ammunition. 
  Olympus Heights   5744  AD: Fontaine's Breakup               No        Can't
     Access to Fontaine's apartment. 
  Point Prometheus  1921  AD: Extra Munitions                    Yes       Can't
     Three EVE Hypos, invention components, and rare ammunition. (The player can
    enter the related room without using the code or hacking the lock.)

  Challenge rooms
  Area                                   Code  Location
  Rapture's Grand Carnival  1951  Advertisement for Zimmerman Chardonnay
     Turning the switch to activate the Ferris wheel

  Challenge rooms  Each of these three rooms challenge your abilities at problem
solving and combat which you use to rescue a Little Sister.

  1. The "I" in Team
    Rescuer: have Jack rescue the Little Sister
    Expert: have him do it in 3 min. or less.
    Pacifist: rescue the Little Sister without destroying any of the Turrets in
    the stage  Have Jack make extensive use of the Target Dummy Plasmid to draw
    all of the Turret fire during his first journey through the Firing Range.
    Collector: find the four Roses.
    1. On the desk in the reception room upstairs
    2. Hanging from the ceiling in the machine room  Have Jack get Winter Blast
        3, go to an elevated corner of the floor and place a Target Dummy to lure
        the Bouncer to stand below the Rose on the ceiling, freeze him, jump on
        him, then jump to take the Rose.
    3. Inside the central RPG Turret  Once the Bouncer guarding the Little Sis-
        ter is dead have Jack loot his corpse for a Grenade Launcher and ten Frag
        Grenades.  Have Jack use the Grenade Launcher to destroy the middle RPG
        Turret which falls to the ground where you can have Jack loot it for the
        third Rose.
    4. Behind a secret door in the machine room  Have Jack put a Target Dummy
        on the pressure plate to lure the Bouncer onto it then have Jack run to
        the machine room and go through the secret door (which opens when the
        pressure plate is pushed down) to the Rose.  To give Jack more time you
        can have him use the Grenade Launcher from the Bouncer corpse to kill the
        Bouncer that stands the plate to make it a corpse that keeps the plate
        held down.

  Extended walkthrough combining the Rescuer and Collector trophies

  Have Jack enter the Machine Room ignoring the Big Daddy and run up the stairs
to the left.  Have him loot every Inventing Supplies box as he'll need every
part to complete the mission.   Have him continue through the hallway, enter the
office room, collect the Rose from the desk, and go through the door behind the
desk.  Have him pull the lever on the left.  (Have him ignore the one on the
right as he needs to make an Automatic Hack Tool to use it later.)

  Have Jack go down the stairs to the right and enter the cavern beneath the
shooting range and jump on top of the frozen Big Daddy to reach the Target Dummy
plasmid on the other side.  Have him go back up the stairs and place a Target
Dummy (Left Shift) in front of each turret and wait for the RPG turrets above to
shoot and destroy it (unless you're going for the Pacifist trophy).  Do this for
each turret.  Have him place another Target Dummy to distract the RPG turrets as
you have him run across the scaffolding to the other side before going through
the door on the far left of the range.

  Have him walk through the tunnel and go into the Pressure Plate room, use a
Target Dummy to make the Big Daddy step onto the switch, then run through the
opposite door.  Have him grab the Winter Blast 3 Plasmid from the desk, go left,
and pull the lever next to the door to enter the Office Room again.  Have him go
back to the Machine Room found at the beginning of the level and use a Target
Dummy to lure the Big Daddy to stand in a gap so Jack can jump over to the ledge
where another Inventing Supplies box is.  Have Jack freeze him, jump up, and
land on the ledge.  Have him check the Inventing Supplies box to find what
should be the final part needed to use the U-Invent machine in the Office Room
to make an Automatic Hack Tool.

  Have Jack use another Target Dummy to make the Big Daddy stand between Jack
and the Rose on the piping next to the ledge.  Have Jack freeze the Big Daddy
again then jump off of him to reach the Rose.

  If you're still missing parts then you missed a box somewhere.  Carefully
search the level again and make sure to have Jack loot every box.

  Have Jack hack the left lever in the shooting range to open the door on the
right to the Machine Room.  The Big Daddy and Little Sister will enter and the
Big Daddy will start running back and forth across the firing range.  Have Jack
time the placement of a Target Dummy to make the RPG turrets shoot the Big Dad-
dy.  His death should deactivate them.  Before you have Jack collect the Little
Sister have him search the Big Daddy's body for a Grenade Launcher and ten Frag
Grenades.  Have Jack use the Grenades to destroy the center RPG turret (and use
another Grenade to blow it down if it doesn't fall the first time).  Have him
search the turret for the third Rose.

  Have Jack go back to the Pressure Plate room, use a Target Dummy to make the
Big Daddy step on the plate, then have Jack run quickly through the firing
range and back to the Machine Room.  A Secret Hatch opens directly in front of
him--have him grab the final Rose.
  "Bioshock - The I in Team - Collector & Rescuer" by Side-FX Productions

  2. A Shocking Turn of Events
    Rescuer: have Jack rescue the Little Sister from the top of a Ferris Wheel
    by having it turn six times.
    Expert: have him do it in 4 min. or less.
    Electrician: have him turn the Ferris Wheel nine times--three times beyond
    the six times which are needed for the Rescuer trophy.
    Collector: find the ten Roses
    1. Near the top of the elevator shaft  Have Jack jump from the top Ferris
        Wheel room onto the top of the rising elevator and ride it up the shaft
        to the Rose and take it.  This is best done when you first have him enter
        the area.  If you try for it later have him send the elevator to the
        bottom floor then commit suicide--he respawns in the Vita-Chamber at the
        top of the stage allowing him to try again.
    2. From where you had Jack find the first Rose have him hit the switch to
        send the elevator down and step off at a hidden level between the third
        and second floors containing a corpse and the second Rose.
    3. In the men's bathroom on top of a large billboard saying "Pick your
        Plasmid and evolve!"
    4. Behind the security gate toward the back of Rapture Records
    5. In the Little Sister vent just inside the entrance to the Grand Carnival
    6. In the freezer room there's a Rose in the Pneumo Tube  Have Jack stay on
        the lower level and look up into the broken pipe to see the Rose.
    7. In the stall where one can toss balls into barrels there's a Rose in the
        right-most barrel
    8. Have Jack go to the the balloon popping game and pop the balloon at the
        right of the corpse to reveal a Rose.
    9. Have Jack jump to take the Rose that's on the ceiling light in Zimmerman
    10. Inside a Ferris Wheel gear  Have Jack turn the Ferris Wheel seven times
         and part of it will catch fire and reveal a Rose that's in one of the
         big gears close to the Ferris Wheel switch.
  "Bioshock - A Shocking Turn of Events - Master Electrician, Collector &
Rescuer" by Side-FX Productions

  Extended walkthrough covering all nine possible ways to turn the Ferris Wheel

  Have Jack turn around inside the Bathysphere and pull the Broken Bathysphere
Lever three times.  He will be resurrected in a Vita-Chamber in a locked room in
the foyer.  Have him leave the chamber and pick up the Shotgun, Electric Buck,
and two First Aid Kits, and have him search the corpse for Potato Chips.  Have
him use the Door Switch to open the door to the foyer and use the Shotgun on the
sparking Door Switch to the left--the door to the Ferris Wheel room will open.
Have him head through the doorway.

  Observation Lounge
  The Little Sister that Jack must rescue can be seen directly ahead at the top
of the Ferris Wheel.  Have him go left through the bar, search the Trash Can for
a Creme-Filled Cake and a First Aid Kit, two EVE Hypos on a table, and Old Har-
binger Beer on the bar.  Have him approach the Thuggish Splicer trying to acti-
vate the elevator who becomes electrocuted.  Have Jack either ride the elevator
down or jump on the nearby broken table and jump down to the balcony immediately
below.  There are numerous supplies on this floor: several First Aid Kits, an
EVE Hypo, an Inventing Supplies crate with Alcohol, Arcadia Merlot, and Old Har-
binger Beer.  (Have Jack pick up Instant Piano Prodigy from the bar if you want
him to play Sander Cohen's Scherzo #7 on the Grand Piano but this isn't neces-
sary.)  Have him go to the other end of the bar where there are the Slot Ma-
chines--there's money on the floor and a corpse containing a Trap Bolt.  Have
Jack pick up the Static Discharge Combat Tonic from the edge of the balcony by
the elevators then jump down the elevator shaft.

  Ferris Wheel
  Have Jack jump down from the elevator to the ground floor.  Ahead is the brok-
en Ferris Wheel Switch.  Have Jack pick up the Electric Buckshot in front of it
and use the Shotgun to fire at the Ferris Wheel switch.  Have him use the Switch
to turn the Ferris Wheel.  1/6 turns are completed.  Doors to Rapture Records
and the bathrooms will open and a Thuggish Splicer enters the scene.  Have Jack
get the Splicer's attention, stand near the Switch, and let him attack.  The
Static Discharge will cause him to be electrocuted and activate the Switch
again.  Have Jack use the Switch.  2/6 turns are completed.  Have Jack turn
around and enter either of the bathrooms (the dividing wall has a hole in it)
for supplies including an Inventing Supplies crate with Distilled Water, a First
Aid Kit, an EVE Hypo, and a Health Station.  A Thuggish Splicer with an electri-
fied club will attack--have Jack lure her back to the Ferris Wheel Switch and
get her to electrify it killing herself in the process.  Have Jack use the
Switch.  3/6 turns are completed.  Have Jack head left from the Switch and enter
Rapture Records for an EVE Hypo, Coffee, and an Inventing Supplies crate con-
taining Glue.  Have him leave the store, go left again, and go through the big
door marked "Rapture's Grand Carnival."

  Grand Carnival
  In the doorway is a Health Station and an Inventing Supplies crate containing
a Battery.  Have Jack go straight ahead and pick up the First Aid Kit, EVE Hypo,
and Telekinesis from the stack of bags and pillows.  Have him go right into the
corridor behind the stall then into the freezer room.  Have him loot the Invent-
ing Supplies crate under the stairs for Alcohol and Distilled Water.  Have him
take any item with Telekinesis and set it on fire with the fire burning in the
corridor.  Have him use the burning object to melt the ice hanging from the
ceiling and below the floor grating to free a round of Electric Buckshot, an
Automatic Hack Tool, and Bandages.  Have him use Telekinesis to retrieve the
latter two items from under the grating.  There are First Aid Kits trapped in
ice around the room--melt these if necessary.  Have him leave the room and enter
the opposite stall with the Teddy bears.  Have him search the Inventing Supplies
crate for Glue and a Battery and the corpse for Potato Chips.  Have him try to
open the Broken Electric Safe but be careful because the room will fill with
Trap Bolts. Have him use Telekinesis to grab one of these trip wires and cause
it to touch the safe which opens to reveal a Crossbow.

  Have him leave the room and go down the Grand Carnival passing two stalls
which feature games that can be played using Telekinesis.  Have Jack pick up the
balls and either knock over the cans or fire them into the barrels.  By winning
these games he will earn EVE Hypos.  The next stall on the left can also be
played--have Jack use Telekinesis to pick up the hooks and fire them at the
balloons to win First Aid Kits.  Have Jack loot the dead Splicer pinned to the
wall to get a Trap Bolt.  At the end of the passage have him go behind the Teddy
bear statue to find two corpses, a Chemical Thrower, and an Inventing Supplies
crate with Distilled Water.

  Have him enter Zimmerman Chardonnay--the code to the door is 1951.  A Thuggish
Splicer will run after the player--have him lure her all the way back to the
Ferris Wheel Switch in the main hall and get her to strike the controls.  Have
him use the Switch. 4/6 turns are completed.

  Have Jack go back to Zimmerman Chardonnay, loot the Battery from the Inventing
Supplies crate, and return to the main hall.

  Finishing Up
  Have Jack use the Automatic Hack Tool on the U-Invent machine and invent Elec-
tric Gel and another Trap Bolt.  Have him return to the Ferris Wheel Switch and
use the Electric Buck, three Trap Bolts, and Electric Gel on the Switch in any
order making sure to use the Switch after each time.  This completes turns 5, 6,
7, 8, and 9.  Have him collect the Little Sister.

  3. Worlds of Hurt
    Rescuer: have Jack clear nine outer rooms of enemies, kill the round center
room of enemies including a Big Daddy, and rescue the Little Sister.
    Expert: do it in 15 min. or less on at least medium difficulty.
    Tough Guy: do it using only Plasmids, Gene Tonics, the Wrench, and the Re-
search Camera on medium or higher difficulty.
    Collector: find the eight Roses
    1. A Single Splicer  It's on the floor between two mechanical stations in
        the center of the room across from the broken health station.
    2. A Single Big Daddy  It's below a non-submerged part of the floor near
        the entrance.  Have Jack crouch to see the Rose (or at least the screen
        prompt to pick it up) through a crack in the floor.
    3. Spider Splicers  It's under a red bench that's below a Dr. Steinman
        poster that's not far from a Power to the People machine.
    4. Security Bots  It's buried in ice in a corner to the right of where a
        broken Bot Shutdown Panel is on the floor and where the thuggish Splicer
        was waiting.  Have Jack melt the ice with Incinerate.
    5. Houdini Splicers  It's in the tall room with stairs that wind along the
        walls.  It's behind a sheet of metal that's leaned against the wall on a
        landing you have Jack jump to from the stairs.  The landing is about the
        height of the health station/barbed wire/sand bags and across the room
        from the splicer that's hanging against a wall in a crucified-looking
        way.  Have Jack jump from the stairs that are above the landing and that
        are along a wall that's at a 90 degree angle from the wall with the land-
        ing.  Have him jump down toward the landing that has the Rose.
    6. Security Turret Maze  It's to the left of the Power to the People machine
        and on top of the second set of gears with look like a pair of pistons
        moving up and down between a pair of fans enclosed in grates.  While you
        repeatedly press E have Jack jump up on the machine between the pistons
        to reach the Rose.
    7. All Kinds of Enemies  It's in a room with lots of horizontal orange tubes
        on the walls.  It's in between a pile of sandbags and a wall that's not
        far from the Little Sister vent.
    8. All Kinds of Big Daddies  It's behind a log that's by a bench of wooden
        slats that's across the room from the Little Sister vent.
        "Bioshock - Challenge Rooms - Worlds of Hurt - Collector" by 0verlord73
  Golden Film Reels
  1. Welcome to Rapture: on the stage in the Footlight Theater
  2. Medical Pavilion: next to the Gatherer's Garden machine in the Lounge
  3. Neptune's Bounty: on a bottom shelf in a lower floor freezer of Fontaine
  4. Farmer's Market: in the room with a tripwire and a Gene Tonic in the base-
ment of Worley Winery
  5. Fort Frolic: on a desk in the projection booth upstairs (have Jack use the
stairs not the elevator) in Fleet Hall
  6. Hephaestus: in the crawlspace with the Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb in the
  7. Rapture Central Control: on Ryan's desk
  8. Apollo Square: on a couch in the bathysphere station
  9. Point Prometheus: on a bed in one of the Little Sisters' rooms in the Lit-
tle Wonders Educational Facility
  10. Proving Grounds: it's by the U-Invent machine that's across the hall from
the elevator to Fontaine.  Look for it after you have Jack escort the Little

  Console commands

  To bind any key to a command find that key in the list and type the command
name after the equals sign (=).

  Command  Result
  God  Invincibility
  IGBigbucks  Gives the player $500
  GiveBioAmmo  Refills the EVE bar
  Givehealth  Refills the Health bar
  Teleport  Jumps the player to where the cursor is currently pointing
  Ghost  Lets the player move through solid objects
  Fly  Lets the player fly around
  Walk  Disables fly and ghost modes
  killpawns  Kills all enemies on the current level

  A code/cheat can be deactivated by a cutscene or by moving your protagonist to
a new area.


  Go to the file User.ini.
  (The default settings are saved in the file DefUser.ini.)
  Windows XP: go to \Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\
  Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10: go to \Users\[Username]\
  Edit User.ini with Notepad, Notepad++, or Wordpad.
  The key bindings section of User.ini is under the heading "[Default]".

  For most it's enough to edit the first section which is about exploration and

  I got "BioShock: The Collection"--all three Bioshock games remastered for
Steam--on Windows 10 64 bit.

  To use codes for BioShock in that case go to Control Panel > Appearance and
Customization > File Explorer Options > Show hidden files and folders.  Check it
to Show hidden files, folders, and drives.  Click Apply then OK.  (You can
change it back afterward.)

  Go to Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\BioshockHD\Bioshock\User.ini.  Scroll
down to the section headed [Default].  Make your changes there.  I made these:




  (The default key assignments are in DefUser.ini which is in Program Files
(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Bioshock Remastered\Build\Final.)

  Console codes to summon a weapon/ammo

  Create a text file named weapon.txt with a text editor like Notepd and place
it in the System folder in the game directory.  In the Steam version of Bioshock
Remastered that's C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\BioShock Re-
mastered\ContentBaked\pc\System.  Edit the weapon.txt file you have just made by
adding any one of the commands listed at the next link.

  In the User.ini file (see above for how to create one) bind any available key
under the section headed [Default] to "exec weapon.txt" without the quotes.

Once in the game use the key you've bound to exec weapon.txt.  You can also
create a Plasmid.txt file and use it.  Spawned weapons and ammunition appear in
your inventory.

  Note: The game has default maximum ammunition carrying capacities for each
weapon (for example, you can normally carry a maximum of 48 standard pistol
rounds).  So if you try to summon 999 pistol rounds with the pistol in your in-
ventory the game will automatically limit you to 48 rounds.  But if you summon
999 rounds before you acquire the pistol you'll have 999 rounds available in
your inventory.

  Example that worked for me with one of the codes:

  Code                                                                              Effect
  GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Shotgun_IonicBuck            Electric shotgun ammo

  I put this code in my weapon.txt file.  In my User.ini file under [Default] I
assigned it to U= to have
U=exec weapon.txt

  The protatgonist is Subject Delta.

  The voice of Augustus Sinclair is provided by Doug Boyd.

  The voice of Eleanor Lamb is provided by Sydney Unseth and Sarah Bolger.

  The voice of Sofia Lamb is provided by Fenella Woolgar.

  The voice of the Little Sisters is provided by Jodelle Ferland.

  In "BioShock 2" hacking combination locks isn't an option.

  Area                             Code  Location

  Adonis Luxury Resort  1540  On the door of the sauna room
    Money, drill fuel,
    and the audio diary
  Pauper's Drop              0047  On a newspaper in the Fishbowl Diner
    Door must be opened
    in order to progress
  Siren Alley                    1919  AD: The Date is the Code
    Door must be opened
    in order to progress
  Dionysus Park              1080  AD: A Gift from Billy
    Access to a Power to
    the People station
  Fontaine Futuristics       5254  On wall by a tied corpse in the Plasmid Showroom
    Careful Hacker 2,
    money, bandages, and
  Inner Persephone          2673  ADs: First Two Digits, Last Two Digits, wall
                                         scrawling near a toilet tank in the Holding Wing
    Door must be opened
    (using the code or
    not) in order to
  Inner Persephone           4146  AD: Legs, Mouths, Arms, and Eyes, Recreational
                                         therapy room wall
    First Aid Kit, EVE
    Hypo, money, and
    rare ammunition

  Minerva's Den Door Access Codes
  Area                                Code  Location
  Operations                      2341  AD: The Books are the Code,
                                                   Bookshelf in Reed Wahl's office
    Safe (containing money, Shells, and Mini-Turrets) and access to the
    Master Input Console (to hack the beacon)


  For Windows XP go to the following directory: C:\Documents and Settings\...
\Application Data\Bioshock2Steam\
  For Windows Vista, Seven, and Eight go to the following directory: C:\Users\
  Make a copy of the file as a backup.  Find and open "User.ini" in Notepad.
Find the key you want to bind the code to and set the bind (for example,
"F10=god").  Save the file, start the game, and press the bound key to toggle
the effect.  This can also be used to adjust the FoV--there is no way in the
game options to do that.

  Code                         Effect
  SetFOV <number>   Change Field Of View
  ghost                         Disable clipping
  walk                          Disable Fly and Ghost cheats
  fly                              Fly
  igbigbucks                Give $600
  givebioammo            Give EVE
  god                           God mode
  killpawns                  Kill all enemies on level
  suicide                     Kill self
  givehealth                Refill health bar to max
  slomo                       Slow motion mode
  teleport                    Teleport to crosshair

  Code                                                  Effect
  GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.Adam    Give Adam

  I got "BioShock: The Collection"--all three Bioshock games remastered for
Steam--on Windows 10 64 bit.

  To use codes for "BioShock 2" in that case go to Control Panel > Appearance
and Customization > File Explorer Options > Show hidden files and folders.
Check it to Show hidden files, folders, and drives.  Click Apply then OK.  (You
can change it back afterward.)

  Go to Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\BioshockHD\Bioshock2\User.ini.  Scroll
down to make your changes there under the [Default] section.

  Console codes to summon a weapon/ammo

  Create a text file named weapon.txt with a text editor like Notepd and place
it in the System folder in the game directory.  In the Steam version of Bioshock
2 Remastered that's C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\BioShock 2 Re-
mastered\ContentBaked\pc\System.  Edit the weapon.txt file you have just made by
adding any one of the weapon/ammo commands listed at the last link.

  In the User.ini file (see above for how to create one) bind any available key
under the section headed [Default] to "exec weapon.txt" without the quotes.
Once in the game use the key you've bound to exec weapon.txt.  You can also
create a Plasmid.txt file and use it.  Spawned weapons and ammunition appear in
your inventory.

