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  "Tracking Device" (HL1_sonf25_remix3) by Kelly Bailey


  Glenster's Guide to GTJ Brooklyn
  An examination of the credibility of the Jehovah's Witnesses' leaders' claims
  My focus is an examination of the credibility of the Jehovah's Witnesses'
leaders' claims:
  - that they're picked by Jesus from a literal 144,000 of the most righteous
Christians in Christian history, the only ones who will go to heaven, to lead
God's sole spirit-led organization on Earth, and
  - that the best evidence and reasoning proves their most distinctive rules
are required by a conservative interpretation of the Bible.
   Among those claims I examine are that the Bible bans the transfusion of blood
and major blood components, most government involvement as too worldly, and
calls for shunning for persistent disagreement with any of the JWs leaders' dis-
tinctive rules.
  I show evidence that in these efforts the JWs leaders' misrepresented research
books as though supportive that weren't, used forced points, omitted pertinent
evidence, mischaracterized opposing views, misepresented their own bad track
record on predictions, etc.
  I'm particularly concerned when such examples lead to any unnecessary divi-
sions between people or to anyone being hurt or killed (as has happened when
friends or family have been separated, and when followers have been hurt or
killed in hospitals, Germany in the 1930's and 1940's, Malawi in the 1960's,
  I hope anyone, of whatever belief or non-belief choice, feels welcome to check
out this evidence.  Anyone might have JWs come to their door or have a friend or
loved one become a follower of the JWs leaders.
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vice" (aka "HL1_song25_REMIX3") from the end of HL2 for the song used on the
first page, the makers of the HL2 mod "SMOD" for a few of the HL2 screenshots
that have extra weapons and a gas can, and Rockstar North, the makers of "Grand
Theft Auto: San Andreas" (PC version), 2005, for the game I used for a couple
of screenshots.
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aspects of it I refer to--not necessarily to endorse all the views found at
those web sites.

  1   Introduction
        Conformity to exclusiveness is required by the JWs leaders
        How I analyze the JWs leaders' claims of exclusiveness
        Prophecy claims intended to reinforce distinctive claims
        The ability of the JWs leaders to guarantee meanings of scripture
          beyond what context indicates
        Providing evidence of a liar that causes harm isn't editorial intolerance
          for sincere belief in being good
        My focus
  1a  Actual Jehovah's Witnesses leaders' history (compare to p.9)
        Gaining False Profits
        JWs leaders' history
        Borrowed origin of some basic doctrines
        Another original church is being restored from a Great Apostasy
        Charles Taze Russell
        John Aquila Brown
        William Miller
        New light
        George Storrs and George Stetson
        Joseph Seiss
        Jonas Wendell
        Nelson H. Barbour
        Prophecies intended to shore up a weak case
        Prediction: End Times of the Gentiles--1914
        Health insurance payments
        You don't know hell till you've read Russell
        You shouldn't be superstitious about a war, earthquake, etc., being a sign
          of the end unless there's a war part one
        Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc., are coming back to run things
        Israel will be recreated in 1914--the millennium will be "Israelitish"
        You shouldn't be superstitious about a war, earthquake, etc., being a sign
          of the end unless there's a war part two
        Armageddon is Biblically, historically, and scientifically shown to end
          the end times in 1914, or Oct. of 1915 or 1914, or at least begin the
          end of the end in 1914, and end in 1914...or 1915...or a few years
          after 1916, or maybe I just don't know
        Nice little pup dogs and flowers are unimportant
        Kind understanding for "inferiors" part one--darker skinned people
        Love and money: Miracle Wheat and Charles' divorce from Maria
        Kind understanding for "inferiors" part two--women
        Who is this Russell that the winds and the seas don't obey him?
        Scientific reasons for predictions about 1914:
          "The Photo-Drama of Creation"
        You shouldn't be superstitious about a war, earthquake, etc., being a sign
          of the end unless there's a war part three
        Joseph F. Rutherford
        "The Finished Mystery"
        1919 and Theocratic Selective Service
        Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc., are coming back to run things, and they're
          going to live in one of Rutherford's mansions and drive one of his Cad-
          illac V-16s
        Satanic celebration of the birth of Christ
        Rutherford shoves Charles Russell out of the lime"light"
        Human governments are led by Satan (Rom.13:1-7?)
        Invisible browsing from heaven part one
        Intolerance for dissent
        The name Jehovah's Witnesses
        Satanic Mother's Day
        Strict regimentation
        The great crowd/the birthday deadline for those who can go to heaven
        Jesus was nailed to a tree
cont. Shun the blight of so-called "love"--only marry for sex
        Having children is discouraged
        Nathan H. Knorr
        If Jerusalem won't come to Fred Franz, then Fred Franz will move Jerusalem
        Satanic birthday cupcakes
        Satanic Christian charity
        Satanic efforts for human rights
        Satanic fellowshipping
        JWs leaders tell followers to stop worshipping their created Jesus
        Satanic fellowshipping with the disfellowshipped
        Jesus was blown up
        Satanic personality--as in "practically any"
        1919 starts to take on the present JWs leaders' definition
        Satanic Chubby
        Satanic higher education
        Satanic worship of Apollo 11
        The beginning of control by the Governing Body
        Frederick W. Franz
        Satanic sand the floor, wax on--wax off, paint the fence
        Dowsing for evidence
        Signs of The End
        Satanic birthday cupcakes, Christmas trees, etc.
        Satanic higher ed. is for selfish gain and deprives JWs leaders of the
          results of JWs' literature sales time
        Milton George Henschel
        Invisible browsing from heaven part two
        Lemon Pledge
        Satanic homosexuality
        History rewritten to make it seem like a JWs leader predicted something
        Don Alden Adams
        History rewritten again to make it seem like a JWs leader predicted
          something about 1914 and 1918/1919
        Intelligent design
        We must preserve the sanctity of our stance on blood--truth and others'
          lives, we're not crazy about
        The deadline for how late a JW can have been born, 1935, and be able to
          join the 144,000, which the JWs leaders claim to belong to, is dropped

