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  Boise, Idaho--"the city of trees"


Charles Taze and Maria Frances Ackley Russell

  Charles Russell's family tree: a real tree
  One of these is an Old World monkey that almost looks human
  The other is a Lesula








 Charles Taze Russell


  Standing (left to right): J.A. Bohnet, R.J. Martin, Giovanni DeCecca, F.H.
Robinson, and C.J. Woodworth 
  Sitting (left to right): A.H. MacMillan, J.F. Rutherford, and W.E. VanAmburg


  Clayton J. Woodworth





Rutherford and his soldiers ready for a belt of Canadian Club

Joseph Franklin Rutherford


Left to right: Lyman Swingle, Sullivan, Grant Suiter, Hugo Reimer, Nathan Knorr, Fred Franz, and Milton Henshel


Frederick W. Franz and Nathan H. Knorr



Nathan Homer Knorr


Frederick Franz


  1975 Governing Body (thanks to for the names)
  Standing (left to right): Daniel Sydlik, Theodore Jaracz, Raymond Franz (re-
signed in 1980), Lyman Swingle, Lloyd Barry (died in 1999), Milton Henschel (de-
ceased, 5th president), William Jackson (deceased) Karl Klein (died Jan., 2001),
Grant Suiter (deceased), Albert Schroeder, and Leo Greenlees (forced resigna-

  Sitting (left to right): Ewart Chitty (forced resignation), Frederick Franz
(deceased, 4th president), Nathan Knorr (deceased, 3rd president), George Gangas
(deceased), John Booth (deceased), and Charles Fekel (deceased)

  Not shown: John Barr, Carey Barber (deceased), Martin Poetzinger (deceased),
and Gerrit Losch


  1994  "Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that saluting a flag, singing a national
anthem, and reciting a pledge of allegiance are religious acts.  Their Bible-
trained conscience does not permit them to participate in such acts of worship.
(Matthew 4:10; Acts 5:29)  No matter what country they live in, this is their
stand in imitation of Jesus Christ, who said that his followers would be 'no
part of the world, just as (he was) no part of the world.'—John 17:16."
("Awake!" Jan.8, 1994, p.2)  (See 1935 and 1995.)
  However, see the article at the next link: Watchtower presidents Rutherford,
Knorr, Franz, and Henschel are shown in their passport photos for which they
signed an oath of allegiance to the United States.  In the case of Rutherford,
it was prior to the 1935 onward ban (3/28/22), but for Knorr (6/8/68), Henschel
(9/16/52), and Franz (?/8/88), it was after the ban took effect.
  "Because Christians can be loyal both to God and to earthly governments they
can take oaths of allegiance to defend the Constitution, as is required of citi-
zens in some countries in order to get a passport."  ("The Watchtower," Sept.15,
1964, p.551)
  According to the jwfacts site, the JWs leaders ruled against such pledges and
oaths as idolatrous and worldly and out of the question--except when making an
identical oath to a country for a passport or citizenship (so the JWs could more
freely travel to sell JWs leaders' literature and for whatever reasons the JWs
leaders had to travel).
  See "Lemon Pledge" at 1993 on p.1a and "The Watchtower outlooks on worldli-
ness" and "The Watchtower outlooks on neutrality" on p.6.


Milton George Henschel


Don Alden Adams
  (Apologies to any friends or relatives of the late Donald James Adams, who
would find it hugely inappropriate to be considered a JWs leader--even Seig-
fried would think being one wasn't funny enough.  Sorry about that.)




  In April, 2007, these were the members of the Governing Body (followed by the
year they joined it): John E. Barr (1977), Samuel Herd (1999), Theodore Jaracz
(1974), Stephen Lett (1999), Gerrit Lösch (1994), Guy Pierce (1999), David
Splane (1999), Anthony Morris (2005), and Geoffrey Jackson (2005).  (The other
Governing Body members shown are Carey W. Barber, who passed away on April 8,
2007, and Albert D. Schroeder and Daniel Sydlik, who passed away in 2006.)


  Governing Body 2010
  Back row left to right
  M. Stephen Lett, Anthony Morris, Guy H. Pierce, Samuel F. Herd, Geoffrey Jack-
  Front row left to right
  Gerritt Lösch, David H. Splane, Theodore Jaracz (deceased), John E. Barr

  Governing Body as of March, 2016 (year appointed in parentheses):
  Samuel Herd (1999)
  Geoffrey Jackson (2005)
  M. Stephen Lett (1999)
  Gerrit Lösch (1994)
  Anthony Morris III (2005)
  Mark Sanderson (2012)
  David H. Splane (1999)
  (picture below shows Guy H. Pierce no longer in GB)