  Note: The game has default maximum ammunition carrying capacities for each
weapon (for example, you can normally carry a maximum of 48 standard pistol
rounds).  So if you try to summon 999 pistol rounds with the pistol in your in-
ventory the game will automatically limit you to 48 rounds.  But if you summon
999 rounds before you acquire the pistol you'll have 999 rounds available in
your inventory.

  Example that worked for me with one of the codes:

  Code                                                                                      Effect
  GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Shotgun_PhosphorusBuck       Phosphorus shotgun ammo

  I put this code in my weapon.txt file.  In my User.ini file under [Default] I
assigned it to U= to have
U=exec weapon.txt

  Save game files are kept at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\XXXX\8870\
remote\savedata where "XXXX" stands for four numerals.

  Troy Baker provides the voice of Booker DeWitt.

  Courtnee Draper provides the voice of Elizabeth.

  Kiff VandenHeuvel provides the voice of Father Zachary Hale Comstock.

  The Lutece Twins--Oliver Vaquer provides the voice of Robert and Jennifer Hale
provides the voice of Rosalind.

  Kimberly Brooks provides the voice of Daisy Fitzroy.

  Laura Bailey ("BloodRayne," 2002, many others--see the listing about her on
this web page) provides the voice of Lady Comstock.


  "Bioshock Infinite V1.1.25.5165 Trainer +8" by MrAntiFun

  I have the Steam version of "BioShock: The Collection" on Windows 10 64 bit
and this trainer worked for me as of Feb., 2017.  I think I had to try it twice
before it worked.

  The elevator code 0451 is in a nearby code book on the counter on the way to
the Comstock House.  This Easter Egg reference to "Fahrenheit 451" (a 1953 novel
by Ray Bradbury) also appeared in the games "System Shock 2," 1999, and "Bio-
Shock," 2007.

  A barbershop quartet sings "God Only Knows" (Brian Wilson and Tony Asher),
1966, in 1912 due to Fink exploiting a tear in time.  Jimi Hendrix once referred
to the Beach Boys as a "psychedelic barbershop quartet."  A nearby Wilson Bros.
& Company Bottling Works sign on a building refers to the brothers Brian, Carl,
and Dennis Wilson.

  Garry Schyman scored some of the music in the style of Bernard Hermann's music
for "The Day the Earth Stood Still," 1951 (some reminds me of Hermann's music
for the 1960 movie "Psycho," too).

  James Yaegashi, who provides the voice of Dr. Yi Suchong/Additional Voices,
previously provided the voice of Charlie/The Crowd of Liberty City for "Grand
Theft Auto IV," 2008, and of Woozie for "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," 2004.

  Door access codes

  Area                                         Code  Location
  Market Street                           2076  Near the maintenance room in The Watched
    Audio diary Offer of Em-
  Fontaine's Department Store  0928  In the shoe store
     Gear and audio diary Insuf-
     ficient Postage
  Housewares                            3958  In the storage room in the basement of The
                                                            Bistro at Fontaine's
     Radar Range and Radar Range
  At the entrance to Dr. Yi
     Suchong's Lab in the Silver
     Fin Restaurant                       1216  Radio message by Yi Suchong
     Access to the Bathyspheres
  Fontaine's Department Store
     Service Bay                            7951  Audio Diary Hooligans
     Access to the controls for
     the lift, Radar Range, and
    Possess Turret Mod
  Factory, Fink MFG Research
     Laboratories, panic room
     beneath Jeremiah Fink's
     statue                                     8371  Voxophone Necessary Precautions
     Ironsides Salts Mod
  Factory, Surgical Suite             2847  Voxophone Childish Fears
     Ironsides Health Mod

  Behind the Scenes
  It is possible to open keypad locks even if the player has not yet listened to
the audio diaries containing the correlating codes.
  Free PC pinball is provided by Future Pinball:
  Extra tables for it are at:

  Hundreds of new tables, and PC recreations of actual tables, are at the next
link.  Recreations of some of the earlier videogame tables, like the "Pinball
Fantasies" games "Partyland" and "Speed Devils," are available, too.  At the
"Tables list" page, you can click the Rating tab to have the tables listed from
the highest to lowest, or vice versa, rating by people who've played them.
  "Addams Family Pinball Gold Edition 2.0," "The Machine: Bride of Pinbot,"
"Terminator 2: Judgment Day," "Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure," "SIU Campus
Life," "Dead Hunters," "Road Girls Revisited," "Three Angels," "Psycho Pinball:
Wild West," and "The Dark Knight - ULTRA Edition" are pretty lively.
  To add a new table, put the download in a new folder, give the folder the name
of the table, and Copy and Paste it in the main game folder in the subfolder
  If you have Vista, run the game as an Administrator.
  To launch the game, click File > Table Launcher > and click the name of the
  Put a coin in it (5) and press play (1).
  Left and
  Right Shift left and right flippers
  Enter         plunger
  Spacebar  nudge up
  Z               nudge right
  /                nudge left
  A                     special 1
  ' (apostrophe)  special 2
  To put in your initials for a high score, use Left and Right Shift and Enter.
  To go back to correct an initial, use Backspace.
  Page Up/Down  music volume
  Home/End         sound volume
  F1 to F8             "Camera" views (F2 gives a good overview)
  F9     frame rate/stats
  F10   wireframe mode
  F11   enable track IR camera (on by default) 
  Tab   look at backbox
  Three of my four favorite PC pinball games have been re-released as the "Ulti-
mate Pro Pinball Pack," 2006, which includes "Timeshock!," 1997, "Big Race
U.S.A.," 1998, and "Fantastic Journey," 1999.  (The first in that series was
"The Web," 1996.)  The same three games are also available at the GOG site.

  In 2013 a Kickstarter campaign by Adrian Barritt and Richard Horrocks, makers of
the Pro Pinball series, successfully funded a substantial update for "Time-
shock!"--"Pro Pinball: Timeshock! - The ULTRA Edition"--including a PC version.
The goal is to update all four Pro Pinball tables.

  "Pro Pinball: Timeshock! - The ULTRA Edition" for PC is available at Steam as
of March, 2016.
  S or F1  Start
  L Shift/L Ctrl  Left flipper
  R Shift/R Ctrl  Right flipper
  Backspace  Magna-Save
  Space  Nudge up
  L Alt  Nudge left side
  R Alt  Nudge right side
  F11  Toggle full screen mode!#The_ULTRA_Edition
  You can make the game a lot easier using the operator's menu (10 balls per
game, etc.).

  The 3D Ultra Pinball series of pinball games took advantage of how a PC game
could make a pinball game a little more surreal than a sim.  It included "Creep
Night," 1996, and "Thrillride," 1999.

  These are high quality recreations of actual pinball tables.  The initial
game, "Tales of the Arabian Nights" by Williams, is free.  Batches of titles by
Williams, Gottlieb, Bally, and Stern Pinball can be bought as downloadable con-
tent (DLC) in "season" packages.  Season four includes the Addams Family table.

  The Addams Family rule sheet compiled and written by Brian Dominy

  "THE ADDAMS FAMILY Pinball Machine tutorial" by Bowen Kerins from PAPA--the
Professional & Amateur Pinball Association

  Other pinball machine tutorials by PAPApinball

  "Pinball Nudging Skills Basics" by jcasetnl

  PAPA World Headquarters
  100 Keystone Drive
  Carnegie, PA 15106



  Forward      W
  Backward    S
  Left              A
  Right            D
  Look up       Page down  Mouse aim
  Look down   Delete         Mouse aim
  Turn left       <-                Mouse aim
  Turn right     ->                Mouse aim

  Blade attack   Num 0    LMB
  Gun attack      Enter     RMB
  Center view    End
  Jump              Space
  Harpoon/bite  E
  Quick turn      Alt
  Blood rage     Caps lock

  Normal vision                  1/Num 1  Normal
  Aura vision                      3/Num 2  Zoom/Sniper
  Extruded vision               2/Num 3  (W Zoom in/S Zoom out
  Dilated vision                  4/Num 4  slow (.2) game speed
  Weapon mode forward   F/]
  Weapon mode reverse   R/[

  To change the difficulty level (easy, normal, or hard) once you've played some of
the game:
  - start a new game,
  - pick training, Act 1 - Louisiana, or Act 2 -Argentina (others?), then
  - pick Easy, Normal, or Hard.
  (I chose Easy hoping platforming would be easier.)

  PS: I've used my keyboard and mouse to try the suggestions I found on the Internet to
have BloodRayne jump higher.  One has her run then jump (Space) with an about face
(Alt)--it makes my screen freeze then has her run without pressing W.  I press Esc and
such to get her to stop.  Another has her jump with an unspecified Attack key (E, LMB,
or RMB?).  She jumps a bit higher but not enough.  I think I need a trainer that
creates the noclip function but don't know who could build it.  Nobody at
was interested.  So till then, if ever, I guess I'd have to drop it at "Temple
Guardians."  Fortunately, one of the cheats the game provides is ONTHELEVEL, which lets
you skip to the next or whatever chapter.  (The ones that start LA are for Louisiana,
AR are for Argentina, skip BOILERROOM which is an empty map, and I guess the rest are
for Germany.)

  The intro cutscene uses a musical phrase a couple of times that echoes a
phrase of the music of "American McGee's Alice," 2000.

  "Hell Hall" has a cutscene with a crate labeled "SCHICKEN AN O.M.MURRAY,"
which is German for "Send to O.M.Murray."  "Old Man Murray" was an online gaming
magazine which made fun of how long it takes to find a crate or barrel in a
game.  It's also referred to by the markings on a crate in the 2001 game "Oni."

  According to Wikipedia, the 1999 Terminal Reality game "Nocturne "...was heav-
ily influential in the creation of Terminal Reality's BloodRayne game.  The
first BloodRayne game's working title was Nocturne 2, and it contains several
references to Nocturne, including several levels that take place in the German
castle from Nocturne's Act I.  The story and elements were changed because Noc-
turne did not sell as well as had been hoped.

  "The main protagonist of BloodRayne, the dhampir Rayne, is based upon the Noc-
turne character Svetlana Lupescu; Rayne's costume in the beta version even sug-
gests she was originally supposed to be Svetlana.  The 'holy grail of the Vam-
pires,' the magical stone that can render a vampire invulnerable to most things
that should normally harm him from Nocturne's Act I, is the heart of Belial in

  "BloodRayne" UK patch adds a Run/Walk option (not needed in my USA version)[UK]

  Remember that a code isn't saved from your last game session.  You have to
input a code each time you attempt a game session to enact the code.

  INSANEGIBSMODEGOOD       Dismemberment
  DONTFARTONOSCAR             Enemies freeze
  LAMEYANKEEDONTFEED       Fill health
  TRIASSASSINDONTDIE           God mode
  JUGGYDANCESQUAD             Juggy mode
  ONTHELEVEL                           Level select (hold Shift while clicking NEW at main menu)
  IWORKFORGOD                       Lose nearly all health
  SHOWMEMYWEAPONS          Show weapons
  BRIMSTONEINTHEBAYOU      Unlock secret level

  NAKEDNASTYDISHWASHERDANCE, the game speed code, is set to one at the start
of each mission.  If you want it to speed up or slow down the gameplay of a
mission you have to change the variable yourself.

  I've had a glitch that causes Rayne to go forward though I don't press W, and a
glitch that causes her to move in slow motion (.2 speed in the NAKEDNASTYDISHWASHERDANCE
cheat code).  To get out of one of them press 3 then 1 back and forth.

  1/NP1  Normal vision: regular game view.

  2/NP3  Extruded vision: Rayne can't move in this first person zoom/sniper view that
              she gets during "Daemite Chamber."  (It's useful for shooting Beliar's heart
              in "Wulf and Beliar.")
              W  Zoom in
              S   Zoom out

  3/NP2  Aura vision: you can see Rayne's enemies' health and the degree of their
              againstness for Rayne.  Neutral enemies are red which is dimmer with de-
              creased health.  When alerted to Rayne's presence, the enemy is green.  As
              damage increases, it becomes yellow, orange, red, then gets dimmer.
                  The location of objectives is shown in blue.
  4/NP4  Dilated vision: slower game speed (like Max Payne Bullet Time).
  Caps Lock Blood Rage: have Rayne use her knife attacks (LMB) to fill the Blood Rage
               meter in the lower right corner of the screen.  When filled, she can perform
               a Blood Rage attack.  In a Blood Rage attack, the view is largely tinged in
               red, game speed is slower, and Rayne can deliver combos of stronger attacks.
               The meter drains about a third during a Blood Rage attack and must be filled
               for another Blood Rage attack.
  Space  Rebound kick: Rayne jumps with Space--push it twice quickly for a rebound kick.
              It causes her to twirl and make a longer jump.  If she kicks a weak spot in
              a wall (typically indicated by a crack) or certain doors, they will break
              open.  If she uses a Rebound kick to kick an enemy, the enemy will probably
              fall to the ground.
  E      Harpoon: Rayne will shoot a chain with a harpoon on the end of it.  She can use
           it to hit an enemy then pull it toward her.  If you continue to hold down E,
           she will feed on their blood.

  Trainer (the 1st one listed of two with that name)

  Put the trainer in the game folder.

  Super Blade Attack lets Rayne's blade kill anything with one strike.  In the
last battle, this can help BloodRayne defeat her target, which can be hard to
do in the time given.  There's an "off" option because the Butcheress uses the
same basic things as Rayne so the Butcheress gets the instant kill as well, so
use the "off" option for her.

  The only difficulty choices are the regular difficulty or Overlord mode which
I've read makes enemies a bit harder to kill.


  Forward               W
  Backward             S
  Left                       A
  Right                    D
  Harpoon              Ctrl (I remap this to T) and E/NP0
  Bite                      E/NP0
  Target lock          Ctrl (auto lock on attacker is available in the menu)
                                    (I remap this to T)
  Center view         End
  Jump                   Space
                                  To have BloodRayne jump from a vertical pipe across to a
                                      destination, have her turn her back to the destination
                                      intended then press the appropriate direction key for the
                                      jump (A or D) and Jump (Space).
  Blade attack            LMB
  Kick                         F
  Fire weapon            RMB
  Powers off               4/NP4
  Aura vision              2/NP2
  Blood rage              1/NP1 (also blocks knock down)
  Dilated perception   3/NP3
  Cycle weapons        ] (right bracket)/scroll forward
  Cycle lock-on
      target                  Alt
  Start/pause             Esc
  Circle combo          C
  Objectives              O
  Walk                       Shift
  Skip intro and
      cutscenes           Enter

  Feeding on blood increases red in the upper horizontal meter.  The Carnage Marker
indicates Rayne’s level of carnage and moves to the right as Rayne kills her enemies
using the environment (impaling, fires, killing puzzles, etc.).  Once it is entirely to
the right, Rayne’s health and rage meters will grow together so she has more capacity
for both overall.

  To increase the other horizontal meter, the Rage meter, with blue have Rayne kill
enemies with blades, kicks and fatality moves.  Fatalities will fill the meter the

  Throwing Enemies
  Press Ctrl/Mouse B5 (I remap it to T) to target your enemy, then press E/Num 0 to
launch the harpoon.  Continue to hold Ctrl/Mouse B5 (I remap it to T) after the
harpoon has pierced your victim.  Before it retracts, there will be a slight pause
as Rayne readies for the pull backwards. During this moment, you can press W, S, A,
or D to make Rayne whip her victim in the direction pressed.  This action is critical
for completing the various "killing puzzles" found throughout the game so learn to
master it early.

  The Carpathian Dragons
  Use the right bracket to choose a mode then use the RMB to fire.
  They stop functioning when Rayne is low on health.
  They have six firing modes.  The first mode becomes available during the first
  mission.  The second, etc., modes become available during the rest of the game.
  Each mode has two upgrade levels.
  1. Blood Shot Semi-automatic fire
  2. Blood Stream Fully automatic fire
  3. Blood Spray Semi-automatic shotgun burst
     (Some armor or vampires can negate the damage from the first three modes.)
  4. Blood Flame Fireball launcher
  5. Blood Hammer Mini-rocket launcher
  6. Blood Bomb Time delayed stickybomb launcher

  Vampire Lairs  These doorways can only be seen with Aura Vision.  The blood shower
inside is used to refill Rage and Health and can only be used once.  (The tub of blood
in Zerenski's bedroom can be seen with regular vision and used multiple times.)
  Vampire Lair locations

  The music in the pause menu reminds me of "Monster Truck Madness 2" by Terminal
Reality instead of "BloodRayne."

  "BloodRayne 2"/BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut" Moves List for keyboard/mouse

  Basic Combat
  Blade                 LMB
  Black Wasp       LMB, LMB, LMB
  Bull's Arrow       W/S/A/D (forward), LMB, LMB, LMB
  Kick                    F
  Twisting Gull      F, F, F
  Silkworm Spins  W/S/A/D, F, F, F
  Feed                  E
  Feed Guns        E, RMB
  Block                 Hold Ctrl, E, W/S/A/D

  Jump Combat
  Jump               Space
  Somersault      Space, Space
  Silver Moon     Space, LMB
  Tiger Wing       Space, F
  Lock-On Combat
  Lotus Spear          Hold Ctrl, LMB, LMB, LMB
  Mantis Kiss           Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (forward), LMB, LMB
  Suspended Stag   Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (backward), LMB, LMB
  Butterfly Flick        Hold Ctrl, F, F, F
  Turning Dragon    Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (forward), F, F, F
  Encircled Steer     Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (backward), F, F, F

  Evasion Combat
  Falcon Surge       Hold Ctrl, Space
  Shattered Cloud  Hold Ctrl, Space, LMB
  Focused Kick      Hold Ctrl, Space, F
  Flip Over             Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (forward), Space
      Daughter         Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (forward), Space, LMB
  Garuda Cross     Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (forward), Space, F

      Daughter          Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (forward), Space, LMB
  Garuda Cross      Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (forward), Space, F
  Ascending Lust    Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (forward), Space, Space, Space
  Descending Lust  Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (backward), Space, Spoace, Space
  Rising Thorn        Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (backward), Space, LMB
      Lightning          Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (backward), Space, F
  Dextral Flower     Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (right), Space
  Dextral Thorn      Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (right), Space, LMB
  Dextral Bloom     Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (right), Space, F
      Flower             Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (left), Space
  Sinistral Thorn     Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (left), LMB
  Sinistral Bloom    Hold Ctrl, W/S/A/D (left), Space, F
  (lying) Dolphin
      Tail                  Space
  (lying) Spring's
      Wraith             W/S/A/D

  Feeding Fatalities
  (in front) Devil's Handshake  E, Space
  (in front) Sterling Blow           E, LMB
  (in front) Laughing Jackal      E, E, LMB
  (in front) Archer's Bliss          E, F
  (in front) Cracked Sparrow    E, E, F
  (in front) Silver Eel                E, RMB
  (in front) Athena Shiver         E, E, RMB
  (behind) Strangled Flame     E, Space
  (behind) Lament Reversal    E, LMB
  (behind) Crane's Reply         E, E, LMB
  (behind) Rabbit's Lash          E, F
  (behind) Comet's Twinge      E, E, F
  (behind) Weeping Cobra       E, RMB
  (behind) Lover's Grip             E, E, RMB

  Special Moves
  Twisted Wind                   C, F    Rayne twirls upside-down kicking
  Silver Circlet*                   C, LMB  Rayne twirls with arms/blades extended
  Quiet Thunder*                C, RMB  Rayne twirls shooting Carpathian Dragons
  Shiva Aspect*                  Hold B5 or Ctrl (I remapped to T), Space, F
                                              Rayne kicks an enemy's head then others nearby
  Curtain Twice Torn*         Ctrl (I remapped to T), Space, LMB
                                                     Rayne cuts an enemy or two in half

  Rage Powers
  Blood Rage                    1        She can’t be knocked down or stunned and is
  Blood Fury*                    1, 1     Same as Rage but her blades are longer and she
                                                    does more damage.
  Bloodstorm*                   1, 1, 1  Rayne destroys her weaker enemies and weakens
                                                     her stronger enemies in the room.

  Aura Powers
  Aura Vision                     2        The surrounding area is light with points of
                                                    interest indicated by green emblems and enemies
                                                    are red.  Both can be seen through objects.
  Ghost Feed*                   2, 2     enables Rayne to send out a ghostly version of
                                                    herself to rapidly drain a targeted opponent’s
                                                    health while increasing her own.  This power
                                                    has a long distance range similar to the
                                                    harpoon and it cannot be blocked.  Ghost Feed
                                                    consumes 50% of Rayne’s rage meter so if the
                                                    meter is below half, you can't use this power.
                                                    Press 2/NP2 twice to activate Ghost Feed.
  Enthrall*                            2, 2, 2  Rayne can briefly control an enemy.
  Speed Powers
  Dilated Perception            3          Game speed slows down.
  Super Speed*                   3, 3      enables Rayne to move at her normal speed while
                                                       her enemies move at a much slower pace.  This
                                                       makes them more vulnerable to her attacks and
                                                       gives Rayne an obvious advantage in a heated
                                                       battle.  Press 3 or NP3 twice to activate Super
  Freeze time*                  3, 3, 3  Enemies are frozen
  Powers off                     4

    * Locked at the start of the game

  "Shroud Tower: Ascent"  Have Rayne use Blood  Rage or Fury so she isn't knocked over,
stand on one of the four electrical sheds, and let the Foreman (turned vampire) destroy
the shed (so the green emblem doesn't appear there when you press 1) trying to use a
huge hammer to hit Rayne.  Repeat with another, etc., till all four are destroyed.