        The GB declares itself the only Faithful and Discreet Slave
        The GB increases marketing and appears on the Internet
        The GB requires "theocratic warfare" about child abuse
        A few highlights in summary
        Playing prophet badly is harder to pull off on TV
  1b  How to be a false prophet
  1c  Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem in 586/587 BC, not 607 BC
          as claimed by the JWs leaders, according to secular sources, the Bible,
          and even the JWs leaders
        Secular sources
        The Bible
        The JWs leaders
        Complaints about the JWs leaders' use of reference material:
          the issue of determining when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem
  1d  Recordings
  1e  Photos
  2   A batch of basics
        The big low end of the corporate ladder
        The small high end of the corporate ladder
        Big G's and little g's
  3   You need to hear both sides give their case
          and weigh evidence against gossip
          before rendering judgment

  4    Theocratic warfare
        Peer pressure
  5   Persecution
        The Watchtower outlooks on worldliness
        The Watchtower outlooks on neutrality
        The Watchtower efforts to claim the right religion regarding war
        The Watchtower outlooks on freedom of speech
        Complaints about the JWs leaders' use of reference material:
          the issue of pedophilia

  6    Controversies about JWs leaders and the fatalities of followers during
        The Declaration of Facts

        Timeline of JWs leaders in regard to human government, war, propaganda,
          and persecution
        Subservience unto pain of death
  6a  "Enemies"--a record by Rutherford (see 1937 on the timeline on p.6)
  6b  Translation concerns
        The identity intended by the Bible for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  Various issues are covered, the most notable one being that the JWs leaders
change "Lord" to "Jehovah" in a lot of cases mainly to prevent the reader from
thinking Jesus was prayed to as Lord.
        Get a couple of Bibles for reference
        Yahweh, not your way or his way or their way
        Honoring a god by falling forward in obesity
        Complaints about the JWs leaders' use of reference material:
          the issue of the identity of Jesus and the holy spirit
        Context requires it be the context I require
        In other words
        Deliberations of translations
        God is thy throne
        "A god"--Jesus as archangel Michael the Messiah god who was called "Lord"
        too much and not called "Michael" at all
       How many gods got a good God bod
         if a good God could bod gods?
       Human judges as gods part one: John 10; Psalms 82:1-8
       Human judges as gods part two
       Angelic gods part one
       Angelic gods part two
       Where did gods of nations go?
       Sons of a God
       God in earliest Christianity
  7  The JWs leaders' make a pretense that rationalism decides the case--why it
       Forced points
       The understandability issue
         Omniscience and the ability to create ex nihilo (exnihilation)
  8  Stances on verses
  Various issues are covered, the most notable being that Jesus was prayed to
and worshipped and referred to as the Lord of the Shema, even with "My God and
my Lord" (three of the notable ways 1st century Jews indicated belief in God
were prayer, worship, and the "one God one Lord" Shema, and all three were ap-
plied to Jesus in the NT), the bad case for Jesus = Michael, etc.
       Omission of pertinent evidence and quotes used out of context
          to create a different conclusion
        Detective work made easy