  To have BloodRayne kill Ephemera in the Japanese garden: turn on Super Speed and
have BloodRayne destroy the shadow portals (a gazebo/Chinese pavilion and several tall
rocks each of which are destroyed in two stages).  To have her destroy the one in a pool
of water, have her use the harpoon to pull down the pagoda on its side in a puddle of
water on a small hill (see a video walkthrough).  Then Ephemera can't recharge.  Have
BloodRayne kill a few of Ephemera's minions with fatalities to have BloodRayne get her
Rage up again then kill Ephemera as with previous bosses--with Blood Fury and repeatedly
pressing LMB and F.

  Have BloodRayne kill the Unraveler by using Blood Rage or Blood Fury so she isn't
knocked down.  You can have her kill it using her harpoon to yank off bulges in the
branches of the tree it's on.  But the easiest way for me was to have her use her Blood
Hammer (right bracket) rockets.

  The big headless bosses, Bio-Armors, in "Kagan's Tower: Unraveler" seem to refer to
those in "Serious Sam" games.

  Kagan's Tower: Media Center  Looking at the front of the printing press, have Rayne
hit a switch at the right side of it to trigger a cutscene.  After that, she can harpoon
enemies into three places on the machine to destroy it.  The easiest way for me to have
Rayne kill the bosses thereafter was as before but with the option of using the
Carpathian Dragons to set them on fire.

  Kagan's Tower Rooftop: Xerx Mephistopheles wears Bio-Armor which has four exposed
spots which Rayne can attack.  Have Rayne use Blood Hammer to turn the four peach-
colored spots green then harpoon and yank off the green spots.  Have her use higher
areas as needed.

  Kagan's Tower Throne Room: I had Rayne use Freeze Time so Kagan froze in midair.  He
couldn't use the blood pool to heal.  I then repeatedly used F and LMB to have Rayne
deplete his blood supply.

  New game: Rayne will keep all acquired abilities.

  The cheat codes don't work at the very start of the game.  They work once you're
into the first mission a bit.  You don't have to include the spaces in the cheats.

  ll Combos           BONE THIS CURRY VOTE
  All Guns             WHISKEY FAKE KABLOW SHOOT
                                  then go to Extras > Choose Level
  Credit Carnage
    Points              CARGO FIRE IMP KAK
  Credit Gun
    Experience      LATE NURTURE QWEEF SUPER
  Enabled All
    Powers               BLANK UGLY PUSTULE EATER
  Fill Bloodlust         NAKED JUGGY RESISTANCE PACY
  Freeze Enemies   BLUE GREEN PURPLE IMP
  God Mode            UBER TAINT JOAD DURF KWIS
    Dismemberment  DODGE THIS MOIST PIMP
  Hidden Message   RAYNE RULES
  Hidden Message   MAJESCO RULES
  Refill Ammo           WHACK THIS MOLESTED NINJA
  Unlimited Rage     PIMP REAP DARK DARK MUSE

  I'll leave this information here in case the mods reappear.

  It's easy to add a skin, a .POD file, for Rayne in "BloodRayne" without using
the Raynegun software.  Copy and Paste the .POD file to the main game folder.
Use Notepad to open PCPOD.INI.  The default file has a vertical list of "6" with
six file names below it.  Change the "6" to "7" and put the new .POD file name
under "7."  To have Rayne go back to her original look, Delete the new .POD file
and use Notepad to revert PCPOD.INI to its default form.

  How to install "BloodRayne" mods with "Raynegun"

  "Raynegun," listed as "Skin manager," is available at the next link.

  The tutorial at the next link explains how to add mods manually and by using
Turfster's BR2 Launcher.

  Katzmotel's tutorial for Turfster's BR2 Launcher

  Thanks to BlueRamza for the tip that "'BloodRayne 2' mods will only work on
the BR2Launcher with '[BR2L]' in the title of the file."

  It allows full scene anti-aliasing (all AA modes are supported), custom reso-
lution and aspect ratio, custom Refresh Rate & VSync, multiple speed and memory
optimizations, enhanced dynamic shadows, enhanced dynamic reflections, enhanced
Aura Vision, enhanced blood pool reflections, enhanced water transparency (with
Perlin Noise), high definition textures support (for the BloodRayne 2 HD pro-
ject), Logitech G15 LCD support, a fix for the black screen cut scenes glitch,

  "Why Did I Create My BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch ?" by mctronken

  You can also add mctronken's high definition textures.

  The third BloodRayne game is "BloodRayne Betrayal," 2011.  It's a downloadable
(DLC) sidescrolling game for the Playstation Network and Xbox Live.

  "BloodRayne: The Shroud" was in development for the Nintendo 3DS (Feb., 2012)
but was cancelled due to BloodRayne: Betrayal's low sales.

  "BloodRayne: Terminal Cut" and "BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut"--enhanced and
updated for modern systems--are free at Steam and GOG.for owners of the originals.
(Nov.20, 2020)

  Laura Bailey, the voice of Rayne, is also the voice of Alex D in "Deus Ex: In-
visible War," 2003, Kid Trunks in several "Dragon Ball Z" games, Chun-Li in the
game "Street Fighter IV," 2008, and "V," 2016, various voices in "Soulcalibur
IV," 2008, Jaina Proudmoore in "World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King,"
2008, Sherry Birkin in "Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles," 2009, Dahlia
Gillespie in "Silent Hill: Shattered Memories," 2009, Serah Farron in "Final
Fantasy XIII," 2009, and "Final Fantasy XIII-2," 2011, a voice actress for "The
Sims Medieval," 2011, Female Voice 1/Additional Voices in "Saints Row: The
Third," 2011, Oriana Lawson, Lt. Kurin, others for "Mass Effect 3," 2012, Helena
Harper in "Resident Evil 6," 2013, Female Voice 1 in "Saints Row IV," 2013,
Black Cat, Black Widow, Elektra, Jean Grey, Mystique, Pepper Potts, Phoenix,
Rescue in "Lego Marvel Super Heroes," 2013 (w/husband Travis Willingham), "Bat-
man: Arkham Knight," 2015, Kait Diaz in "Gears of War 4," 2016, Supergirl in
"Injustice 2," 2017, etc.

  She also does the English voice acting (the alternative is Japanese) of Cath-
erine in "Catherine," 2011, Atlus’ puzzle/horror adventure for PS3 and Xbox 360.

  "Resident Evil 4," "Resident Evil 5," "Resident Evil: Revelations," "Resident
Evil 6," "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard," "Resident Evil HD Remaster," "Resident
Evil 2" (2019 video game)

  "Resident Evil 4," 2005

  "On February 27, 2014, Capcom released Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition for
Microsoft Windows. The port features improved graphics and many other enhance-
ments that were included in Resident Evil 4 HD."

  See the mods section below for improvements for earlier PC ports.

  Infinite Rocket Launcher FAQ

  Lab door laser lights puzzle:
  click red three times, green two times, and blue once.

  Crazyreyn's map of the three chamber container of U3.

  Those who want to improve the textures, etc., of early PC ports of the game
can get

  - Resident Evil 4 PC Texture Patch 2.0 By Albert
  - Enhanced Environment 1.5
  - Lighting Tweaks

  For those that liked the BloodRayne games, you can use a "BloodRayne 2" mod
for Hunk, one of the mercenaries of "Resident Evil 4," 2007, found in xfile >
em > p106.  (Laura Bailey provides the voice acting for Helena Harper in "Resi-
dent Evil 6"--see below.)

  Make a backup copy of the original folder.

  Go to the "em" folder and make it writable and not "read only."  Right-click
it, click "Properties," and click the little green (Windows XP) or blue (Vista)
dot so it disappears.  Click "Apply" and a menu will ask if you want that to ap-
ply to all files and subfolders--click "OK" and it will disappear, then click
"OK" on the 1st one and it will disappear.

  Replace the original p106 folder with the modded version.


  Trainer that works with the U.S. version 1.1--KHOW's +22 trainer with hotkeys
  Invincibility, infinite ammo, free buy/upgrade, 0 times killed, unlock all
merchants/upgrades, stop the timer, etc.
  I made the trainer an exception in my anti-virus software, Bitdefender.  A
trainer like that interferes with the memory of the game, which the anti-virus
software may consider a trojan.  And I didn't try to run FRAPS during the game.
  I put the trainer listed above in the game folder.  I started it as Adminis-
trator before I loaded the game.
  The game wouldn't let me Alt + Tab out of and into the game--if I tried, I got
the "game.exe has stopped working" menu.  Sometimes the trainer kept the game
from showing my save games.  If so, I turned off the game and trainer (and pos-
sibly ran the defragmenter) and tried again.
  Once I had control of Leon, I pressed I to open the Inventory, pressed the key
for the cheat (1 is invincibility, 2 is infinite ammo, P stops countdown timers,
etc.), then pressed I again to return to the game.
  For invincibility, his health didn't get lower, but he could still get killed
in certain situations, such as by being trapped under one of the pounding pil-
lars in a tunnel after the Novistador cave in chapter 4 or by being beheaded by
a chainsaw.


  It features Laura Bailey as Helena Harper.

  How to unlock unlockables, achievements

  "SweetFX" by Omnipotus

  The game series returned to the survival horror style that brought the earliest
efforts critical acclaim.

  It can be played on keyboard/mouse, but I haven't done so.

  "Resident Evil 2" (2019 video game)  It's a remake of the 1998 game of the same
name. (released January 25, 2019)

  Developers react to 49 minute speedrun


  "Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition," 2017

  Beamdog forums for "Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition"

  Many locations of people, places, and things--and proper strategies--can be
found at these sites.

  Press the keyboard key X to show coordinates at the cursor.

  It's not listed in my controls section but you can press Spacebar to pause and
unpause the game.

  Exiting the Player's Maze

  The key to leaving the maze is hidden within the Bone-Framed Journal.  Each
portal lining the maze's edges is across from another portal except one--the
portal that must be reached to leave the maze.  Unfortunately, there's no way to
reach it by foot.

  To reach that portal, one portal will have to be used twice in succession.  It
doesn't matter which arch is passed through except that it's the same both times
and no other arches are passed through between uses.

  This will teleport the Nameless One clockwise two arches down.  Following this
method leads to the portal that leads back to Sigil.  The quickest way is to use
the arch that's two to the right of the sectioned-off arch, marked as "Southeast
portal" on the map at the next link.

  If Lothar won't accept skulls to return Morte send TNO to the Tomb of the
Nameless One--a crypt in the Drowned Nations--and solve the puzzle.
  After the Nameless One gets three keys send him to the central chamber.
  On the walls of it are eight large panels with inscriptions.  The writings are
from past incarnations of the Nameless One and shed some light on their person-
  One panel (X=1350 Y=1650) is of particular interest since it says the same
thing as is tattooed on the Nameless One's back but adds one bit that Morte
didn't read the first time: "Don't trust the skull."  Morte can be confronted
about this once TNO leaves this tomb.
  Have TNO press each panel to unlock the sarcophagus at the center of the room
which contains the final key: Tomb Key 4.
  TNO can then go through the southern passage to get teleported to the final


  Go into your My Documents folder.  Open the folder for Planescape: Torment:
Enhanced Edition.  Open the Baldur.lua file using Notepad++.  Add this line to
the file:

SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')

  Save the file--make sure it remains a .Lua file.

  During the game press CTRL + Space to bring up the console.  (For some reason
I had to go into the game and try it a couple times before it worked.)

C:ExploreArea() – this reveals the map of the current area.
C:SetCurrentXP( x ) – this sets the experience points of the currently selected
characters to x.  You can’t go higher than 2950000 points.
C:MoveToArea( x ) – this teleports selected characters to the area x.  x must be
in quotation marks.
C:AddGold( x ) – this adds x gold to your party total.
C:CreateItem( x, y ) – this creates y number of item x.  If y is omitted, one x
will be created.  x must be in quotation marks.
C:CreateCreature( x ) – this creates the monster x.  x must be in quotation


   The Eviscerator is an ax that causes one hit kills and provides invulnerabil-
ity except where the game requires otherwise.  The ax appears on the item list
  Axe Dolch EVISCERA
  The code for giving it to the Nameless One is
C:CreateItem( "EVISCERA", 1 )


  There's a printed version included as "Background Story" in the walk-through
by Lsnake/Engelen:

  It reminds me of the movie "Silence of the Lambs," 1991, in that the Cheshire
Cat sounds like Hannibal Lecter--an advisor who's sinister with a smile--and the
"lambs stop screaming" for Alice in the end.
  It takes place after the 2nd book.  Alice's parents are killed in a fire, and
Alice blames herself for not saving them (though I don't think she could have).
She ends up in a sanitarium.  Most of the game takes place in her mind after
that.  Alice goes back to Wonderland which is now decadent and where many of the
inhabitants are now killers.  Her fight through them is really meant as her
fight with her own conscience and guilt (her own face appears on the Red Queen
in the last battle, for one example).  Succeeding at the game lets her win in
the end and leave the sanitarium.
  Vista users who find that their save games or settings aren't being saved: see
the solution for that problem in the section on "Giants: Citizen Kabuto."

  "Let's Play "American McGee's Alice" with American McGee!!!" by American McGee

  Noclip adventures by Diplorida
  How to make skins for Alice, give her faster weapons, etc.
  Under the wooden platform of the building across from the "Buzzed Saw Mill"
sign is a dark area with a wooden box which Alice can break open.  It contains a
glowing purple mushroom.
  "Pool of Tears"
  Mad Andy took a shortcut past the section of riding on leaves that float on
the brook by having Alice run on the land on either side of it.  See the rest of
his speed run and his article at speed demos archive for many similar tricks you
can try.
  "About Face"
  During Alice's fight with two Automatons between the two fights with the Mad
Hatter, he waits at a window in a tall building nearby.
  "Caterpillar's Plot"
  Have Alice shove a brick into the wall to the right of Humpty Dumpty.  This
opens the door to a small tunnel that's in the nearby cave.  The Blunderbuss is
in the small tunnel. (Thanks to sixteenblackroses)  The other Blunderbuss pickup
is on the lower ledge of the second rock beyond the rock with a meta-essance to
Alice's right at the start of "Heart of Darkness."

  Mirror of Invisibility  Alice becomes invisible to attackers
  1 "Skool Daze" (first part)
  The mirror is by a flying book on the first floor of the library at the end of
a short hall of book shelves.  (The Cheshire Cat says, "They can't see what they
don't want to hear.  You'll do better if you become corporeal."  "Corporeal"
means to have a body--to be material.)
  2 "Fungiferous Flora"
  The mirror is behind a brown pillar that's just ahead and to the left at the
start of the mission.
  3 "Caterpillar's Plot"
  When Alice approaches the Pale Realm, she can find the mirror under the walk-
way of chess board squares.
  4 "Mirror Image"
  When Alice gets to the striped tube-shaped tunnel, have her look down and
to the left in the space between it and the floor to see the mirror above a
small platform.  To have her get the mirror, have her run into the middle of the
tunnel, which causes the length of the tunnel to turn clockwise, then run back
and jump to that small platform.  Have her get on the smaller platform nearby to
be teleported back up.
  5 "Mystifying Madness"
  After Alice's last swim, you can have her take the path to a T-intersection
with another path and go left on that path to a Mirror of Invisibility.

  Demon Vial  Alice is given increased attack strength
  1 "Beyond the Wall"
  A little beyond the start of the mission is a room with an octagonal raised
platform with a Demon Vial.
  2 "Skool's Out"
  The Demon Vial is in a small room in the gym.
  3 "Dry Landing"
  Inside a big tree trunk, Alice can jump from a bouncy mushroom up to the high-
est fungus growing on the inside of the trunk.  The Demon Vial is just above
that fungus.
  4 "Castling"
  If you send Alice to the Cheshire Cat portrait, it sprays her with the potion
of a Demon Vial.
  5 "Mirror Image"
  When Alice is partway through a jumping puzzle, look to the right to see
a room of children near the top of a tower.  Some Roman numerals float above the
tower and a nearby building has an opening to an asylum room.  To have Alice get
the Demon Vial that's above the tower, have her jump up to the asylum room, jump
over to the Roman numerals X, III, and IV, then to the top of the tower and the
Demon Vial.

  Cricket Tea  Alice is given increased speed and jumping ability
  1 "Fungiferous Flora" > "Centipede's Sanctum"
  Directly across from where Alice enters the main fighting area, a cricket
pickup is on the narrow lower ledge that surrounds most of the main fighting
  2 "Crazed Clockwork"
  At the end of the second bridge of stone cards is a platform with a small hole
in it.  You can have Alice drop through the hole to the cricket pickup, which is
on a small platform on the water.  Have her get on the other small platform
nearby to be sent onto the platform with a hole again.  Alice can then jump over
the pool of clock faces to the lever.
  3 "Ascension"
  When Alice enters the Queen's castle, there's a cricket pickup a little ahead
and to the right.


  My walkthrough for it is at the next link.
  Vista users who find that their save games or settings aren't being saved: see
the solution for that problem in the section on "Giants: Citizen Kabuto."

  For a skin unzip the file, Copy the pak9.pak3 file, and Paste it into the fakk
folder of your main game folder.  Use the information below to determine which
part of the game the skin appears in.

  1 Julie's default outfit "Julie's House (first time)," etc.
  2 Julie's shredded outfit "Eden Underground," etc.
  3 Julie's swamp outfit "Town Center Attacked!" etc.
  4 Julie's battle outfit "Deep Mooagly Swamps," etc.
  5 Julie's black leather outfit "We Cemetery (first time)," etc.
  1 Tanlines by Phoeniix

  1 Topless by Gith    
  1 WitchBlade skin by Orso
  2 Torn Suit by Magnus
  3 ZDomina/Red outfit by Orso
  4 Nude Camo by Gith  
  5 Black outfit by Magnus
  5 Goth Wings by Justin
  5 Netting Outfit by Gith
  5 Schon Skin by Gith 

  "Wet Nude" by Gruff and Gith

  Copy the julie_wet.pk3 file and Paste it into the fakk folder.  During the
game, press the Tilde key (~) to make the console appear, type
  script $player model julie_wet.tik
  and press Enter, then press the Tilde key again to make the console disappear.

  "Lactating Breasts" by Wraithchilde

  Copy wmilktits.pk3 and Paste it into the fakk folder of your main game folder.
Torrents of milk come from the nipples of the statue of the upper part of a wo-
man over the door to the main room in "The Wind of Spirit."  The lactation was
censored before the game was released but this puts it back.


  "Midtown Madness 2 100% Speedrun Gameplay" by YoshiFan961

  Vista users who find that their save games or settings aren't being saved: see
the solution for that problem in the section on "Giants: Citizen Kabuto."

  The V1.01 patch, XP compatibility patch, mods (including PC425's London and
San Francisco versions of "Megamod 2 SE"), a Logician's trainer for unlimited
time and no damage, a savegame which unlocks every car and skin, etc.

  "MM2 Revisited Final" by dummiesboy (includes a compatible version of the
"Drive On Water Mod V2," which is available as a standalone mod), the "MM2 Ulti-
mate Tweaker" by Maxoff lets you change the handling and suspension of cars, a
100% save game, etc.

  According to Wikipedia, "Midtown Madness and Midtown Madness 2 were developed
by Angel Studios (now Rockstar San Diego) for Microsoft Windows.  Their later
released Midnight Club games are similar to Midtown Madness but with an emphasis
on the import racing scene."

  "Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box," 2009, is a similar arcade racing game.

  Press Esc once then F2 twice for a page with various options.  I change the
keyboard controls to be like those I use for "Vice City" cars and 'cycles.  It's
also the page for Save & Quit.

  I found my savegame file at:
  C:\Users\User name\AppData\Local\Criterion Games\Burnout Paradise\Save


  Vista users who find that their save games or settings aren't being saved: see
the solution for that problem in the section on "Giants: Citizen Kabuto."
  I haven't tried the following solutions:
  On windows Vista 32 bit (x86), download the d3drm.dll file and Paste it into
the c:\windows\system32 folder.
  On Windows Vista 64 bit (x64), Paste d3drm.dll into the C:\Windows\SysWOW64
  On windows 7, download the d3drm.dll file and Paste it into motocross madness
in localdisk > programfiles > microsoft games > motocrossmadness2.
  On Windows 7 desktop PC, unable to increase the reolution of the graphics: go
to "MSCONFIG > Boot > Advanced Options," check the "Maximum memory:" box, set
the maximum amount, and reboot.
  For the full list of controls, see the PDF file "BOOKLET" in the main game
  To do a stunt, get your 'cycle airborne, press one of the two stunt keys and
either the key for Steer Left or Steer Right, and have the 'cyclist get back on
the 'cycle before landing.  To do a combo, do two stunts before landing.  Level-
ing the wheels for landing may prevent a wreck on a flat plane, and you might
avoid a wreck from an even greater height if the landing surface slants lower
ahead of the 'cyclist and you lean the 'cycle forward at the same slant, so a
good place to go for a combo is around the edge of some maps where you can ramp
that way from a trench to a small valley.
  Bumping into anything, even slowly, and the longer drops almost always cause
wrecks.  Trying to land on a slanted surface that's perpendicular to your direc-
tion of travel almost always causes a wreck.  If you send the 'cycle to the edge
of the scenery, the game makes the sound of an explosion and throws your 'cy-
clist and 'cycle far back into the setting.
  When your 'cyclist falls off his bike in Practice mode, you can have him get
back on immediately by pressing Tab.
  Wheelie: go forward while holding a leaned back position on a long flat run-
way.  Getting the right leaned back position is important--see examples of it in
the video below by cssuser2.
  Stoppie: you can have your 'cyclist do a wheelie then hold the brake and lean
forward a bit.  You can also have your 'cyclist go over a small ramp, lean for-
ward onto a flat landing area, then hold the lean forward and brake keys.
  During an event, press Ctrl, Alt, and Delete to get out of the game then go
back into it to cause the 'cyclists and much of the scenery to have one of vari-
ous colorful patterns.
  Various things may have their own audio.  If you use the "Stunt Event" track
"Starlight Park" and go across the little bridge on the right to a trailer park,
you can hear electric guitar music coming from some of the houses on top of the
hill.  It's also one of the tracks that feature a gurgling liquor still.  Moren-
ci Mine has a blue portable toilet with the audio of a fart and a sigh of re-
lief.  Munchberry Farms has a small blue-green tower with a laugh track.
  Backflip Enabler by tjlavin: click "Flip" at the site at the next link.
Instructions are on the page at the link after that. (The next three links are
not active.)

  Sick Trix Editor: this is aka the SikTrix Editor.  Click "Sick Trix Editor" at
the site at the next link--the instructions are on the same page.

  "Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box," 2009, a similar arcade racing game, includes
  Vista users who find that their save games or settings aren't being saved: see
the solution for that problem in the section on "Giants: Citizen Kabuto."
  Information about augmentations
  "The Nameless Mod" developed by Off Topic Productions with designer Jonas
  It features two main storylines, each taking 15 hours or longer to play
through, improved weapons, original music and spoken dialogue, etc.  It's Mod
DB's Editor's Choice for Single-Player Mod of the Year, 2009.
  I recommend using the following three mods in combination:
  "Direct3D 10 Renderer" by Kentie
  It's a Direct3D 10 renderer for "Unreal," "Unreal Tournament," "Deus Ex," and
"Rune."  It supports anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering, runs in 32 bit
color mode with all game detail settings enabled, fixes graphics glitches pres-
ent in other renderers, forces the game to run on one processor (core), offers
the 16 highest supported resolutions in the video settings dialog, provides in-
creased depth precision (before/after), adjusts field of view to aspect ratio,
textures can be replaced by external .dds files not burdened by the engine's
limitations, Bump mapping can be used when a normal map texture is provided,
offers Parallax occusion mapping, lets you use HDR lighting and bloom or Classic
Lighting, etc.
  When using the renderer, my screen occasionally went black except for the cap-
tions and crosshairs.  You can save the game, exit, and return to the save to
fix it, but I found a permanent solution by sneakbyte at the site at the next
link.  The problem is HDR with the DX10 Renderer, so go to Documents > Deus Ex >
System (uncheck the Read-only box, etc.) > deusex.ini and under
[D3D10Drv.D3D10RenderDevice] find ClassicLighting=False and change False to

  "Deus Exe" by Kentie
  Deus Exe is a replacement Deus Ex executable that deals with game issues at
the source instead of with band-aid fixes.  It works with the CD and Steam ver-
  "New Vision 1.5" by DaveW
  To enable codes, type T, backspace to remove "Say," type
  set deusex.jcdentonmale bcheatsenabled true
  and press Enter.  To enter a code, type T, backspace to remove "Say," type the
code, and press Enter.
  The voice actress for the female version of Alex Denton is Laura Bailey (see
the end of the section on "BloodRayne").
  "Unified Texture Pack" by John P.
  How to change the damage multiplier for Alex D. (such as for invincibility)
and his/her enemies (how much damage Alex D. does to enemies) in v1.2:
  Right-click C: > Program Files > Deus Ex - Invisible War > System, click
Properties, un-check the box for "Read-only (Only applies to files in folder),"
click Apply and a small menu appears, uncheck "Apply changes to this folder,
subfolder and files," click OK and the small menu disappears, click OK and the
first menu disappears.
  Open the System folder, Copy the Default.ini file, and Paste it somewhere
else.  Open the original with a text editor like Notepad.
  Go to this paragraph (Edit > Find helps):
; Player Damage multiplier - damage player takes from AIs
  Change each number to 0:
; Player Damage multiplier - damage player takes from AIs
  Save the file.
  Damage Modifier
  Go to this paragraph (Edit > Find helps):
; AI Damage multiplier - damage AIs take from player
  Change the numbers--the higher the number, the more damage Alex D. can do:
; AI Damage multiplier - damage AIs take from player
  Save the file.
  "The Burger Menu" by gibbed
  For builds up to 1.1.622.0, a menu lets you choose invincibility, infinite ammo, infinite
power, money, weapons, augmentations, etc.
  v1.1 patch
  Among the corrections:
  Black & White allows people to skip the tutorial and/or Creature development
section early on Land 1 if they've played the game already.
  The Hermit Challenge can be completed if a Creature eats the Hermit.
  If the game is restarted on Land 4, the random error in the blind women script
will be fixed.
  The Treacherous Path can be completed.
  If the game is restarted on Land 5, the creature recovers correctly from the
curse.  If loading from an old save game, the curse will be removed once the
last village belonging to Nemesis has been taken over and the game is saved and
  Before patching the game, see the paragraph below that starts "Before modding
the game."
  To make sure save games and several other things appear in your main game
folder, use the same basic procedure as the one recommended in the "Giants: Cit-
izen Kabuto" section below.
  Use "Run as administrator" to run setup.exe, which is in the main game folder.
It lets you change from 16 to 32 bit color and pick the resolution for the game.
You can adjust draw distance, reflections, etc., with the Custom button.
  This may help a few people who, like me, are used to driving in GTA "Vice
City"--reconfigure a few movement controls like this:
  W     Move forwards
  S      Move backwards
  A      Move left
  D      Move right
  Q      Rotate left
  E      Rotate right
  NP6  Tilt up
  NP9  Tilt down
  The controls were awkward for me partly because it was awkward trying to hold
down the middle mouse button of my Logitech G500 mouse while moving the mouse to
control the "camera," so I didn't do that.  I relied on pausing and unpausing
the game with P (you can move the "camera" while the game is paused), using Ctrl
+ 1-7 to create bookmarks (after creating one at a spot press 1-7 to speed the
"camera" to that spot), or pressing Alt + 2 to speed up time and Alt + 1 to slow
down time, when I needed to speed through things.
  To start a new game, press the ESC button to go to the main menu, click OP-
TIONS, then click the PLAYERS tab.  Click CREATE NEW PLAYER in the bottom left
corner of the screen, put in a new player name, and play the game from the be-
  To restart the game with your current player name, click START NEW GAME in the
bottom right corner of the screen.  All previous save game data for that player
will be deleted.
  Keep the creature's body weight around what it was when you got it, let it sit
anywhere, but have it sleep in its pen at night.  Moving it to rocks and trees
may teach it to defecate by them instead of in it's pen.  To have a good crea-
ture, don't slap it for throwing something over its shoulder, which just means
it hasn't learned what to do with it yet, unless it's a person, and reward it
for good deeds.
  Sheep quest
  One sheep is already in the pen and you have to retrieve nine more for the
farmer.  Put each sheep in the middle of the pen and get a response from the
farmer to be sure the sheep was counted.
  Positions given below are relative to a view from within the village and fac-
ing the big gate.
  1. Behind the right door of the big gate
  2. By the house of the man who sculpted the third gate stone
  3. On the left side of the village in a pig pen
  4. On the highest peak of the mountain on the left side of the village
  5. At the base of that peak by five blue mushrooms (where you have to find a
sick man for another quest)
  6. There's a temple with a vertical red beam of light by a bay.  To the left
of the bay is the path used during the start of the game.  A sheep is by the
trees on the left side of that path.
  7. A bit farther from the village on the bare cliffside on the right side of
the hill that's on the left side of the same path
  8. By a false singing stone to the left of the inlet of the bay that's by the
  9. Near a hut in the area where you learn to throw rocks--it's to the right of
the bay that's by the temple
  Musical stones
  (I'm counting the circle of holes clockwise 1-8.  Three stones are already
there, and I'm counting the one that's not beside another as being in the first
hole and the other two as in the fourth and fifth holes.)
  1. By some trees near the circle of spots for singing stones (put it in the
second hole)
  2. Near the graveyard thats on the left side of the village (put it in the
eighth hole)
  3. On the dark/right side of the mountain to the left of the bay that's by the
temple (put it in the seventh hole)
  4. 4. In the Old Hermit's Quarry on a hill on the left side of the island--where
you find the stone for the sculptor so he can make the third gate stone (put it
in the third hole)
  5. By five blue mushrooms--where you have to find a sick man for another
quest--that are at the base of the peak that's left of the village (put it in
the sixth hole)
  Jayxe has some distinctively helpful hints:
  Three singing stones don't work right.  The locations of those stones, rela-
tive to facing the big gate from within the village, are:
  1. To the left of the inlet of the main bay by the temple
  2 and 3: To the right of the main bay by the temple is a little bay.  One
stone is to the right of the little bay on a cliff ledge and another, farther
out, is on land.
  They're unique objects, which make more powerful artifacts.  (The other theory
I've read is that they're the largest stones you can pick up without breaking
them, and larger artifacts are more powerful.)  Put them (and beach balls or the
toys in the creche) somewhere in the village, especially by the totem or creche,
to become artifacts.  Take them through the vortex, etc, to the second land, and
do the same with them.
  (You can use Jayxe's strategies if only one or two of the stones make it to
the next land, but save the game before using a vortex so you can reload and try
again if need be.)
  (While waiting for the artifacts to power up you may use up the trees of near-
by forests, and using trees from faraway forests may cause a series of wolves to
appear and attack your village and creature.  Click the scrolls in the village
to get spawn spots for miracles and the ability to use miracle gestures, and use
the Heal gesture to keep your creature's health up during fights with wolves, to
get through this part.)
  Plant deciduous trees (which create the most wood) where it creates a puff of
green mist, and water trees with repeated taps to create more trees.  Try to
keep a lot of wood at the store.
  When an artifact is mostly charged, it gives off what looks like a red vapor.
When fully charged, your symbol appears over one of the artifacts.  As far as I
know, the artifact retains that charge even though your symbol disappears for a
bit after you pick up the artifact.
  Make wonders in these villages:
  Norse (increases wood, food, water, and strengthen creature miracle results;
supposedly increases food generated from fields and fish farms, and buildings
cost less wood)
  Tibetan (decreases prayer power cost of both shield miracles, increases the
power of flock miracles, and your actions become more impressive)
  Japanese (increases the power and area of healing miracles, increases the
chance of children being born, and decreases the hunger of villagers)
  Indian (increases the power of lightning miracles, the speed of villagers, and
the birthrate)
  Place a mostly/fully charged artifact on the ground, position a combination of
seven scaffolds--a wonder--over it where the wonder has maximum size, then re-
move the artifact.  A larger wonder will have greater effect.
  Your influence will go beyond all the lands on the map.  Use the defective
singing stone artifacts to increase belief (drop near villagers, remove, try
again with another group, etc.--you can try in the first spot again in a few
  Use similar strategies in succeeding lands.
  Jayxe's fourth video starts with a qood way to stop the initial dangers of
land four in about 12 minutes.  Supply the temple and worship site with wood
and make a handful or so of the villagers into builders.  When the building is
completed, raise the totem 100%, heal the villagers, feed them repeatedly, leash
the creature to the temple, click the silver scroll behind the temple to see the
cutscene about the guardian stones, then resume feeding the villagers.  Put one
spiritual shield around the area of the totem and unbuilt house and workshop and
a second around the temple site.
  When the gremlins approach, use the leash of aggression to lead the creature
to the fight with Sleg then use the leash of compassion to leash it to the lit-
tle village in the valley near the temple.  Quick save before trying to throw a
singing stone artifact into that village to win it over so you can reload the
game if needed.  After winning the village, do the silver scroll quest of musi-
cal stones near the physical shield.  Lower the totem and save the game.
  (As usual, you can use P to pause the game between actions to make sure you
get things done quickly--in this case, to spare as many villagers, etc., as pos-
  Mark L. Irons has similar strategies at the site at the next link.
  In land three, according to Mark, you can also make artifacts with the brown
"crying" (totem head) stones found on the beach near the Indian village.  Land
three doesn't have a Norse village, so make a wonder in the Celtic village
there.  It increases the power of weather miracles, such as storm, and nature
miracles, such as forest, and increases the yield from forest miracle trees.
(Keep the totem high enough to continue prayer, which sustains the trees longer,
yet allow foresters to harvest them.)
  In lands two and three, you can teleport a whole village of villagers to the
vortex.  Put one teleport near the vortex on the side opposite the nearest vil-
lage, put another teleport at the entrance to your temple grounds, and raise the
totem 100% in the village by the vortex.   Most or all of the villagers will en-
ter the vortex on their way to the teleport.  If any remain at the worship site,
lower the totem completely and they’ll go into the vortex on their way home.
  In land four, put one teleport in the center of a village that's far from your
temple, put another teleport next to the vortex, remove any other teleports from
the Norse village, then raise the distant village totem 100%.  Most or all of
the villagers will leave the teleport near the vortex and be pulled into it.
Then completely lower the totem at the distant village to attract any villagers
who were already at the worship site.
  This strategy works in any village except a Norse village.  To get Norse vil-
lagers into a vortex, put a scaffold down next to the vortex to snare builders.
  To prepare for land five in land four, make a miracle dispenser and make one
shot miracles--about 15 for food, 15 for spiritual shields, and 60 for wood.
Create scaffolds for four Norse and four Japanese wonders and for civic build-
ings.  Send the one shot miracles, scaffolds, artifacts, and the villagers of a
largely populated village through the vortex.
  In land five, which has a small Norse wonder, create at least a couple of
large Norse wonders and a couple of large Japanese wonders.  If, like the last
time I played, Tibetan wonders appear instead of Japanese ones, build large ver-
sions of those.  Use artifacts to create other large wonders (except Aztec won-
ders if you're a good god) to expand your circle of influence, take the singing
stones to remove the shield from the Tibetan village, and protect your wonders
and important village buildings with spiritual shields before taking over the
Greek and Aztec villages.
  Use the Loving Creature miracle periodically on the wolf Nemesis sends to
cause trouble for your villages, and use the Strength Creature miracle on your
creature as it approaches its final fighter.
  The totem puzzle in the fourth land: start with all totems down then raise 1
three notches, lower 2 one notch, raise 3 one notch, lower 4 two notches, raise
5 fully, and raise 6 fully.
  The Riddles--land two
  Kill the wolf so it stays in the ring of mushrooms.
  Temple puzzle--land two
  Go to the walkthrough by Stephen Kyle aka TheSuperBaconPirate at the next link
and use Edit > Find > puzzling
  Songs for the singing stones--land two
  "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
  Lyrics by Jane Taylor to the the French melody "Ah! vous dirai-je, Maman"
  11889986655331 (day becomes night and the singing stones become grave stones)
  "White Christmas"
  Music and lyrics by Irving Berlin
  23212345 (snow falls)
  "Funeral March"
  Music by Frédéric Chopin from "Marche funèbre: Lento," the third movement of
  his "Piano Sonata No.2 in B-flat minor, Op.35"
  22225442212 (you can put a dead person in the semi-circle of stones to create
                 a living skeleton)
  The totem puzzle--land four
  Start with all totems down then raise 1 three notches, lower 2 one notch,
raise 3 one notch, lower 4 two notches, raise 5 fully, and raise 6 fully.
  The Treacherous Path--land four
  Install patch 1.1 or higher.  Wait till your red ring of influence covers the
whole path. 
  Have your creature defeat Morg the Ogre in a fight near the Undead Village.
(He's to the left of the path a bit after the section of trees that catch on
  Develop the villages for the most power for the lightning and water miracles.
  Remove the trees that catch on fire.
  Raise the totems for the most power for the lightning and water miracles.
  Start the quest.
  Go ahead of the woman and kill the wolves, which should be at rest if you
reach them soon enough, a bit after the first left turn of the path.  Go ahead
on the path and remove any remaining trees that could catch on fire by planting
them higher to either side.  Use the water miracle on any remaining trees before
she approaches.
  If you didn't defeat the ogre, remove or kill the sheep.
  Rescue Thomas--land four
  See the diagrams at the site at the next link.
  The Fish Puzzle--land four
  Use Alt + 1 to slow down time.  Use Alt + 2 to return to normal speed.
  Miracle gestures: at the site at the next link, click the highlighted names of
miracles for descriptions of them and screenshots of the gestures.
  With at least some of the villagers worshipping to create prayer power, press
M or make a clockwise spiral while holding down the Action button, the RMB.  The
gestures are shown at the bottom right corner of the screen.  Then make of the
gestures described below.  Some of the miracles (Fireball, Storm, Lightning,
Food, Water, Heal, Mega-Blast) can be cast in an increased form by adding the
same spiral while holding the miracle.
  Fireball:              draw an N then another diagonal line and another vertical
  Lightning bolt:     draw a vertical line upward connected to a U which is con-
                             nected to a vertical line downward
  Mega-Blast:        draw a five pointed star starting from the lower left point
                             to the top point
  Physical shield:  draw a horizontal line to the left connected to a sideways U
                             tilted 90 degrees to the left connected to a horizontal
                             line to the right, then outline the intended perimeter of
                             the shield
  Spiritual shield:    draw a horizontal line to the right connected to a sideways
                              U tilted 90 degrees to the right connected to a horizontal
                              line to the left, then outline the intended perimeter of
                              the shield
  Miracle food
    (grain):             S
  Miracle forest:     5 90 degrees clockwise
  Miracle water:     W curved like two U's
  Miracle wood:     3
  Storm miracle:    the upper three lines of a square
  Flock of birds:     draw a square clockwise from the upper left corner except,
                             after most of the left side, go right to make three sides
                             of a smaller square within the larger one
  Heal:                  a heart shape made clockwise from the bottom
  Pack of beasts:   draw a square counter-clockwise from the upper right corner
                             except, after most of the right side, go left to make
                             three sides of a smaller square within the larger one
  Teleport:             it looks like the symbol of a house--draw an equilateral
                              triangle clockwise from the left corner except, after
                             drawing most of the bottom, go down to draw most of three
                             sides of a square counter-clockwise
  You can press R or make a gesture in the shape of an R to repeat the last mir-
acle you cast.
  To leash your creature, click L, use the leash gesture--a square spiral going
clockwise, or click the Action button, the RMB, on your Creature with a leash
  The leash of learning is E curved like two sideways U's.
  The leash of compassion is a heart (same as the Heal gesture).
  The leash of aggression is a vertical line up, a diagonal line down to the
right, a vertical line up, a diagonal line down to the right, a vertical line
up, and a diagonal line down to the right.
  You can also choose the leash by pressing V or B.
  To unleash the Creature, shake your hand left and right quickly or press L.
  When a miracle dispenser with a spawn spot is damaged, it stops creating mira-
cles and won’t restart when rebuilt.  You can sometimes restart it by casting a
few miracles of any kind on it right after it's rebuilt to get it to dispense
the type it created originally.
  Elsewhere, you can create a miracle dispenser from six scaffolds and cast a
miracle on it, such as a Mega-Blast, to have it create one shot miracles of that
type.  You can move such a miracle dispenser into a vortex.
  Before modding the game, right click the C: > Program Files > Lionhead Studios
Ltd > Black & White folder, click "Properties," and a "Black & White Properties"
menu appears.  Un-check the box for "Read-only (Only applies to files in fold-
er)," click "Apply," and a "Confirm Attribute Changes" menu appears with "Apply
changes to this folder, subfolder and files" checked--click "OK" and the menu
disappears.  Wait for the operation to finish.  Click "OK" and the "Black &
White Properties" menu disappears.
  "Village Banter" by Lionhead Studios: wait until night, knock on a hut, and
zoom in to hear the villagers talk.
  "Kliroy's Training Ground V3" by KilroyRed gives you an easy way to train your
creature to know all the miracles, how to fight, and to be fully grown.  But
when I tried it with v1.1 on Vista 32 bit, the game froze frequently.
  "B&W Creature Changer" by ZentineZ lets you choose choose from any creature in
the game and choose your profile.

  "CachePackX" by Cache is required for all cheats.

  "BW2 v1.2 Trainer v1.2.1" by Zhoul

  "Extreme Growth Map" by Gremxula--it's better for growing your creature.
  "BWBackup V2.11" by Unknown Creator lets you back up your profile.
  "Black & White: Creature Isle," 2002, expansion pack
  It adds the Crocodile, Rhinoceros, Chicken, new creature skills, two islands,
and new missions.  You can get the original game with the expansion pack in
"Black & White Deluxe," 2003, or the "Black & White Platinum Pack," 2006.

  "Black & White 2 Collectors Edition," 2005
  It's B&W 2 with an additional creature and a "making-of" DVD.
  "Black & White 2: Battle of the Gods," 2006, expansion pack
  It adds the "Collector's Edition" Tiger, four new miracles, and new missions.