        JWs leaders' literature on the Trinity
        Early JWs leaders' literature on the Trinity
        "Should You Believe in the Trinity?" Watchtower brochure, 1989 onward
        The word "Trinity" is not in the Bible
        The Devil tempted/tested Jesus three times
          The company cuts back on beneficiaries
        The Son of God
        No one has ever seen God
        Mighty God/Almighty God
        Is God Always Superior to Jesus?
        Why do you call me good?  No one is good but God alone.
        Jesus submissive
        This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased
        My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
        What miracles were meant to convey
        The time of the second coming
        Jesus learned obedience
        Jesus at God's right hand
        All in all
        The Father is greater than I
        Holy spirit personal or active force
        God omnipresent or in a location
        Proof verses
        The threefold formula
        I and the father are one
        John 5:18
        Philippians 2:6
        I am
        John 1:1
        My Lord and my God!
        Archangel Michael
        Prayer and worship
          Prayer to Jesus
          Prayer and worship for Jesus
        Jesus forgave sins
        Criticism for JWs leaders and patience for followers
  9  Related history
  Where the earliest writers with the best connections indicate which view they
believed in, they indicate the basic mainstream view.
        Jehovah's Witnesses leaders versus early Christian history
          (compare to p.1a)
        Complaints about the JWs leaders' use of reference material:
          the issue of early Christian history and related research material
        Hellenism and Middle Platonism
        A few Christians whose writings appeared early other than the early church
          fathers that are brought up in the Watchtower literature mentioned below
        The early church fathers described by "Should You Believe in the Trinity?"
  10  How the two views compare
  The mainstream view has the better case because....
       Where I stand on the eternal Jesus and personal spirit/created Jesus and
          impersonal holy spirit comparison
  11  Some of the Watch Tower/JWs leaders' history of rulings about blood and
          the medical use of it
        You can have ham, lettuce, tomato, or bread, but you can't have a ham
        Blood transfusions aren't the only things the Watchtower leaders have had
          distinctive medical ideas or rules about
        A brief summary of what a claimed Biblical guarantee of the JWs leaders'
          blood transfusion ban has to contend with
        Judging something on its own terms
  12  Some information about blood removal
  13  A partial history of interpretations of "abstain from...blood"
  13a Related history
  14  Complaints about the JWs leaders' use of reference material:
           the issue of the medical use of blood and major blood fractions
         The children of JWs
  14a Some of the medical uses of blood and major blood products
          Blood transfusion risks and alternatives
          Complications and risks
          Blood transfusion substitutes
          Blood transfusion safety
          Blood transfusions compared to eating blood
  15  The scriptures and interpretation choices regarding
           the JWs leaders' ban of the medical use of blood and major blood fractions
        Pre-Mosaic Law
        Gen.9:3,4 and related Genesis verses
        Degree of blood removal
        Binding on the whole world thereafter
        Pre-Gen.9:3-6 verses
  16  More connections to make with earlier verses and Gen.9:1-6
  17  Mosaic law in the Old Testament
  18  The pour and bury verses
        Animals found dead
  19  Related ideas of Mosaic law
  21  The conservative theology of the need for offerings and sacrifices
  22  The system of offerings and sacrifices
  26  Mosaic law continues in Jesus' pre-crucifixion years in the New Testament
        Mark 7:1-23; Matt.15:1-20

  28  Post-Mosaic law/post-crucifixion (Rom.3:19-26; 10:14; Gal.3:13; Heb.9:13-15;
          and others)
  31  Acts 10:9-16;25-28,34,35,39-45; 11:1-18
        Some related history about the Gentiles
  33  Acts 13:38,39; 14:14,26-28; 15:1-31
  34  The Council of Jerusalem
  35  The basics of the religious rules deliberated on
          at the Council of Jerusalem
        The common view and the JWs leaders' view of the four rules
        The common view (aka "the because of the Jews view")
        The JWs leaders' view
  36  Acts 16:1-5
        Acts 21:17-26
        Rom. 14-15:3, etc.
  37  Rom.13:13; Rom.16:27; 1 Cor.6:9
        1 Cor.8-11:1,17-34
  39  2 Corinthians 6:14-18
        1 Tim.4:1-10
        1 Tim.1:10
  40  Heb.9, 10, and 12:24
  41  Rev.2:12-14
        Discounting the JWs leaders' blood transfusion ban on the JWs leaders' own
  42  Appendix
        Saul's army
        Cut off
  43  God's prerogative, human ethics, and a sign of God or of "not God"
         People shouldn't be too 'centric
           (including about belief or non-belief in God)
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