  RabidKanid's video walk-through was made using the 1.4 Patch, Graphical Revi-
sion Mod (GRM) v1.01, and GiantsHook v1.00.
  Debug mode (MasterDebug) only works for v1.  The only codes that work with the
v1.4 patch are "allmissionsaregoodtogo" (unlock all levels) and "fr" (show the
frame rate).
  Trainer for invincibility for version 1 or 1.1 of the game
  If you have version 1.4:
  Save game files are in the game's install directory, C:\Program Files\\
Giants – Citizen Kabuto\savegame by default. Within that directory is a profile
directory and a SaveGame# directory which contains the actual save files,
keymapping.sav (your keymapping settings) and mission.sav (the game progress
  If you have version 1.0 or 1.1:
  Vista users who want to find the save game file for Giants should read the
Microsoft article on "File and folder Virtualization" at the next link.
  It instructs you to go to the C:\Users\User_name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\
MyApp folder.  But I didn't have AppData listed there by clicking my way through
the usual way (?).  So I put AppData in Start > Start Search and found it.
  Then I used the rest of the article directions to go to Virtual Store, but I
didn't see a MyApp folder--I found two other folders: Program Files and Windows.
  The Program Files folder had folders of nine things, including four games I'd
taken off my PC a while ago (Capcom for Resident Evil 4, Eidos Interactive for
Hitman 2 Silent Assassin, Max Payne, and Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix),
each containing a save game file, and Giants.  In Giants was a folder called
savegame, and in it was a folder called (User name) and in it were
keymapping.sav and mission.sav.
  To have the save game and configuration settings files appear in the proper
place, the article instructs you to change the security settings on the folder
for the application:
   1. Log on as a user who has administrative credentials then go to the game
   2. Right-click the folder then click Properties.
   3. On the Security tab, click Edit.
  If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type
your password, or click Continue.
   4. Under Group or user names, click your user account.
   5. Under Permissions for Users, click Allow for the following permissions:
          * Modify
          * Read & Execute
          * List Folder Contents
          * Read
          * Write
   6. Click OK
  When I ran v1.1 on Vista 32 bit, it had crashes in "The Battle!" till I ran it
in compatibility mode for Windows 98/Windows ME.
  To finish that mission, I had Baz snipe the two nearest Reaper guards and tur-
rets, then take his men to gather Smarties for construction work at the base.  I
had them gather about four Smarties--too many go through Vimp meat too fast, and
had all four work on something to build at a time.  If a construction needed to
be repaired, or one of the Meccs was damaged (when more damaged, they give off
smoke), while Baz and his men defended the base, have Baz use one of the repair
gun pickups on the base or in a Giftshop (equip or unequip the repair gun with L
Shift) to repair it or them.
  I tried to minimize how often Baz went for more Vimp meat, using hilltops and
avoiding the N coast to avoid the Reaper patrols, until all four gates had
strong stone walls to minimize how often Borjoyzzee got kidnapped by a Reaper to
the Reaper base near the E coast (when I found the kidnapper, it was along the N
coast).  If Borjoyzee is taken there, you fail the mission.
  You can use one of the codes to make this easier if you're using v1 or 1.1.
When you try to use the menu to give the Smarties something to build and get the
"OUT OF FOOD" message, you can press Esc to exit the message, press "T" or "Y,"
type "basefillerup," then press Enter so the Smarties will have enough food for
the rest of their construction work without the need for Baz to leave the base
for Vimp meat.  The last thing the Smarties need food for is to build the Party
House (shown as a "?" on the construction menu).
  To have something in the Party House installed on the base, have Baz enter the
Party House, left click the item you want from the menu along the top of the
screen, left click a Smartie to assign them to the construction work, have Baz
carry the Smartie on his back to the location where you want the item to be
placed, press X to have the Smartie place it there, then return to the Party
House for another itwm or return the Smartie to the Smartie pad.  The first
things from the Party House I had them place were Bulldog Turrets, one outside
each wall except two outside the gate, and SAM Turrets on the hilltops, one
by each wall except two by the gate.  You can also have Baz place Mines outside
the walls.
  Have Baz stand on the small end of the Gyrocopter pad to have the Gyrocopter
rise onto the big end of the pad.  Have Baz walk up to the Gyrocopter to get in
it and press Backspace to have him exit.  Press G to have the Gyrocopter drop
one of three Millennium Bombs (which are the same as the bombs fired by the Mil-
lenium Gun), and press the LMB to use the machine gun, which has unlimited ammo.
  The Health meter shows the state of the Gyrocopter while Baz is in it.  Since
the Gyrocopter is frail, I mainly just had Baz explore with it before planting
the Pop-up Bomb, which can't be taken in it.  It can fly so high that he's not
fired upon and the details of the landscape disappear.  (While Baz is in the
Gyrocopter, is it repaired if you use the "pleasehealme" code?)
  The W shop, Giftshop 2, has Pop-up Bombs, and Baz has to plant (L Shift) one
in the middle of the round lot of the Reaper Barracks to destroy them.  You
don't have to have Baz destroy all the enemies there beforehand--only a few ex-
change shots with Baz--but you should have him destroy the missile turrets there
  To do that and get some use out of the mine shafts, you might use the method
recommended by Astaroth's walk-through.  By that method, have Baz place one Mine
Shaft opening in his base and another on a hilltop S of the Reaper Barracks.
Having Baz enter one opening has him teleport to the other.  Since entering a
Giftshop gives Baz full ammo for whatever weapon he's holding, you can have him
place a Mini-Shop on the hilltop.  From there, you can have Baz shoot the Reaper
on the tower on the N side of the entrance of the base, and four missile tur-
rets, to make the area safer before having him plant the Pop-up Bomb and fly
away from it to the W.
  The official v1.4 patch, unofficial "Level 6" from Planet Moon Studios, etc.
  GiantsHook v1.00, which requires v1.4, fixes audio loops, allows the adjust-
ment of various aspects of the graphics, fixes game crashes during fully charged
adrenaline attacks as Kabuto, etc.  (Link?)
  "GeForce 3 Converter" adds the bumpmapping, weather effects, sky reflections,
and new textures Planet Moon Studios added to GCK for GeForce 3 video cards.
  "Giants Citizen Kabuto Nude" by Wraithchilde adds a smoother, better shaded
version of Delphi nude wih Caucasian, not blue, flesh color.  (Link?)

  "On May 22, 2014, creator, story developer, and founder of Planet Moon Stu-
dios Nick Bruty, who has since started his own independent studio; Rogue Rocket
Games, announced that his company is in the process of creating a new indepen-
dent crowd-funded game said to be 'the spiritual successor of Giants: Citizen
Kabuto' named 1st Wonder. Based on the ideas of MDK & Giants: Citizen Kabuto,
Bruty says he plans for 1st Wonder to appear on kickstarters soon."

  Vista users who find that their save games or settings aren't being saved: see
the solution for that problem in the section on "Giants: Citizen Kabuto."
  Windows XP compatibility--unofficial patch
  To run "Oni" in Vista (thanks to NinjaInACan at Gamegaqs):
  - Download the Daodan fix DLL and place it in the same folder as Oni.exe.
This fixes some of the crashes related to the OpenGL rendering.
  - Set the game to run in compatibility mode for Windows 98/ME or Windows XP.
Right-click the launch icon, click "Properties," the "Compatibility" tab, the
box for "Run this program in compatibility mode for:," select "Windows 98/Win-
dows ME" or "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)" from the drop-down menu, then click
"Apply" and "OK."
  - Run the game in administrator mode--right-click the launch icon  and click
"Run as administrator."
  You can change your keyboard controls by changing the key_config.txt file with
Notepad or Wordpad.
  "Oni" manual at Rockstar Games
  Konoko's basic and defense moves, throws, combos, disarms, and special moves
  Oni Central  Forum and mods, such as the "Anniversary Edition" mod that up-
dates "Oni."
  Oni Mod Depot

  The Konoko Payne mod by Pierre Terdiman

  "Syndicate Warehouse": if you have Konoko go to the top floor of the first bay
with a forklift and have her jump on the roof of the forklift cab, a Striker ap-
pears.  If she kills him, he leaves behind a hypo spray, a phase cloak, and a
force shield.
  Thanks to the site for the following secrets:
  "-OMM- TTC 1.1" is written on one of the crates across the room that Konoko
can see down into at the start of Syndicate Warehouse."  The phrase refers to
the measurement of "Time To Crate," which makes fun of how fast a crate or bar-
rel may appear in a game and was created by "Old Man Murray," which was an on-
line gaming magazine.  The message in "Oni" means it takes 1.1 seconds to see
the first crate.  The phrase "THE DAY IS MINE!!" on the same crate is, without
spaces, the code for the Developer Mode.  (I'll add that on Oct.24, 1998, the
old phrase was given new popularity on the TV show "Saturday Night Live" when it
was used by Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery in a "Celebrity Jeopardy" skit.)
  One of the things Comguys say is "OK, OK, don't frogblast the vent core!"
It's a reference to enemies called Simulacrums who yell the nonsense phrase
"Frogblast the vent core!" as they run to blow up your lead character in the
"Marathon 2," one of the "Marathon" series of first-person shooters for the Mac-
intosh produced by Bungie Software in the mid-1990s.  Comguys also yell "She's
everywhere!" about Konoko similar to how A-BOBs in "Marathon" yell "They're
everywhere!"  The Marathon symbol is on the TCTF computer Damocles in chapters
six and thirteen.
  In "Manufacturing Plant," Shinatama says the Deadly Brain, which wants to be
disconnected from a computer and be given feet, has "gone rampant."  The idea of
rampant (out of control) artificial intelligence was used before in "Marathon
1."  (I'll add that as Konoko stops the Deadly Brain, the final subtitles for
the grunts it makes echo the last words of HAL in the 1968 movie "2001: A Space
Odyssey": "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do.")
  Cheat codes are enabled by succeeding at the game.  To use them before that,
play "Oni" to a save point to create the persist.dat file.  Open the persist.dat
file with a Hex Editor and change the value of location 0x44 to 07.  A per-
sist.dat file that's already been changed that way is at the next link.
  Press F1 during the game to open the menu.  Type a code to enable it and type
it again to disable it.
  Trainer by noKturnal (full health, shield, max hypos, clips)
  Trainer v0.9 beta 1 by Alloc
  Oni Savegame Editor 1.6.2

  If you've installed the game with Vista, a Creative audio card, and Creative
ALchemy (available in the Creative download section for your card), go to All
Programs > Creative > ALchemy and open Creative ALchemy.  "Max Payne" will be
listed under "Installed Games."  Highlight "Max Payne" and click "Add," which
makes "Max Payne" appear under "ALchemy-enabled Games," or some of the audio of
the game will be missing or distorted.
  One of the patches is supposed to fix Desktop crashes. The latest patch, which
includes that remedy, is for v1.05.
  "Grand Theft Auto 2," 1999, refers to "Max Payne," a game that was in develop-
ment at the time.  What otherwise in the GTA series as a Pay 'n' Spray was called
a Max Paynt garage.
  To use cheat codes, right click the game icon on the Desktop, click "Proper-
ties," and, after the quotation mark at the end of the "Target" line, add a
space then:
  During the game, press F12, type the code, press Enter, and press F12.
  The codes "god" or "coder" (minus the quotes) will allow Max to receive maxi-
mum damage but not die.  His damage meter, shaped like a human silhouette, can
become full, but once he stops being attacked, the damage indication recedes to
shoulder level on the meter, which is just a bit below the amount of damage that
causes him to limp.  Using "coder" will also give Max every weapon of the game
and unlimited ammo.

  Thanks to the YouTube videos by kacpi26 and ThoRCX, and
  thanks to the Gamefaqs and Neoseeker Cheats sections,
  for most of these secrets for "Max Payne."  (I found a few.)

  In the second area, you can have Max jump on the van or nearby dumpster, jump
onto the box on the wall, onto the fire escape, go up the fire escape, break the
window, and enter the room.  It has an Ingram on the sofa, Ingram ammo, Pain-
killers, etc.
  Across the street at the end of an alley are two explosive barrels.  Max can
shoot the light on the police car to stop the siren.
  The address shown for the TAR CAFE is "615 ALL YOUR BASE ARE..."  In 2001-
2002, "All your base are belong to us," a mistranslation into English from the
European Sega Mega Drive version of the Japanese video game "Zero Wing," became
popularized as a gag line by the comedy website "Something Awful."

  Part 1  Prologue
  In Max' house, there's a baseball bat in a corner of the room past the baby's
  Part 1 Chapter 1  Roscoe Street Station
  You can have Max go from the train platform that's by the train that's
stopped and send him into the nearby locker room.  If you send him to the right
side of the room--the side by a man slumped over a table who falls if Max dis-
turbs him at all--and have Max shoot a gas tank on the floor, the tank rockets
across the floor and breaks open a door to a room with a Desert Eagle and ammo.
  The Kong whiskey ads may refer to the King Kong whiskey decanter by Jim Beam
used to commemorate the 1976 remake of the 1933 movie "King Kong."
  There's a Beretta on the ground behind the far end of the train that isn't
  Part 1 Chapter 2  Live from the Crime Scene
  You can make the rats shoot at Max with Desert Eagles and Berettas or, better,
have a gunfight between two teams of rats.  Use the code for Grenades (press
F12, type "getgrenade" without quotation marks, and press Enter then F12) at the
start of the level.  Have Max throw one into the hole in the broken tiles after
the cutscene that shows the view looking out from the hole.  You can press F1 to
see Max' latest mission objective: "I had declared a war against rats."
  Later in the level, right after Max leaves the sewer and goes up the stairs
into a room, have Max shoot up at the second spot for a ceiling light, which is
absent, to his right.  You'll see two groups of rats with Berettas and Desert
Eagles have a gun battle.
  (According to Phased_5EK at Gamefaqs, if Max' team wins, they help Max through
the rest of the level, and if the other rats win, they shoot at Max.  But all
I've seen after the battle in the few times I tried it is that one or two rats
survive to shoot at Max.)
  In the room with a vault on each side, you can have Max shoot a red speaker in
the middle of the ceiling to make the siren stop and Max will say, "Thank you."
  Part 1 Chapter 3  Playing it Bogart
  Since Max Payne is a variation of Sam Spade, the reference to Bogart probably
refers to Bogart's role as Sam Spade in the 1930 movie "The Maltese Falcon."
  After Max goes out a window, across a roof, into a door, battles a few men,
and goes downstairs, he has to battle a man who's in the first room across the
hall to his left.  If you send Max into that room to the red light on the bed
stand and press E, the bed will slide to the side and reveal a Sawed-off Shotgun
on the floor.
  If Max continues through the hall past the TV with the "Lords and Ladies" show
and goes through the door at the end of the hall, goes into the first room to
his left, and goes to the TV and you press E, the TV blows up and damages Max.
  After Max reads a letter in Muerte's room, continues through the hall, and
breaks open a damaged door, he can enter a room with an open window.  You can
have Max go through that window or break through another one to get onto a
blood-stained ledge.  You can have him go across the ledge, break open a window,
and enter a room.  In it are Molotov Cocktails, Painkillers, and Desert Eagle
and Beretta ammo.  On the floor is a body with a stake in its back by the let-
ters "BUF," and part of another "F," written in blood, which is a reference to
the 1997-2003 TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."
  Several gangsters run through the building.  If you use the cheat "NoClip,"
minus the quotation marks, to follow them, you find that they run and hide be-
hind an open door.  You can turn off "NoClip" with "NoClip_off" minus the quota-
tion marks.  (See the YouTube video by kacpi26.)
  Part 1 Chapter 4  The Blood Veins
  In the boiler room, which has a newspaper cartoon of "Captain Baseballbat-Boy"
("but a sixpack of root beer gets me every time") on the floor, you can have Max
jump from the railing of a landing of steps onto the boiler and get a Beretta.
  Part 1 Chapter 5  Let the Gun Do the Talking
  In the Pawnbroker shop, Max can break the glass on a gun display case and get
an Ingram.
  Max can shoot the front of a van to set off the car alarm and bring three ene-
mies onto the street to inspect it, making it easier to safely position Max to
attack them.
  If Max shoots up the stairs at a gangster to prevent him from going to the
men's room, the gangster following him might run into the explosion of his own
Grenade.  (See the YouTube video by kacpi26.  I haven't managed to do this one
  Part 1 Chapter 6  Fear that Gives Men Wings
  Once through Luigi's Laundry, where the password is "John Woo," you can have
Max shoot the speaker in the ceiling of the elevator (facing the back of the
elevator, it's on the far right side of the ceiling) to stop the elevator music
(previously "muzak") and Max will say, "Thank you."
  According to Wikipedia: "In the video game Max Payne there are many homages
and references to John Woo.  For example, the black suit and tie Max is seen
wearing at the beginning, as well as the dual guns and jumping and shooting in
slow motion.  One of the game's difficulty levels is named 'Hard Boiled,' and
John Woo's name is mentioned as a password for entering into a gangster hideout.
Also a quote by the main character when he is ambushed is 'I made like Chow Yun
  After Max takes the elevator upstairs, you have him kill the gangster that
comes out of the bathroom and watch a news story on TV.  You can have Max break
through a window of the TV room and go left over the roof to break through the
far window.  You can have him turn on the TV to make it easier to see that the
room contains a Pump-Action Shotgun, ammo for it, and two posters for the 2002
game "Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix."
  After Max confronts Vinnie Cognitto (who sounds like Joe Pesci, who played
Vincent LaGuardia Gambini in the 1992 movie "My Cousin Vinnie") and Vinnie runs
away, Max says he "made like Chow Yun Fat," who's an actor especially known for
his collaborations with John Woo, including the 1992 film "Hard Boiled."
  part 1 chapter 7  Police Brutality
  On the basketball court, Max can shoot through the gate of the fence at a
passing SUV to make the driver get out and shoot at him.  Max can jump up at the
net of a basketball hoop to get a Beretta.
  Max chases Vinnie Gognitti.  After Vinnie is shown punching and kicking a door
to get someone to open it for him, you can send Max behind the satellite dish to
a dark corner of the roof, have him jump down onto the ledge of another build-
ing, get Beretta ammo, have him jump down onto the top of a fence and drop to
the ground, where there's a Desert Eagle, go under the emergency stairs and down
a ramp into a room.  Inside it are Molotov Cocktails, Grenades, and a "DOPEFISH
LIVES!" poster.
  Since appearing in the 1991 game "Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle,"
Dopefish has appeared as a game industry in-joke in dozens of games, including
the 2002 game "Hitman 2: Silent Assassin," in which Dopefish appears in "The
Jacuzzi Job" as a desktop toy.
  This detour to see the Dopefish poster won't put Max too far away from Vinnie.
Right after Max leaves the building, he has a final battle with Vinnie and some
of his men.
  Instead of finishing the chase, you can also give Max invincibility and let
him fall to the street and look around at Ghost World.  A pretty big part of the
town loads up for what's needed for Max' view in the regular part of the game.
There's an ad for Dixie Mill Supply Co., Inc., which is a real business, on the
side of a building.
  Part 1 Chapter 8  Ragna Rock
  According to Wikipedia, Ragnarok, in Norse mythology, "is a series of major
events, including a great battle foretold to ultimately result in the death of a
number of major figures (including the gods Odin, Thor, Freyr, Heimdall, and the
jötunn Loki), the occurrence of various natural disasters, and the subsequent
submersion of the world in water.  Afterward, the world resurfaces anew and fer-
tile, the surviving gods meet, and the world is repopulated by two human survi-
vors.  Ragnarök is an important event in the Norse canon, and has been the sub-
ject of scholarly discourse and theory."
  It's also been the name of various bands, albums, books, games, etc.
  The words for the drug "Valkyr," the "Aesir" Corporation, and the "Asgard"
building come from the same tradition.
  In the Ragna Rock club, you can have Max run across a girder that's in front
of a big painting of an eyeball, or the girder across the room from it, to a
room with Molotov Cocktails, Painkillers, a Shotgun, and Beretta ammo.
   From the control panel area, facing across the room to where the stage is be-
low, you can send Max to the right and ahead to jump on the ledge and go to
where he can drop into a room where there are three boxes of Ingram ammo.
  You can have Max go to the drums and press E to have Max play a little pattern
on them, have him walk across the electric guitar to make it sound like someone
dropped an amplified guitar, or have him go to the microphone and press E to
have Max say "Karaoke never was my scene."
  You can press E while Max is at the Pyro Control section of the control board
to cause flames to shoot up from the area above the stage.  You can have him go
to the control board that, facing the stage, is to the right of the stage, to
use the Stage Control to open a door behind the stage then use the Pyro Control
to cause flames to shoot up onto an attacker who approaches from the stage.
  Have Max use the first, second, and fourth levers of the BACKDROP CONTROLS.
  If you let the last enemy of part 8 try to escape up the stairs, he'll fall to
his death.

  Part 2 Prologue
  In the maze of halls, have Max run along the left wall of each hall to make
sure he takes every left turn.
  On the trail of blood:
  - have Max jump left to the second separate line on his left that's at a 90
degree angle to his,
  - have Max jump forward to a separate line where one appears when his line
makes a 90 degree bend to the right, and
  - have Max go right where his line ends in a T-intersection.
  A faster way is to have Max go to the first bend, jump down at a 45 degree
angle (between a ten and eleven o'clock angle) to the left and land on a bend,
go left on it to the next bend, jump to the left to another bend, and go left
and into the hall.
  You can use A and D while Max is in midair to change the direction of his
jumps a bit.
  Part 2 Chapter 1  The Baseball Bat
  In the first room, you can have Max wait at the door for three men to go by in
the hall to the left, get the attention of the third one so all three run to the
door, and have Max stand left of the doorway and swing the Baseball Bat at the
edge of the doorway to kill the gangsters who try to come through it (provided
they don't shoot him to death while he swings a bat around like a nut).  Max can
collect their weapons and attack the gangster in the hall.
  Before Max gets to the door of the bar Frank Niagra is in, you can have Max go
into a rest room and shoot a gangster who has USA flag-colored underpants and
who's sitting on a toilet.
  When Max gets to the door of the bar Frank Niagra is in, have Max throw a
Grenade at the bar right after the instant he opens the door.  If he gets the
throw in before the cutscene, the cutscene may show one or several of Frank Nia-
gara's men being blown up before they can start a fight.
  Part 2 Chapter 2  An Offer You Can't Refuse
  In the warehouse with a broken staircase, you can have Max jump on the highest
gray box to get a Painkiller, then have him jump onto the broken staircase and
go up to an area with an Ingram, Ingram ammo, and Painkillers.
  You can have Max jump onto the yellow hydraulic truck crane (the siding by the
cab, the cab, then the boom) then left onto a raised landing with crates to en-
ter a container with Grenades and Molotov Cocktails.
  After you have Max shoot the block away from a wheel of a truck to cause it to
roll and knock down the raised part of an automated bridge, and you have Max
cross the bridge, you can have him go in the first door on his right and stand
at the PC monitor.  If you press E, you'll see a surveillance camera shot of the
inside of a room.  And if you have Max go left to the small control box by the
outline of a door in the gray wall and press E, Max can enter the room.  It has
Ingram, Sniper Rifle, and Shotgun ammo,  Desert Eagles, Grenades, and Painkill-
  Part 2 Chapter 3  With Rats and Oily Water
  In each of the two warehouses, you can have Max get onto the elevated grates
and jump into an open crate to find ammo.
  In the second warehouse, there's a ground level locked door for a gray room.
You can have Max get onto the elevated grating, go into the small room he snipes
a boat crew member from, and shoot down through the grating at the gas tanks,
which explode and knock the door off the room.  It has a Sniper Rifle, Sniper
Rifle ammo, and Painkillers.
  Part 2 Chapter 4  Put Out my Flames with Gasoline
  In the Don's restaurant, Casa di Angelo, you can have Max throw a Grenade down
the dumbwaiter to kill a couple of gangsters before Max goes downstairs to their
  Part 2 Chapter 5  Angel of Death
  With Max at the piano in Punchinello Manor, you can press E to have Max make
one of a couple of efforts to play the theme of the game on the piano--one
that's faltering and has a couple of wrong motes, or one that's correct and con-
fident.  If you have him knock down the piano lid and try the same thing, he
just makes the sound of someone hitting a section of the keys.

  Part 3  Prologue
   On the series of trails of blood, have Max:
  - jump down to the right  at the end of the 1st line,
  - jump forward               at the end of the 2nd line,
  - drop down to the righ t at the end of the 3rd line,
  - jump to the right          at the end of the 4th line,
  - jump forward               at the end of the 5th line, and
  - jump forward               at the end of the 6th line.
  The baby's blocks float to a spot on the floor to spell "DEAD."  When the
current-day Max confronts his past self at the moment he found his wife and baby
murdered, the current-day Max has to shoot the Max of the past, which symbolizes
that Max is trying to get rid of his horrible memory about the murders.
  Part 3 Chapter 1  Take Me to Cold Steel
  In the first big room, you can have Max open the nearest two big gray contain-
ers for ammo.  The one at the bottom of the sloped grating also contains an
armed guard who will attack when the doors of the container are opened.
  In the room with molten steel poured from one container to another, you can
have Max raise a big door to enter a room where he can jump onto the railing (or
jump on the chunks of hard steel in the red pool of molten steel) to get around
some crates to get to Colt Commando, Desert Eagle, and Ingram ammo, an Ingram,
and Painkillers.  An attacker appears at the door as Max leaves.
  Part 3 Chapter 2  Hidden Truths
  If you have Max jump over the first batch of lasers, which trigger bombs, it's
possible for him to jump over (instead of shooting the bombs from a safe dis-
tance), and if you have him run to the doorway at the far side of the catwalk
(instead of trying to shoot his pursuer who's on a catwalk across the room), his
pursuer will get blown up by running into a laser.
  In the room with pairs of slabs of steel rolled into the middle of the room
until there are four pairs, at which time they're rolled out the other side of
the room, you can have Max run up the sloped grating, jump over a railing, go
across the girders, and jump over a railing to a landing to get Ingram and Colt
Commando ammo and Painkillers.
  In the room from which a flaming red slab of steel rolls out in a cart on a
track, you can have Max go to a control panel that's below an "EMERGENCY SHUT
OFF VALVE" sign and press E to see a cutscene of a room where there are fires.
You can have Max raise the big gray door to his right, then the one ahead and to
the right, to enter that room.  It contains Grenades, a Sniper Rifle, and Sniper
Rifle ammo.  Send Max back through the last big door, then the door to his
right, to proceed with the mission.
  Part 3 Chapter 3  The Deep Six
  In the underground section, Project Valhalla labs, of the Cold Steel plant,
the siren comes from red ceiling speakers.  If you have Max shoot a speaker, it
stops the sound of the siren in that area.
  Just beyond the first room of the chapter through the door with a "PROCESSING"

sign over it there's a gas tank that's horizontal on a nearby cabinet.  You can
have Max enter the room, pause a moment, then shoot the gas tank to cause it to
rocket toward his three attackers and blow them up.
  After getting pin code 665 from a PC monitor, you can send Max to his right,
through a couple of doors, around the corner to a key code box on the wall, and
press E to open a door to a room with Painkillers.
  From having Max face the same PC monitor with "665" on it, you can send him
through the door on his right and to the right into a small storage room.  Be-
hind the boxes on the left is a door.  You can have Max shoot out the window on
the door then shoot through it at the top of a gas tank.  Once it starts to
create a flame, have Max jump up on a box to his left to avoid being hit by the
door when the gas tank explodes.  Inside the room are a Grenade, Desert Eagle
or Colt Commando ammo, and Painkillers.
  You can use the code "NoClip" (minus quotes) to look into the room before the
explosion to see a Bingo sheet on a box (the explosion destroys the Bingo
  Part 3 Chapter 4  Backstabbing Bastard
  From the top of the parking garage, after Max defeats several attackers, you
can have him see a sign advertising "The Great Fishing Experience Brooklyn XVI"
across the street.  This may be a reference to the Brooklyn VI, which advertises
itself as having made fishing in Brooklyn famous.
  Also on the top of the parking garage, you can have Max jump on the green bar-
rels by the entrance to a ramp that goes down into the parking garage, then jump
onto the box on the wall, then jump onto the roof.  You can have Max go right to
knock or shoot a nearby panel of a metal room-sized enclosure, and the panel
falls down.  You can have Max go inside and get onto a grate, which gives way to
let him fall into a room, then go to the radio.  Press E to hear a radio broad-
cast of a phone call between what seems to be a game developer from Remedy and
someone else associated with games.
  The end of the broadcast has an impression of part of a skit from the Oct.24,
1998 broadcast of the TV comedy series "Saturday Night Live."  The skit is a
spoof of the TV game show "Jeopardy" and involves Darrell Hammond doing an im-
pression of Sean Connery on the TV game show "Celebrity Jeopardy" making a pun
by giving the category "Famous Titles" as "Famous Tit*ies" and asking, "Not a
fan of the ladies, are you, Trebek?"
  On the wall of the same room is a large Rockstar logo with "thanks" written
across it.
  People from the "Grand Theft Auto" series who worked on "Max Payne":
  Sam Houser executive producer
  Jamie King executive producer: voice production
  Adam Davidson  associate producer
  Gary Foreman  technical producer (as Gary J. Foreman)
  Jeremy Pope  producer
  Renaud Sebbane  producer: voice production
  Chris Phillips voice: DEA Agent Alex Balder/Mercenary/Killer Suit
  Jane Gennaro voice: Nicole Horne/Valhalla Project Computer Voice
  Peter Appel voice: Deputy Police Chief Jim Bravura/Boris Dime/Announcer
  Jeff Gurner voice: Jack Lupino/Junkie/Mercenary/Killer Suit/
  Bruce Kronenberg voice: Frankie "The Bat" Niagra/Vince Mugnaio/Valhalla Pro-
    ject Chemist/Mobster/Policeman
  Navid Khonsari and Renaud Sebbane voices: Mobster/Booze Hound
  Navid Khonsari director: voice-over and text editor
  Judy Henderson  casting
  Part 3 Chapter 5  In the Land of the Blind
  After Max, in the Asgard Building, watches a TV news story about Aesir Corpor-
ation being a bigger monopoly than Mic***oft ever was, you can send him through
the doorway that's to the right of the TV, to the far side of the left wall in
the next room, and have him shoot a painting to make it fall off the wall to
reveal a white button.  Press E while having him stand at the white button to
have the couch behind him rise onto one side and reveal a stairway below it.
  You can send Max down the stairs and to the end of a short hall to a key code
box on the wall.  Press E to open a door to a room.  You can send him into it to
the TV, press E, and the TV shows a parody of the 1966-1969 TV series "Star
Trek," with a couple of game developer terms, called "The Void."  It features
Marko Saaresto doing impressions of "Star Trek" regulars George Takei, who
played Hikaru Sulu, and James Doohan, who played Montgomery "Scotty" Scott."
(The face shown looks to me like Crispin Glover as Rubin in the 1991 movie "Ru-
bin and Ed.")  You can also have Max open a cupboard behind the curtain to find
BDSM gear.
  Part 3 Chapter 6  Byzantine Power Game
  After Max climbs over the row of fallen cabinets, goes up the ramp to the sec-
ond floor, and goes through a door and a short hall, there's a locked door.  To
unlock the door, have Max turn around and shoot the box on the wall by the door
at the other end of the hall.  The room has Painkillers, an Ingram, and Ingram,
Shotgun, and Desert Eagle ammo.  The PC monitor there shows a couple rooms of
the building and the yard Max went through outside.
  Part 3 Chapter 8  Pain and Suffering
  If you let the helicopter take off, it will fly out a bit, turn around, and
shoot and kill Max.

  Succeed at the Fugitive difficulty level to unlock both the New York Minute
difficulty level, in which every chapter has a time limit, and the Hard-Boiled
difficulty level.  Succeed at the latter to unlock the Dead On Arrival difficul-
ty level.
  Succeed at the hardest difficulty setting, Dead On Arrival, and after the fi-
nal illustrated sequence has finished, Max appears for the Final Battle in bul-
let time in a room which looks like the ground floor of the Aesir corporation.
Max starts out where the room has Painkillers and various kinds of ammo.  If Max
kills the 20 Killer Suits, each one carrying a Pancor Jackhammer automatic shot-
gun, he gets a "Well Done" message and can go to a corner of the room to enter a
hall that leads to a room with photographs of the game developers, a clear Reme-
dy logo sculpture, and photos of city sites, etc.



  "Alan Wake"
  The writer of "Max Payne" and model for Max in the graphic novel that runs
through the game, Sami Järvi, also known (mostly in countries other than Finland)
by his artist name Sam Lake (Järvi is Finnish for Lake), is the chief writer for
"Alan Wake," a 2010 Xbox/2012 PC game by Remedy, the Finnish company behind "Max


  David Bateson is the voice actor for Agent 47.
  The music in the Hitman series is by Jesper Kyd.

  How to get the R93 sniper rifle in "Anathema" (thanks to BosnianAnimator)
  How to get the car keys from the Mafia leader's brother to use the car at the
end of "Anathema" (thanks to Craig_92)
  "Anathema": if you look at a guard when he goes to a tree to relieve himself
you can see that what may seem to be his penis is actually his finger
  How to collect the .54mm Pistol, SMG, and W2000 Rifle, suit only, in "Invita-
tion to a Party" (thanks to BurstingGlass)
  Fast and easy: have 47 run to shoot the General and the maid with a silenced
9mm, drag them behind a desk or two, run to the ballroom, follow the ambassador
and the Spetznas agent to one of the rooms with a safe, sneak from the room be-
side theirs and aestheticize both of them, get the case, and run back to the
  If you want the SMG and W2000 sniper rifle, have 47 run up the main west stair-
case, go 180 degrees left and go south to the door, go through that door and the
"secret" door in the wall, continue to the next door and watch through the key-
hole till after the guard goes by right to left, sneak onto the balcony and go
left to hide behind the boxes, and aesthetecize the guard when he walks on the
box beside 47.  Have 47 drop the case and pick up the SMG, rifle, and ammo.
  Have 47 go to the north end of the gap in the siding on the west side of the
balcony, drop the rifle to the lawn, pick up the case, run out of the mansion to
the rifle, drop the case, pick up the rifle, pick up the case, and run to the
  Speed up 47's lock picking by pressing the key for Map twice.
  How to give 47 two pistols or an automatic Sawn-off Shotgun (thanks to Ride the
Bomb): Have 47 equip the Ballers, drop them, equip a pistol, pick up the Ballers
(the pistol moves to his left hand), equip a pistol to have two pistols in his
hands.  He can fire both pistols at once, but the left pistol only has one clip.
The right pistol can be fired without reloading till his ammo for it runs out.
  If the Sawn-off Shotgun is used for this gimmick, it can fire without reload-
ing.  But it won't fire if it's in his left hand with a pistol in his right hand,
and a pistol won't fire if it's in his left hand and the Sawn-off is in his right

  To activate cheats go to the main game folder, use Notepad to open the Con-
figuration Settings file Hitman2, and add the line
EnableCheats 1
  and save.

  God mode
         (Eur) IOIRULEY
  All weapons  IOIGIVES
  Refill Health  IOIHITLEIF
  Slow motion  IOISLO
  Bomb mode  IOIER  47's shots cause peds to scatter as if due to a bomb.
  Punching  OIOHITALI  47's punches cause one hit kills.
  Lethal mode  IOILEPOW  47's melee weapons cause one hit kills.
  Gravity  IOIGRV  Peds shot by 47 fly away as if helium balloons.
  Nail guns  IOINGUN  47's gun shots stick people to hard surfaces.  You can
have 47 grab a ped's leg, shoot them to stick them to a surface, then stretch
  Megadeath weapons  IOIPOWER  47's melee and gun hits have super power.

  Level cheat
  To activate all levels go to the same file and change the line
  and save.  Complete the final level to have a save game.

  To fully activate the Level cheat play the game and use the menu to change
some of the keys.  This writes info to the CFG file keyboard.  Open it with
Notepad and change
  Note your skip level activation key: SCode="K_Z"
  Load a mission, skip the opening, press your key, you skip to the end of the
mission, skip the cutscene, you get a weapon reward, and you get the Mission
Accomplished screen with the highest Silent Assassin score--all zeros.
  Have 47 go to his laptop to start another mission, etc.

  Play the game and use the menu to change some of the keys.  This writes info
to the CFG file keyboard.  Open it with Notepad and change
  Note your skip level activation key: SCode="K_Z"
  In a mission aim the reticle at a location and press the key to have 47 tele-
port there.
  "Hitman 2 silent assassin - All Cheats (Teleport)" by Theogony82

  Thanks to Cold Shadow for the way to make 47 slide/skate: "Hold down the run
button and TAP forward.  Keep tapping but don't leave it pressed down."
  Stretch bodies: use the "Nailgun" code, have 47 shoot someone into a wall, then
have 47 drag them.
  "Anathema": use the god mode and have 47 get in front of the delivery boy's
truck and scare him with a weapon.  As the delivery boy drives away, his truck
will push 47 out of the regular map.  Have 47 get out of the way of the truck be-
fore it goes off the map and 47 can explore.
  "Redemption at Gontranno" glitch: you can have 47 use fiber wire on the target
through the locked door behind the confession booth, or on the priest through the
outer side of the booth, to cause a body to slide or float around.
  Using the patch enables the console but makes trainers developed for v1 inop-
  "Hitman 2 v1.0 +7 trainer" by Azguns featuring "No hit" and "Super stealth."
  Put the trainer and any file, such as a .dll file, needed to make the trainer
work, in the main folder of the game.
  Run the trainer as Administrator before starting the game, press the F lock key
to turn on the F key functions, run the game, and press any of the hot keys.
  To cause enemies to leave Agent 47 alone, press F6 and F8 for "No fire" and
"Super stealth."  To turn "Super stealth" off (so Agent 47 can kill a target or
get certain game prompts--in some cases, end the mission), press F9.  If you use
that in a mission, wait till anyone other than Agent 47 moves to a position they
need to move to--"Super Stealth" freezes them for the rest of the mission.  You
might use "Super Stealth" through a difficult passage, save the game, restart the
game without "Super Stealth," play past a passage you want to avoid causing a
freeze for, then turn on "Super Stealth."
  It also has an invincibility key if you want 47 to just blast his way through
without a care.
  "Hitman: Contracts," 2004


  "Hitman is separated into seven episodes, promised to be released in consecu-
tive calendar months, starting in March 2016."


  Vista users who want to make sure that their save games or settings show up in
the main game folder should see the advice for that concern in the section on
"Giants: Citizen Kabuto."

  For more information on "Mafia" mods, how to install them, etc., see the last
section of "Glenster's Guid Haven for 'Mafia: the City of Lost Heaven.'"

  "Mafia Swap 101" allows you to pick which version of "Mafia: The City of
Lost Heaven" to run.  I have v.1.2, but some trainers or mods only work with ear-
lier versions.

  MafiaDataXtractor v1.1 for Mafia version 1.1 or 1.2

  "MafiaCon1.2" by ASM is like the "GTA San Andreas Control Center"--it's a console
for that lets you cheat and make the lead character fly.  It's compatible with
versions 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 of "Mafia: City of Lost Heaven.",pliki,12.html

  "Mafia Hack V1.03" by Mafiascene  Put the application in the game folder.
Choose which version of "Mafia" you run (1.0, 1.1, or 1.2) with the drop down
box every time you start "Mafia Hack."  Start "Mafia."  You can have Tommy "fly"
in a noclip way, choose his weapons, give him and his partner unlimited health,
give him unlimited money, unlimited fuel, no engine damage, one hit kills, no
police, etc.  See the section about it in the mods section of "Glenster's Guid
Haven for 'Mafia: the City of Lost Heaven.'"

  "CityBars Mod & Locomotive v1.0 " by GOLOD55  In "Freeride," Tommy can enter
15 buildings from the main story missions (v2.0 will let him enter more).  "This
mod has been put together with a lot of attention to detail.  I thoroughly re-
commend this to anyone."--Muggy.

  Every 15 minutes or so the crossing barriers come down while the steam locomo-
tive (seen in "You Lucky Bastard!") goes by on the track in northern Hoboken in
"Freeride" City-Daytime.  The train is non-solid except to Tommy or a vehicle
he's in.  The mod has an installer.

  Run "Mafia DataXtractor v.1.1" (see above) and extract all the files (this
will be a relatively large mod).

  Install v.16  Don't install all the files--only install those of the mod files
from the mod folders to the corresponding game folders as indicated by the in-
structions at the homepages site below:

  Then add v.18, which is not a standalone mod.  Copy the mod files from the mod
folders to the corresponding game folders and replace files when asked to do so.

  "Optimized Mafia [REVISED!]" by Muggy--all missions of "Mafia" v1.0 have opti-
mal draw distance.

  "DC||ED" v1.00 by the Mafia Modding Crew

  "MMC Stuff" by the same crew includes the "DC||ED"

  A FR-FRE map  by Gavel that notes interesting and secret locations and cars,
tips, safe parking locations for FR, secret doors to open the game's options,
etc., is at the next links.  To use the map to replace the in-game map (seen by
pressing Tab), save it as .bmp file with Paint, rename it '0mapar.bmp' ("0" is
the numeral zero), and put it in the maps folder.

  "Mafia 60's Mod" by Priatnia & MafiaMan9mm with help from Axel Rokus and Menju
"exchanges many vehicles, scripts and skins in Mafia, also adds new effects,
gangs, detectives and catapults for a more challenging Freeride game."  The cars
it adds are from the 1950's and 1960's.

  "Two Tone 57 Chevy Custom V2" and "Chevrolet Hardtop 1957" by Klarnetist con-
verted by MafiaMan9mm

  "Airplane Mod Version 1" by GSTR--Tommy can fly over the City of Lost Heaven
in a 1930s military trainer plane--a Boeing Stearman PT-17--in v1.0 of the game.
To run a later version of the game as v1.0, see the listing above for "Mafia
Swap 101."


  Denby Grace and Dan Schmittou play an hour of "Jimmy's Vendetta"

  Taped interview with "Mafia II" producer Denby Grace

  Secrets, gimmicks, etc.


  "Mafia: Definitive Edition"
  It's a full remake of "Mafia: the City Lost Heaven," 2002, by Hangar 13
(developers of "Mafia III") released in the fall of 2020.  It provides
motorcycles--a first for the series.  It's the first part of the "Mafia:
Trilogy" which includes remakes of "Mafia II," 2010, and an update "Mafia
III," 2016.



  If you've installed the game with Vista, a Creative audio card, and Creative
ALchemy (available in the Creative download section for your card), go to All
Programs > Creative > ALchemy and open Creative ALchemy.  Under "Installed
Games" highlight "No One Lives Forever 2" and click "Add," which makes "No One
Lives Forever 2" appear under "ALchemy-enabled Games."
  On Vista 32 bit, I had to use the v.1.1 patch to get all of the audio.  But
when I tried to load a save game I got the "Client MFC Application has stopped
working" message.  The remedy is to upgrade with the v1.3 patch and run the game
as Administrator.
  If you use Vista and your save games aren't registering, you can find them
and get subsequent save games to register by using the same basic method I ex-
plain for the same problem in the section of this page on "Giants: Citizen Kabu-
  Unlimited ammo trainer for v.1.1 by Nemesis
  "Spectator & 3rd Person Mod" by Dan for v.1.3
  At the next link, go to DOWNLOADS All NOLF 2 Files > Modifications > Spectator
& 3rd Person Mod
  Save game files for the English v.1.3

  Skillful Driver Achievement Guide


  The voice actor for John Mullin is Todd Susman.

  On Vista, install it somewhere other than Progam Files so you don't have to
run it as Administrator.  Vista users who find that their save games or settings
aren't being saved: see the solution for that problem in the section on "Giants:
Citizen Kabuto."

  FAQ about Punkbuster, which comes with the second patch and subsequent
  Todd Susman returns as John Mullin.
  Phil Procter of Firesign Theatre is among the Additional Voices for the game.

  To get people to move away from fighting situations, have Mullin "Use" them.
(Don't have Mullin shoot them.)
  If you need to, have Mullin reload his weapons before and after firefights.
  Some weapons do more damage to some enemies than others.  The shotgun works
well against unarmored opponents but does little damage to armored ones.
  The Best Unsafe weapon is the strongest weapon Mullin carries but can hurt him
if you aren't careful.  The Best Safe weapon may not be as powerful but it can't
damage him.
  You can have Mullin use a pistol whip or rifle butt, alternate attacks, to
break panes of glass so he can move through them.  If the pane of glass is dam-
aged, you can have him run and jump through it.
  If you have trouble jump/crouching, turn on "Always Jump/Crouch" in the menu.
  For stealth-based attacks, have Mullin use the knife (it's easier to have him
attack the upper back than the head), pistol butt, or the AK47 bayonet.  If
Mullin can be a bit louder, you can  have him use the pistol with a silencer.
  Use the "Use" key to have Mullin pick up or drop a fallen enemy.  It can be
useful to have him hide fallen enemies.
  You can improve Mullin's aim by playing on Custom difficulty and turning off
weapon inaccuracy.
  To adjust brightness, go to Option > VIDEO SETTINGS > Gamma.  Click the two
little circles on either side of the upper scale to raise or lower the bright-
ness.  If you get the glitch I had in Aug., 2011, whereby just raising the gamma
level has no effect on the brightness, which is too low, lower the gamma level
till the screen gets bright then raise the gamma level.

  In "New York: The Armory," you have Mullin carry (Use--Spacebar) Sam to safety
from a burning building.  Even with the Gamma up all the way, the wheel-like
valve you have Mullin use is so dark it's hard to see, so I'll explain how to do
that section:
  Have Mullin leave Sam on the floor, jump (X) onto the ledge by the big dark
square opening in the wall, crouch (C) to go through it, then continue ahead
till he drops into a lower area with fire on the floor.  Have him go into the
room beside it which has two trash cans and steam pouring from the ceiling.
Have him go ahead, with the side of the room with the steam to his left, to the
wheel-like valve on the wall--the green Toolkit icon appears over his Armor bar.
Have him Use (Spacebar) the valve to turn off the steam.  Have Mullin go back to
the room which has fire, climb the ladder, and go back through the hole.
  Have Mullin carry Sam through the hall into a room with a metal pole jutting
from a wall, put Sam on the floor, jump on the pole to dislodge debris, then
carry Sam over the debris and outside to the gurney.

  In "Texas: The Shop Level Two," Mullin is given a tutorial in the firing range
on how to use the OICW--Objective Individual Combat Weapon.
  The 5.56mm rifle can be used without the scope.  Use \ to select single shot,
burst shot, or full auto mode.
  Use the RMB to bring up the scope, which puts red brackets around armed ene-
mies.  It also has a HUD.  Use [ to select WEAPON then use ] to choose either
5.56mm (the rifle) or 20mm Grenade (the grenade launcher).
  If using the grenade launcher, it won't fire unless you use the LASE feature.
Use [ to select LASE, aim at a target, and press ] to make a red dot appear on
the crosshairs.  Move the center of the crosshairs to the red dot to have the
correct arc for the grenade when firing.  You can also then use [ to select
RANGE + or RANGE - to target the area behind or in front of a target then press
] to adjust the red dot accordingly.  RANGE + can be used to shoot a grenade
through a window to explode behind it.  (I didn't get RANGE + and - to work very
  With either weapon mode, you can also choose NIGHTVISION with [ and turn it on
or off with ].  Zoom with - and =.
  While Mullin is in the firing range, you can use the "noclip" code to send him
into the booth where a guard is seated and holding a folder open to see the
guard is looking at a photograph of a woman.
  Also in "Texas: The Shop Level Two," before Mullin gets to the Secure Confer-
ence Room, you can send him into the Control Room where three people are engaged
in radio communication with others.  While Mullin is there, you can overhear a
radio message from a guy who sounds a bit like Ray Machowski (Robert Loggia)
from "GTA III": "Call so and so at you know where and tell him I need an un-
traceable wiretap on our mutual interest.  Tell him I need it on this week but
no later than Friday.  He owes me a favor."
  Also in "Texas: The Shop Level Two," before two guards let Mullin into the
Secure Conference Room to meet assistant director Wilson, you can use the "give
all" code to give Mullin all the weapons in the game.  After the two guards open
the door, you can have Mullin shoot them and the occupants of the conference
room, then have him approach the room to start the next cutscene.  The occupants
other than Mullin will appear in the cutscene as they looked when Mullin at-
tacked them and the dead ones won't say their lines.  See the video by resser-
ection1 at the next link.
  Codes for the Gold Edition:
  To remove the Punkbuster anti-cheat program, which is installed from the sec-
ond patch onward, Delete the Pb folder from the main game folder.
  Right-click the "base" folder of the main game folder, click "Properties," and
the "base Properties" menu appears.  Un-check the box for "Read-only (Only ap-
plies to files in folder)."  Click "Apply," and another menu appears--on it,
click "OK" and it disappears.  Click "OK" on the first menu and it disappears.
Close the folder.
  Use a text editor, like Notepad, to Open the "base" folder of the main game
folder.  Use the drop-down box in the lower right corner of the "Open" window to
select "All Files (".")."  Open the "myconfig.cfg" file.  Below the last line,
add the line:
seta sv_cheats "1"
  Save your changes.  When in the game, press Shift + Tilde (~) to make the con-
sole window appear.Press [Shift] + ~ to display the console window.  Type
setrandom sv_cheats 1
  and press Enter to enable cheat mode.
  Thanks to HalloN at gamewinners for these gimmicks:
  When John first enters the Firing Range to test the OICW, you can see a guard
in the room to his left.  Enable the noclip code to have John go in the room and
you can see the picture of the girl the guard is looking at.
  If you have John throw one grenade, the enemy throws it back, but if you have
John throw two or more at the same place, the enemy ignores the grenade(s) after
the first.
  Just before you have John enter the Secure Conference Room during his second
visit to The Shop in Texas, enable the noclip code and have him go through the
roof and into the Conference Room.  You can see John Mullins in the right corn-
er of the room.
  "Soldier of Fortune 2 Gold Trainer +7" by Deviance
  Place the .exe file in the main game folder.  "Unlimited Ammo" freezes the
amount of ammo--have it off when using two handed weapons (pistols or uzis) to
be able to reload the second weapon.
  According to Wikipedia, "Unlike the previous two Soldier of Fortune games,
which were developed by Raven Software utilizing the Quake 2 and Quake 3 en-
gines, Payback was developed by Cauldron HQ, developed with Cauldron's in-house
CloakNT engine, used in their previous First Person Shooter game, Chaser."
  The voice actor for Thomas Mason is Kyle Hebert.

 "The Sims Deluxe Edition," 2002

  It features the core game, "The Sims: Livin' Large," The Sims Creator (an
editor used to create custom Sim clothing), and "Deluxe Edition" exclusive con-
tent, which includes over 25 exclusive objects and over 50 clothing choices.


  Laura Bailey (see the end of the section on "BloodRayne") is featured in "The
Sims Medieval," 2011.

  "Dungeon Siege II," 2005

  V1.69 patch--get the version that's correct for your OS and number of expan-
sion packs.

  In May, 2012, I bought the "Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition" (which is
patched and includes the "Shadows of Undrentide," "Hordes of the Underdark," and
the "Kingmaker" expansion packs) from
  When I started it as Administrator on Vista 32 bit with an HIS Radeon HD 4670
AGP GPU, the menu appeared, I pressed Start, the Bioware logo appeared, but then
the game crashed.
  Following suggestions I found in the forums, I turned off User Ac-
count Control (UAC), made sure I had the latest drivers, and installed the game
on the C drive (not in Programs).
  I used the method to cancel write protection for the game folder described on
this web page in the section on "Giants: Citizen Kabuto."
  I reinstalled the Windows 1.69 patch for the game with "Hordes...." and latest
DirectX End-User Runtimes, used compatibility mode set for Windows XP on the
nwnmain.exe, nwn.exe, and nwtoolset.exe files of the game folder, used Notepad
to go to the main game folder > nwn.ini and changed Client CPU Affinity=0 to =1,
but it didn't help.
  I opened the AMD Vision Engine Control Center and put all the 3D Application
Settings on the lowest setting or disabled them (I kept my 1280 x 1024 resolu-
tion and 85 refresh rate settings of the game Configure section) and the game
played (I don't know which if any of the preceding efforts contributed to that).
But movies didn't appear, only the movie audio played while the loading bar
filled for the next game scene, and characters were invisible.
  To make movies appear, I used Notepad to go to the main game folder > nwn.ini
and changed SafeMovie=0 to SafeMovie=1.  But my characters were still invisible.
  To make the characters appear, I went to the game video options and un-ticked
the box for Environment Mapping on Creatures.
  To get my AMD card to allow my player character to appear in the preview win-
dow for character customization, I enabled Catalyst AI.
  All spawn item codes
  Press ~, type DebugMode 1, press Enter, press ~, type dm_spawnitem <code> re-
placing <code> with one of the codes at the site at the next link, then press En-

  "Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide," 2003
  "Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker," 2004


  "The Morrowind Prophecies Game of the Year Edition Strategy Guide" by Peter
Olafson, 416 pages, PC and Xbox (recommended)
  Since one "Morrowind" video walkthrough may not do the quests in the same or-
der as another, you might use the site for the initial quest informa-
tion and title then look for the quest title on YouTube.
  European Patch 1.2.0722 (don't install this patch if you've already installed
the "Tribunal" expansion)
  On Vista, as with "Giants: Citizen Kabuto," make sure your save games, set-
tings, and mod files don't end up in your VirtualStore folder:
  Right click the game folder, click "Properties," "Security," click Edit, high-
light the name you run your computer with from a list, click "Full control" to
have the various check boxes checked, click "Apply" and let it be applied, and
click "OK."
  Note: this article has a lot of planetelderscrolls.gamespy links which, for
some reason, don't work at this tripod site although they do at my webs
site.   To access the site for one of those links, Copy the link and Paste
it into your browswer,
  "Jane True, Dunmer, starter save" by Glenster
  This save game saves time on Attribute and Skill building, stealing and bar-
tering, and gathering many of the best weapons and armor, etc.  I think of this
as like a GTA save game file that gives the lead character a lot of money, the
best weapons and abilities, and starts them out in an EP sports car.
  I've already had Jane True do some of the Syda Neen things and initial Balmora
things (deliver the package to Caius and join the Blades and the Mages Guild)
and speak to a few others for a few things she hasn't acted on yet.
  More notably, I used the console to give her over a couple hundred thousand
dollars, 100 for all Attributes and Skills, Level 70, a set of Exquisite Clothes
(then had them enchanted with Restore Health), many of the best weapons (and had
some enchanted with Absorb Health), much of the best armor (and had some en-
chanted with Resist Magicka), and a batch of the best items and Spells otherwise
(see the Readme file).
  Her stuff is mainly in the big chest and baskets at Vori's House in Balmora
and about 70% of the carrying capacity of her inventory.
  See the end of the ReadMe for the list of mods that were installed.  The mods
I had installed change textures and other things in the Data Folder files.  I
haven't modded Morrowind for very long but I don't think it would create a prob-
lem for the save game file being used generally.
  Vori's house in Balmora is abandoned.  The door has a lock level of 50.  In-
side are one chest, one small chest, two sacks, three baskets, and a shelf for
  A few of the codes are:
  Player->additem gold_001 *       * = the number of gold pieces you want
  Player->AddSoulGem "Golden Saint" "misc_soulgem_grand" 1
  Player->AddSoulGem "Golden Saint" "misc_soulgem_azura" 1
  Player->additem "dagger_fang_unique"                Fang of Haynekhtnamet
  Player->additem "ebony scimitar" 1                     "Tribunal"
  Player->additem "daedric claymore" 1
  Player->additem "daedric dai-katana" 1
  Player->additem "nerevarblade_01_flame" 1         Trueflame--"Tribunal"
  Player->additem "sword of white woe" 1
  Player->additem "katana_bluebrand_unique" 1     Eltonbrand
  Player->additem "icicle" 1                                  An enchanted silver longsword
  Player->additem "daedric battle axe" 1
  Player->additem "BM_Mace_Aevar_UNI" 1          Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer--
  Player->additem "daedric long bow" 1
  Player->additem "daedric arrow" 100
  Player->additem "dire flamearrow" 100
  Player->additem "ebony_staff" 1                         "Tribunal"
  Player->additem "daedric_towershield" 1
  Player->additem "cuirass_savior_unique" 1           Cuirass of the Savior's Hide
  Player->additem "Helsethguard_pauldron_right" 1  Royal Guard Armor--"Tribunal"
  Player->additem "Helsethguard_pauldron_left" 1
  Player->additem "Helsethguard_greaves" 1
  Player->additem "Helsethguard_boots" 1
  Player->additem "daedric_gauntlet_right" 1
  Player->additem "daedric_gauntlet_left" 1
  Player->additem "bloodworm_helm_unique" 1
  Player->additem "Helseth's Ring" 1                      "Tribunal"
  Player->additem seizing 1
  Player->additem "boots_apostle_unique" 1
  Player->additem "skeleton_key" 1
  Player->additem "probe_secretmaster" 1
  COC *         * = the town you want the lead character to appear in
  COE, x, y    x and y = the coordinates of a place you want the lead character
                       to appear in
  TGM            invincibility  When on the player cannot be hurt, lose magicka,
                       or lose fatigue.  The player can still take damage from
                       scripted effects, from effects such as Sun Damage, or when
                       using spells on characters or beasts with Reflect such as
  Have your lead character Enchant any weapon (such as the Daedric Katana or
dai-Katana) with Absorb Health cast on strike for 2 seconds at the highest mag-
nitude possible.  They can then replenish their Health with their enemy's
Health.  It has the added bonus of not doing anything harmful if reflected by
higher level enemies like Golden Saints, unlike nearly every other offensive en-
  For a powerful Absorb Health spell, have your lead character see Aunius Autrus
just south of Sadrith Mora at the Imperial Shrine in Wolverine Hall or Felara
Andrethi at the Tower Living Quarters in Tel Aruhn.
  Once your lead character has the spell and a filled Soul Gem, they can either
pay an enchanter to enchant the weapon or enchant it on their own if their En-
chant, Intelligence, and Luck Skills are high enough.
  Alchemy equipment only available through the use of codes:
  player->AddItem apparatus_sm_mortar_01
  player->AddItem apparatus_sm_alembic_01
  player->AddItem apparatus_sm_retort_01
  player->AddItem apparatus_sm_calcinator_01
  Changing Level, Attributes, and Skills
  player->setlevel *       * = the number you want for your player's Level
                                  Either use the command, save the game, and restart,
                                  or gain a Level the normal way after using the com-
  According to different things I've read on the Internet, maximum Level, with-
out using gimmicks, seems to be 70-80--a conservative choice would be 70.  Even
with that and maximum Skills and Attributes, you can still use gimmicks, like
having your lead character go to jail to lower Skills then train them up again,
to get the Level higher.

  player->setx y           x = the Attribute or Skill
                                  y = the number of the player's Attribute or Skill
                                  (example: player->setillusion 100)
  If the name of a Skill has two words, don't put a space between them (for
example, use "longblade").
  Caution: a high Acrobatics skill can make jumping impossible to control, too
much Speed for running can cause the game to glitch or crash (i.e., running
through walls), and extreme Strength causes most weapons to break in one or two
  Skills are governed by Attributes, which have a maximum of 100.  After all At-
tributes are 100, leveling up adds 10 to Health.
  Primary Attributes: Agility, Endurance, Intelligence, Luck, Personality,
Speed, Strength, and Willpower
  The Skills governed by Attributes
  Agility: Block, Light Armor, Marksman, and Sneak
  Endurance: Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, and Spear
  Intelligence: Alchemy, Conjuration, Enchant, and Security
  Luck: none
  Personality: Illusion, Mercantile, and Speechcraft
  Speed: Athletics, Hand-to-hand, Short Blade, and Unarmored
  Strength: Acrobatics, Armorer, Axe, Blunt Weapon, and Long Blade
  Willpower: Alteration, Destruction, Mysticism, Restoration
  Derived Attributes
  Health indicates life.  Damage reduces the Health bar, so greater Health indi-
cates the ability to take more damage before death.  Initially, Health is half
the sum of Endurance and Strength.  When leveling up, Health is increased by
10% of your lead character's Endurance.
  Magicka is how much energy they have for spellcasting.   Magicka is determined
by multiplying Intelligence by the base Magicka Multiplier, which is 1 by de-
fault.  The Fortify Maximum Magicka effect of certain Races or Birthsigns can
increase this multiplier.  Magicka can be increased by having them use items
that Fortify Magicka or Fortify Intelligence.
  Fatigue is actually how much energy your lead character has for moving, at-
tacking, and casting spells--as Fatigue is depleted, they become tired.  Maximum
Fatigue is the sum of Strength, Willpower, Agility, and Endurance.
  Encumbrance is how much they can carry.  Maximum Encumbrance is Strength x 5,
so with 100 Strength maximum Encumbrance is 500.
  Strength determines the damage they cause with melee weapons and how much they
can carry (Encumbrance).  It also helps determine their maximum Fatigue and
starting Health.  Higher Strength creates greater weapon degradation per hit.
  When I tried setting the lead character's Attributes and Skills at 100, their
Maximum Health didn't go up proportionately.  Their Maximum Health was 35 while
their Maximum Magicka was 300 and their Maxium Fatigue was 400.  To set their
Maximum Health at 500 I used:
  Player->SetHealth *       * = the number you want for Health
  Exquisite armor
  Once your lead character has a Restore Health spell like Hearth Heal and a
filled Soul Gem, you can have them pay an enchanter to enchant a set of Exqui-
site Clothes (shirt, pants, skirt, belt, and shoes), two Exquisite Rings, an Ex-
quisite Amulet, and a pair of Extravagant Gloves with Restore Health with a Con-
stant Effect.  Your lead character can successfully create Constant Effect en-
chantments on their own if they moreover have about 100 Skill points for Intel-
ligence, 500 for Enchantment, and a high Luck Skill.
  If you have your lead character wear all the enchanted clothes and their En-
chantment and Intelligence scores are high enough, they're invincible as long as
the Skills needed to power it hold out.  And the clothes are a lot lighter than
  The attacks can lower their Endurance, though--even cause them to be over-en-
cumbered by their inventory--so you can have them enchant Armor (such as with
Drain Magicka wwith a Constant Effect) and wear it over all their clothes except
boots and gloves.  The combination makes for a very powerful defense.
  player-> additem exquisite_amulet_01 1
  player-> additem exquisite_belt_01 1
  player-> additem exquisite_pants_01 1
  player-> additem exquisite_ring_01 1
  player-> additem exquisite_ring_02 1
  player-> additem exquisite_robe_01 1
  player-> additem exquisite_shirt_01 1
  player-> additem exquisite_shoes_01 1
  player-> additem exquisite_skirt_01 1
  player-> additem extravagant_glove_left_01 1
  player-> additem extravagant_glove_right_01 1
  Unlimited carrying capacity
  Don't use this gimmick if you plan to have your lead character levitate in the
future because they won't be able to come down.
  To enable them to carry as much as they want, have them get a Feather spell,
a Soultrap spell, and enough Magicka to cast the combination of them.  Have them
go to a spellmaker, such as at the Balmora Mage's Guild, and make a spell with
these specs:
  - Feather on Self for X to X amount for 2 seconds (X must be one number or the
spell will vary with casting)

  - Soultrap on Target for 2 seconds
  Have them make it in that order, buy it, look where their feet should be, and
cast it.  Their Status shows nothing about Feather but their weight is now per-
manently lowered by the X amount.  You can have them use it with Swift Swim and
Water Breathing.
  The resource files (texture, model, sound, etc.) for objects are stored in the
Morrowind.Bsa (and other BSA) files.  If you want to access them to create your
own mods of them, copy them from the second Construction Set CD that comes with
the GOTY editions and any version of "Morrowind" after the first release of it.
Copy all the files into the game's Data Files sub-directory.
  How to use the "TES Construction Set" and other modding tools
  Major modifications for better computers

  "How To Install Morrowind Overhaul, Morrowind Rebirth and Tamriel Rebuilt"
by Insanity Squad

  "Visual Pack Combined" by M.V.P. Creaters
  This is used as part of spacecoke's combination of mods given below.;56241
  "Connary Retextures" come in a Connary.bsa file.  Copy the Connary.bsa file to
the Morrowind Data folder, run the "BSA Reg" (see below), and click the button
to have it registered in the game.  Connary is currently (July, 2010) working on
an update that includes all of his latest fine work, which I gladly recommend.
  This utility will automatically register in the [Archives] section of the
morrowind.ini all BSA files in the Morrowind's "Data Files" directory.
  "ENBSeries GTASA V0.075" by BorisVorontsov
  It can add adaptive bloom, shadows, pseudo reflections, ambient occlusions,
depth of field, motion blur, color correction, and water effects.
  DulvluSpa used "Connary's Retextures" and "ENBSeries GTASA V0.075" to create
the video at the next link, where he wrote "Once you have that I can send you
the settings I set to just copy and paste into the file.  ENB requires Morrowind
Graphics Extender but I don't use MGE for anything other than skipping the open-
ing movie on the menu.  And just like that you're ready."
  Enabled by MGE, GTASA V0.075 was used by DulvluSpa to add depth of field and
some water effects while minimizing the toll on the frame rate.

  Minor modifications
  "Better Bodies" by Psychodog Studios
  After running the automatic installer, open the TES Construction Set.
  In the original release, which has only one CD, have the game install the con-
struction set when you install the game.  Then the application "TES Construc-
tion Set" appears in the game folder.  Click the application and the editor ap-
  Click File > Data Files, and a "Data Files" menu appears.   Highlight "Better
Bodies" then click the button below marked "Set as Active File."
  After installing "Better Bodies," you can install

  "Extra High Resolution Female Textures for Better Bodies" (nude) by Cappucine
& Westly
  Extract the three files into the main data files\meshes folder (you don't have
to activate an esp or attach these to an NPC).  This makes all female NPCs, in-
cluding mods such as the children from Emma's Children of Morrowind mod, use the
new animations.  To uninstall, delete the three files from the data files/meshes
folder.  (Vality7 made the YouTube video for it.)
  "Better Heads" by Motoki
  "Better Heads": the "BH readme" file refers to an automatic installer that
isn't included in the planetelderscrolls site version.
  To install it manually, Copy the two folders in the Meshes folder into the
game folder Data Files > Meshes folder, Copy the folder and files of the Tex-
tures folder into the game folder Data Files > Textures folder, and Copy the
BetterHeads.esm file (or more than one Better Heads.esm file if you also use
"Tribunal" and/or "Bloodmoon") into the game Data folder.
  Start "Morrowind," click "Data Files," and click the .esm file till the box
by it is checked.
  "Darknut's Creature Textures Morrowind" by Darknut
  You can chose a 512 or 1024 resolution version.

  "Darknut's MW Armor Texures" by Darknut
  You can chose a 512 or 1024 resolution version.
  "Join All Houses" by Heph
  You can join all three houses in one game.  Some have had the exterior of Re-
than Manor disappear, and one wrote that they overcame that problem by using the
console to enter it.  I think they mean the centeroncell code:
  COC "Rethan Manor"

  A couple possible combinations of mods by caelumaestas and spacecoke

  caelumaestas recommends

  (This combination doesn't require as strong a computer as some others.  I used
all but the last two mods of it for my save game--see above near the start of
the section for "Morrowind.")

  "Vibrant Morrowind v4" by Skydye
    (GTW note: you can use that with Vurt's trees and grasses and "Vibrant

    "Vibrant Skies" by Skydye

  "Better Bodies v2.2" by Psychodog Studios

  "Better Clothes v1.1" by the Better Clothes team
  requires  Better Bodies v2.1 to v2.2
  (She forgot she added this mod--it's the source of the tailoring kit that ap-
pears in one of her videos.)
  "Better Heads" by Motoki

  and two Bethesda mods:
  "Area Effect Arrows" by Bethesda
    (Bow and arrow shop where Dread Shockbloom arrows are sold--shock is the
    effect that the kind that the least number of people and animals are immune

  "Master Index" (requires patch 1.2.0722) by Bethesda
  This is a quest to find the ten propylon indices. In return for completing
this quest, you will receive the Master Index, allowing the you to travel to any
propylon chamber, or return to the Caldera Mages Guild from any propylon cham-

  spacecoke recommends

  (This combination of mods is for more powerful computers.)

  Major graphical mods used

  shaders used in order:
  "Truebloom g6 i6" (shader link?)
  "Gimp_HDRBloom_Sparkle v1.5"

  "Gimp HDR Bloom 1.3" by Polik GroNak

  ImprovedWaterCaustics 06a
  "sunshaft v002a"
  "Better Heads" by Motoki

  "Better Bodies v2.2" by Psychodog Studios
  Use the nude version--it lets your lead player's hair fall below their

  "Better Clothes v1.1" by the Better Clothes team
  requires  Better Bodies v2.1 to v2.2

  "Animated Grass" by Vality
  It's part of the Morrowind Graphics Extender (MGE).

  "High res Animated grass update"
  ?  I found Vurt's Groundcover
  which requires Vality's mod and updates it

  "Ascadian Isles Mod" by Vality7
  Vitality's Bitter Coast Mod by Vality7
  "Bobs Leaf Retexture for Valitys Ascadian Isles Mod" by Bob Smolders

  Texture Mods:

  "RAMW-Imperial v1.0" by X-Calibar

  "Darknut's Armor Textures 1024 1.2" by Mike Darknut Niccum

  "Enhanced Sky" by 3vil l33t
  Try something else--this is a dead link:

  Other mods:

  "Where Are All Birds Going?" by Abot

  "Water Life v11.6" by Abot

  Water Shader with real Waves
    Versions below 0.6 will *NOT* work with SVN-rev118. Version 0.6 requires
SVN-rev118 or newer.
    Version 0.6b requires MGE 3.8.1 SVN-rev120 or newer.
    Requires shader model 3 graphics card. Version 0.6 and newer (without real
waves) might work with SM2 cards.
    Morrowind Graphics Extender 3.8 is required.

  "Kirel's Interior Weather" by Kirel

  "Lights 300 w/ Icons" by Byblos
  "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion," 2006
  "The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine," 2006
  "The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles," 2007


  "The best Skyrim mods" By PCGamer
  v1.01 patch and BGAE Save Game Fix
  Vista users who find that their save game files and sally.idx aren't being
saved in the main game folder: see the solution for that problem in the section
on "Giants: Citizen Kabuto."
  One subject of Jade's photos is a mosquito called "Aedes Raymanis."  It's
found on the skeleton of a cow in the lab of the Nuprill Factory.  Michel Ancel,
the main creator of "Beyond Good & Evil," also created the "Rayman" game ser-
ies.  According to, "This mosquito is an homage to
the first boss (or mid-boss) of the first game, Bzzit."
  Thanks to the site: if you reverse the order of
the words "Akuda Bar" you get "Bar Akuda," which sounds like "Barracuda."
  You can change the controls by using SettingsApplication.exe in the main game
folder.  I change the controls like this:
  Look/Camera mode           Shift              change to F
  Run/accelerate toggle        Spacebar    change to Shift
  Crouch                                  Ctrl                change to Spacebar

  "Devs Play S2E10 · 'Beyond Good & Evil' with Michel Ancel and Tim Schafer" by

  If you need to have Jade kill three or four Alpha guards, it may help to use
the lazy guard exploit--to take advantage of the fact that an Alpha guard won't
chase Jade far.  You can have her shoot a disk at an Alpha guard's green gas
tank, run to the disoriented guard to kick and kill him, then run out of the
room to get behind an outside wall.  (Aim the game "camera" that follows Jade,
not Jade's handheld camera, to avoid having nearby things, notably guards that
rush toward her, interfere with your view.)  Make sure she's beyond the reach of
any Cyclopius Unit M39--a hovering device that sends down lasers that can kill
Jade instantly--if one is sent.  The remaining guards will quickly give up the
chase without leaving the room.  You might save the game to make sure she'll
have even fewer to deal with at a time for the next effort.
  For the Francis the humanoid shark's pallet game in the Akuda Bar, use your
mouse as you would for a sniper mission.  Make sure the mouse sensitivity isn't
too high and use both hands on the mouse to steady your aim.
  For winning the two pearls from Francis you get the Yo Pearl game.  You con-
trol two pearls through a fast course.  You use WSAD for what initially is the
left pearl and the arrow keys for what is initially the right pearl (thanks to
RPGDeLarge).  The controls assigned to a pearl remain the same if you move the
pearls to switch which pearl is right or left.  There's no reward for winning at
the game in the game but it adds to your scores at the darkroom web page (see
  Each time you save your game you see a different 16 character Internet Code on
the screen.  To use the code, sign up and log in at this web site (it's been put
back up on  the Internet with the release of "Beyond Good and Evil HD"):
  Go to the darkroom page and enter your Internet Code.  You're shown your game
  Pearl challenge--how many of 88 Pearls you collected
  Species challenge--how many of the 56 animals you photographed
  Puck challenge--how many of the two pallet games you won
  Yo Pearl challenge--your points for Yo Pearl
  Time bonus--I suppose this is a bonus for getting the game done quickly
  These things are combined for an overall score.  If you have enough points you
can click MISSION to get an IRIS Network mission.  You can enter your E-mail ad-
dress to be able to do the mission any time or click "Start the Mission."  A
smaller window appears with the mission.
  The mission is to hack into Fehn Digler's account by replacing 4 to 12 dashes
with letters to guess a password.  If a letter is right, it replaces a dash.  If
it's wrong, the "hacker tracing program" begins.  If you get four wrong, you
have to click "Start the mission" again to guess a different password.
  All possible passwords arranged by the number of letters (thanks to the site):
  If you get it right, you'll get an "Akuda Error Code": a four character code.
Have Jade enter that code in the Akuda Bar on the cabinet near the pallet game
to get Mdisk 13--the Disk Game.  It's the pallet game, aka puck game, with more
  Variable Power: you can choose whether or not to be able to vary the force the
pallet, called a "quoit" in the instructions, is sent with.  If you use this op-
tion, the longer you hold down the LMB the more a gauge is filled.  The more the
gauge is filled, the more force the pallet is sent with when you release the
  Pallet Swap: when used there's a blue circle around the nearest pallet to the
pallet you control.  You can point the green arrow on your pallet to choose
which other pallet has a blue circle around it then press the RMB to control the
pallet with the blue circle instead.
  Choose Player 1: human or computer (Player 2: computer)
  Choose from four levels of difficulty.
  Final boss
  (Thanks to the "Beyond Good And Evil Walkthrough PC" videos by Spenibus on
YouTube and the "Walkthrough, FAQ, Pearl Guide, and Photo Guide" by Khyron and
the "Beyond Good and Evil Boss Guide" by Menji76 aka Nick Bryant at DSGamefaqs):
  Prepare by getting Jade all or most of the PA 1's of the game, about 25-30 K-
Bups (if you have a hard time with this sort of thing--I think I only ended up
using several), and a lot of Starkos.
  Transfer Pey'j's and Double H's PA 1's to Jade except two for each and their
food to Jade except a handful of Starkos for each, save the game on the landing
pad, then send them down the triple elevator.
  Cutscene.  the DomZ High Priest takes Pey'j and vows to kill the human part of
  Have Jade, with the help of Double H, kill a dozen Sarcophagi domzii (one hit
kills).  Have her stay in the central round area and avoid the water since con-
tact with it lowers her health.
  The spider-like part of the DomZ High Priest comes forward and the big human-
oid statue part begins to occasionally shoot green lasers downward.  Have Jade
back away from the High Priest and use her Gyrodisk launcher to hit the spider-
like part a few times so it retreats before it can send a yellow laser beam
around the area.  If you've let it send the yellow laser beam, have Jade get
behind Double H's shield and shoot a disk at the spider-like part from there.
  The DomZ High Priest puts up a defensive wall of big Materia-crystals and
sends a couple of attackers who look like Pey'j.  Press E to have Double H use
his T-Hammer super attack to cause the Pey'j lookalikes to hover the air so Jade
can hit them into at least the middle of the Materia-crystals to destroy them
and otherwise kill all the lookalikes.  Whenever she kills a Pey'j lookalike, a
Sarcophagi attacker appears.  Once she's destroyed the crystals in the middle,
have her use her Gyrodisk launcher or a Pey'j lookalike to hit the High Priest's
spider-like part which turns red and retreats.  Have her kill more Pey'j looka-
likes for a total of six and the resultant Sarcophagi attackers with the help of
Double H.
  The island sinks except for a round area in the middle.
  Have Jade hit the DomZ High Priest's spider-like part which attacks in a re-
peated pattern.  When Jade hits him he turns him red then goes to his next posi-
tion.  When you have Jade miss or get the pattern wrong, he hits her to the
ground which eliminates two of her PA 1's and he can hit her again as she gets
up or after a couple more appearances, and you have to start over.  Use K-Bups
so Jade always has at least several PA 1's lit up.
  This is the pattern I used relative to the game "camera":
  Left, behind Jade, right, left, behind Jade, right,
  A       W                    D       A      W                    D
    above to beside, between you and Jade, right, behind Jade
    S/RMB W              S                                        D        W
  The spider-like part can move to any side of Jade when it moves "above to be-
side."  When it's above have Jade dodge (RMB and a motion direction key) to give
you some room to aim the attack to her side.  I tried to make that more predict-
able by having Jade dodge toward you so the spider-like part appears behind her,
but you may need to be ready to react to something different.
  Once you've had Jade complete this pattern of attacks successfully, this part
is over.  If Jade is killed after this fight, the game has you start again after
this fight.
  The DomZ High Priest attacks with a group of Double H lookalikes and occasion-
ally shoots green lasers downward.  Killing a lookalike releases an attacking
Sarcophagi.  Have her evade the attacks of the lookalikes and kill them (super
attacks work well so try to have her pull one off if she has the space) then
kill the Sarcophagi (one hit kills) while moving away from the lasers when pos-
  Cutscene--the DomZ High Priest clouds Jade's mind.
  The screen is blurry and time is slower.  The DomZ High Priest reverses your
controls--A moves Jade right, D moves her left, W moves her toward you, and S
moves her away from you.

  One then three more Sarcophagi attack.  Then the spider-like part of the DomZ
High Priest attacks again but with a different repeating pattern of attacks.
(See the paragraph above about what to do when the spider-like part moves "above
to beside."  You may need to do something spontaneous for the end of this pat-
  This is the pattern I used relative to the game "camera":
  Left, right, left, right,
  D      A       D     A
    above to beside, between you and Jade, above to beside
    W/RMB  S              W                                       W/RMB  S
  Once you've had Jade complete this pattern of attacks successfully, the inter-
active parts of the game are over.  Enjoy the cutscene, credits, and cliffhanger
ending.  You're not given a way to save the game afterward but the Darkroom web
page mentioned above can detect that you've finished the game.
  "Beyond Good & Evil HD Collection" has updated models, etc., was released
Sept., 2012, but doesn't have a PC version.


  Manhunt Fixer by ermacc
  This tool works with Steam and Retail (US/EN, other languages untested) releases.

  Manhunt Fixer is an automated tool designed to solve major issues which happen in
Manhunt since Windows Vista was released.
  Solved problems:
  • Game executable is not opening, idle in task manager
  • Levels (not alll) crashed near completion
  • Music and audio is looping
  • 'Gate" and many other AI and script errors

  Previous to using the Manhunt Fixer:

  I had a couple problems running the Steam version of the game on Windows 10 64
bit.  In the first section the chain link gate wouldn't open to let a Hunter
through to the area Cash was in and, once I found the solution for that, the
next Hunter ran into a dumpster and wouldn't jump down to the area Cash was in.

  On that page download the Manhunt Steam Fix.

  Copy the contents called
  link.exe, Manhunt Fix.bat, mspdb80.dll, and patchrun.bat
  and Paste them into your "Manhunt" folder.  Run Manhunt Fix.bat.

  That should allow the Hunter through the chain link gate.

  To get the next Hunter to jump down to the area Cash is in you need to set the
frame limiter to 60 fps.  Download the NV Inspector from the next link.

  Run the nvidiaInspector.exe file to cause the NVIDIA Inspector to appear.
(Click to download the latest version.)  Click on the little tool box that's to
the right of the "Driver Version" box.  The NVIDIA Profile Inspector appears.
(After this you can just run nvidiaProfileInspector.exe.)

  Click the arrow on the right side of the box to the right side of "Profiles"
near the top of the screen to cause a big drop down box of game titles to ap-
pear.  Select Manhunt.  To the right of Frame Rate Limiter select 60.7 fps.
Click Apply changes.
  Make the square lighter than just visible to better see what you're doing.
  Turn off NOISE FX and CAMERA FX for a cleaner sharper picture.

  Fetish       Normal difficulty
  Hardcore  Hard difficulty--there's no radar so you have to memorize where
                       enemies are in Normal difficulty beforehand.

  To have Cash execute a victim/Hunter have Cash approach them from behind so a
green reticle appears by the victim's head and Cash raises his hand to strike.
As you hold the Action 1 (LMB) or Action 2 (RMB) key the reticle turns white
(hurried attack), yellow (violent attack), then red (gruesome attack) as the
severity of the attack increases.  Release the button to have Cash strike.

  The awareness of Targets/Hunters is color coded, too.  Have Cash strike from
behind when the target is unaware of him--their arrow in the radar is yellow.
The arrow that indicates which direction they're facing is orange if they're
suspicious of the presence of Cash (they approach for a look) and red if they're
aware of his presence of Cash (they attack).

  Likewise, the corona of weapon pickups, and their appearance in the Inven-
tory, is color-coded.  A yellow weapon has a one time use whereas a blue or
red weapon can be used multiple times.

  Pain killers give Cash 50% of his Health.

  Try to have him enter a shadow without being spotted.  A red glow around
Cash in the radar indicates how much noise he makes.  The icon for Cash turns
red if he's spotted.  If Cash is spotted enemies are harder to attack and you
get fewer points.

  Melee attack  Have Cash approach the target from the front and use either
the key for Action 1 (LMB) or Action 2 (RMB).  Action 2 is for a hard attack--
to have Cash make three hits.  Have Cash back up before the target hits back
to have Cash avoid or block the attack.  Once the target is down have Cash at-
tack with a kick.

  God mode/invincibility on PC
  Complete the game in fetish mode then enter this on the title screen:

  Easy five star rating in hardcore mode:

  Complete the game in Fetish mode, enable the "God mode" code (iminvincible),
and play the game in hardcore mode.  Have Cash execute everyone.  If Cash is
seen have him lead the witness into the shadows and execute him.  Have Cash run
through the others in the level likewise.  (See the YouTube video example by
Richard Sunday.)

  "Manhunt" and GTA III, VC, and SA were developed by Rockstar North.  A few
other things these games have in common:
  At the end of "Manhunt" a TV news journalist (Kate Miller) reports that Carcer
City's police chief Gary Schaffer was involved with Starkweather's snuff ring.
In "III" DJ Andee (Shelley Miller) of Lips 106 reports that "In nearby Carcer
City...police chief Gary Schaffer was cleared of corruption charges...Let's hope
those missing witnesses turn up safe and sound."
  When Cash uses a pickup or makes footsteps the sound effects are the ones used
in "III."
  The public bathroom in "Road to Ruin" in "Manhunt' is basically the under-
ground bathroom of Belleville Park, Staunton, in "III."
  Various vehicles in new or rusty form are in "Manhunt" and III and VC.
  The blood splatter of an upper torso, head, and hands is in "Manhunt," the room
Kanbu is broken out of in "III," and Apt.3C of VC.
  The moon ("Fuelled By Hate" of "Manhunt"; III, VC, and SA)
  Ryton Aide ("Born Again" in "Manhunt"; Little Haiti of VC)
  The "Joe's Beds" sign ("Born Again" in "Manhunt," Little Haiti in VC)
  The counter area of a deli/restaurant ("Divided They Fall" of "Manhunt";
Callegg's Delicatessen Restaurant in Little Havana in VC)
  The Tarbrush Cafe logo ("View of Innocence" in "Manhunt,") and GASH logo
("Press Coverage" in "Manhunt" are found in North Point Mall in VC.
  Junkyard items such as a domed warehouse, tubular tank, etc. ("Fuelled By Hate"
of "Manhunt"; City Scrap in VC and an Angel Pines junkyard in SA)
  Stealth attacks from behind ("Manhunt" and SA)
  The Sprunk soda machines and purple hippo waste cans ("Manhunt" and SA)
  The Cerberus, Starkweather's guards, are in various missions of "Manhunt" and
one is depicted in the wall art of the Ten Green Bottles bar in SA.
  Blue exploding gas cans are in "Manhunt" and in the Flint County trailer park
in SA.
  Cash and Pigsy are characters in "Manhunt" and figurines in the Zero RC store
in SA.
  See the articles at the next links for more.

  Secrets, gimmicks, etc.


  If you have a multi-core CPU, disable all but one core.

  "Scarface: The World is Yours Remastered Project | Full Game | No Commentary |
1080p60fps | ENG" by Andoryu (June 18, 2021)


  SilentPatch for "Bully: Scholarship Edition" on Steam for Windows 10
by Silent and P3ti released March 7, 2020

  Just Copy the SilentPatch files and Paste them into your main game folder which
for me, on Windows 10 64 bit, is
  C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Bully Scholarship Edition

  In Art 1 use WSAD to move the pencil.

  If you use an Xbox or Playstation controller with your keyboard and mouse--key-
board and mouse are then considered a second controller--you press Alt plus Tab
during the game to display the console to use codes.  But I don't use a controller,
so for me that would just show the map.  To use codes, I have to use a script mod
or a trainer.

  Trainer 1                                                 Trainer 2
  Enable it by running it then starting the game.  Insert Enable trainer
  NP1 Infinite health                                   NP1 Unlimited health
  NP2 Team infinite health                         NP2 Add 5,009 money
  NP3 No violence                                      NP3 Unlimited ammo
  NP4 Infinite money                                  NP4 Never wanted
  NP5 Infinite item                                      NP5 One hit kills
  NP6 Freeze timer                                    NP6 Increase clock 1 hour
  NP7 Infinite class time                            NP7 Decrease clock 1 hour
  NP0 Easy kill                                          NP8 Freeze clock
  NP. Save location                                   NP9 Unfreeze clock
  NP+ Teleport                                          NP/ Save position
  NP- Undo teleportation                           NP* Load position
  Home Disable all                                    Home Disable all